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The B-side – a cover of Mark Fry’s “The Witch” whose album “Dreaming with Alice” released in 1972 is a cult classic. The Chemistry Set have given the song a twist, with a Gregorian Chant intro, that is taken from The Bee Gee’s acid drenched 1967 song “Every Christian Lion-Hearted Soldier”. Mellotron flutes, Iranian Setar and Acoustic guitars abide, faithful to the original vibe but then heads into “Freak-out” territory a la “Interstellar Overdrive” meets The Red Krayola. which, even this early in the year, is going to rank this among everyone’s top singles of the year, a folky, spooky, haunted slice of occasionally Floydy psych (it’s that organ) that morphs so gently into a pounding freak out of the kind you wish every record sounded like. The Chemistry Set have always rated high on the Modern Psych-o-meter, but this time, they’ve hit the nail so hard on the head that a time machine could not make you happier.


Flip it over – and oh, what the hell, let’s pretend it’s a double a-side. Because “Paint Me a Dream” effectively picks up where “The Witch” left off, with the Set already sparking alchemical magic, but this time heading towards a shoe-gazey kind of Byrdsy sound, with guitars on stun and a dynamic guitar solo spilling fuzz all over the carpet. this is truly wonderful.

Brand new single from The Psychedelic Scientists – released 29th January on the Los Angeles “Hypnotic Bridge” label. Limited edition 7″ vinyl. Available in the UK –

Releases February 24th, 2021

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The London based Psychedelic Scientists The Chemistry Set return with a new 7” vinyl single “Paint Me A Dream”. It is being released by the Los Angeles “Hypnotic Bridge” label. The singles only label feature contemporary American Psychedelic bands like The Asteroid No 4, Triptides (whose release was single of the year in “Shindig” magazine), Magic Shoppe, Alien Mustangs and The Reverberations, as well as the 1960’s Psychedelic legends The Seeds, with whom they will release a single next year.

On the B-side of the single is a cover of “The Witch’‘, by the UK Acid Folk artist Mark Fry, whose album “Dreaming with Alice” released in 1972 is a cult classic. The Chemistry Set have given the song a twist, with a Gregorian Chant intro, that is taken from The Bee Gee’s acid drenched 1967 song “Every Christian Lion-Hearted Soldier”. Mellotron flutes, Iranian Setar and Acoustic guitars abide, faithful to the original vibe but then heads into “Freak-out” territory a la “Interstellar Overdrive” meets The Red Krayola. The single is released on 12th February 2021.

The single is released on 12th February 2021.

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The cult London Psychedelic band have quite a history. Founded by Dave Mclean and Paul Lake in 1987, the band are veterans of the alternative Manchester label “Imaginary” and cassette only label “Acid Tapes”; they helped pioneer the late 1980’s neo-psychedelic boom.

The Chemistry Set counted Factory Records boss Tony Wilson amongst their legion of fans (they appeared on his TV show). They also received regular airplay on the legendary John Peel’s Radio Oneshow (Peel even went so far as to sending the band a hand-written fan letter!). The Chemistry Set have been championed by mainstream media such as The Sunday Times, Mojo, Q, Shindig, Record Collector, Classic Rock, BBC 6 Music and Planet Rock as well as underground fanzines like Bucketful of Brains and Freakbeat in the UK, The Bob in the USA, Ruta 66 in Spain and Sound Effects in Sweden).


Releases March 8th, 2019

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This is not just unbelievable! This is simply… Magnificent! 30 years since The Chemistry Set’s first release, the band is still able to compose, produce and perform a brilliant astonishing Pop-Sike tune, Becoming Fuzzy, becoming Heavy, becoming Psych! A superb British phase-a-delic Modern-Age Nugget, presented here in a Glorious Technicolor Sound! .On side ‘B’, there’s another wonderful sound “Sail Away”, the band uses a mix of 12 string acoustics, cigar-box guitar, tablas, Indian percussion, echoed 12 string Rickenbacker, reverse snare, hand claps, piano, mellotron… The result is… bloody awesome! An acoustically revealing Bluesy tune which probably happens to be the BEST B-side song of 2018! As the years go passing by, time is implacable, but The Chemistry Set are acquiring old wine’s fine nature. The older it gets the better it tastes.

Brand new single, released on 29th December by Fruits de Mer records. Celebrating 30 years since our first release (which was on a cassette). P&C The Chemistry Set 2018. With amazing visuals by Eli Ayres.

