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Daily Dose: BIRDS, "Scatter"

Birds are one of those bands that is nearly impossible to Google. With so many combination’s of “birds,” “birds+band,” “birds+band+brooklyn” yields any conclusive result. But once you spot these such mysterious Birds in the wild, the warmth of their swirling, chugging psych-rock counteracts the brief technological struggle.


Comprised of Duane Lauginiger (vocals, guitar), Timothy John Plunkett (drums), Jess Rees (guitar) and Jessica Reynoza (bass, vocals), the Brooklyn based band is set to release its debut album, “Eveything All At Once” due out August. 18th released on New York Greenway Records . The lead single, “Scatter,” rumbles for less than three minutes,  Reynoza’s bass line keeps everyone in line, while some effects-laden riff that sounds like a distorted electric violin sweeps overhead in between verses. It’s a perfect slice of beefy fuzz-pedal magic that sounds sloppy but is actually tight and precise.


BIRDS - Everything All At Once (LP & CASS Pre-Order)



We’ve got a very special premiere for you today: a cover of Neil Young‘s track “Birds” by alt-pop outfit Slow Club.

Renowned Sheffield indie outfit Slow Club have been keeping busy this year – they’ve had curated shows for 6 Music all about their home town, they’ve had a bunch of festival shows and a rare and interesting album’s worth of cover versions released for Record Store Day 2015.

Here the band cover Neil Young’s beautiful track “Birds” which they did exclusively for Musicroom Sessions.