First single, released by Fruits de Mer Records on 29th December. Celebrating 30 years since our first release (which was on a cassette, Acid Tapes). The Chemistry Set huge thanks to Warren C. Lamb for the incredible video – “Dreaming Synthetic”

The 7inch single comes with a bonus CD. The Chemistry Set’s version of The Moody Blues’ “Legend Of A Mind” struck a (lost) chord with Astralasia’s Marc Swordfish, so much so that he decided to remix the track just for the hell of it,  In fact, there are two remixes of the song on the CD, running to nearly 20 min in total

The Chemistry Set are a cult London psychedelic band. Composed of veterans of the late 1980s neo-psychedelic boom, the group received regular airplay on John Peel’s show, were covered in the mainstream and underground music press.

Their first official release was in 1988, an eponymous cassette of bedroom demos, released on the Acid Tapes label. This was followed by several flexi discs between 1988 and 1990, in which the band received an international fan base. The Chemistry Set were being featured in fanzines in the UK, Spain, Italy, Holland, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Japan, USA and Australia and New Zealand. Tracks also appeared on compilation LP’s in the UK, Spain & Germany.

The band made tours throughout the UK, Europe and the United States. Highlights include playing the CMJ Festival in New York, Brixton Academy with Hawkwind and touring with Robyn Hitchcock, plus regular gigs at London venues like the Rough Trade record shop, The Marquee and The Borderline. In the UK, the band’s single “Don’t Turn Away” broke the UK Indie Top 20 the national Top 20 in Spain.

The band took a hiatus until Paul Lake and Dave Mclean reappeared in 2008, and their unreleased LP from 1989 “Sounds Like Painting” was uploaded onto various blogs and was downloaded over 8,000 times.

The Chemistry Set say they release EPs to maintain high quality control and consistency that is not always achieved in full-length releases. 

On this EP, the Del Shannon cover comes from his obscure 1968 LP “The Further Adventures of Charles Westover”(Shannon’s real name). This LP sounds like Del’s version of “Forever Changes”, and Arthur Lee & Love are one of The Chemistry Set’s biggest influences.

The Chemistry Set experiment and adds twists to their music. Their covers include a cover inside a cover. Their version of See Emily Play (for the Syd Barrett tribute “Beyond the Wildwood”) has a section of “Bicycle Rider” from The Beach Boys’s Smile inserted the middle. Cult Arranger/songwriter [and former Electric Prunes member] David Axelrod digs The (New) Chemistry Set, saying “Real Music! Music that makes you think and really listen to!” He loved how they added a symphonic section of his song “Sanctus” from The Electric Prunes’ masterwork “Mass in F Minor” into their reworking of Del Shannon’s “Silver Birch” (featured on the 2011 Fruits de Mer comp “A phase were going through”). Cover art is very important to the band and they work with a young Barcelona photographer and designer Blanca Viñas.

In 2011 the boys took to the stage for the first time in 20 years, augmented by musical friends from Spain (including DJ “Gato”). It brought a whole new dimension to their psychedelic-pop, with even more electronics than the Mellotrons and Farfisas that Chemistry Set fans might be accustomed to. Using instruments and methods old and new, acoustic, electric and electronic, they have been a surprise at European sumemr festivals and festival goers enjoyed the extraordinary spectacle of the visual work of VJ Matrona that accompanies the band, who has made installations and visuals in clubs and galleries in New York, London, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, she brings her exquisite modern psychedelic imagery in a nod to atmosphere of UFO club in London in the 1960s

Since the return, the second stage of the group has seen the birth of 3 new EP’s/CDs: “Alchemy # 101”, “This Day Will Never Happen Again” and “Chemistry is Just Numbers” that have gained good reviews and radio play plus numerous contributions to international compilations including a remix of their version of “See Emily Play” on the 3-CD box set tribute to Pink Floyd; “The Many Faces Of Pink Floyd”. The boys have recorded 3 vinyl singles for Fruits de Mer Records and have just recorded their 4th, “Elapsed Memories” that will be released in November 2014.

The original is one of my all time ever favourite songs, this cover is from the band The Chemistry Set who do a sterling version, available on Fruits De Mere Records a new 7X7 set of vinyl singles to celebrate this classic album recorded covers by different bands,

taken from the Fruits De Mere 7 x 7 45’s Box set due Mid September The Chemistry Set Cover LOVE,




firstly the Byrds song “She Don’t Care About Time”  taken from the album TURN TURN TURN,

check out this version from the band KING PENGUIN featured on the new box set 7 x 7 on Fruits De Mer Records A box set of 45’s featuring covers of the great american bands of the 60’s,Woodstock and Montery including the  The Grateful Dead, Moby Grape, Love , Spirit and others,  with new versions by Bevis Frond, The Chemistry Set, Senedelica and King Penguin. the bands all chose their own covers the box set will be available in mid September.