The CHEMISTRY SET – ” Paint Me A Dream “

Posted: February 13, 2021 in MUSIC
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The B-side – a cover of Mark Fry’s “The Witch” whose album “Dreaming with Alice” released in 1972 is a cult classic. The Chemistry Set have given the song a twist, with a Gregorian Chant intro, that is taken from The Bee Gee’s acid drenched 1967 song “Every Christian Lion-Hearted Soldier”. Mellotron flutes, Iranian Setar and Acoustic guitars abide, faithful to the original vibe but then heads into “Freak-out” territory a la “Interstellar Overdrive” meets The Red Krayola. which, even this early in the year, is going to rank this among everyone’s top singles of the year, a folky, spooky, haunted slice of occasionally Floydy psych (it’s that organ) that morphs so gently into a pounding freak out of the kind you wish every record sounded like. The Chemistry Set have always rated high on the Modern Psych-o-meter, but this time, they’ve hit the nail so hard on the head that a time machine could not make you happier.


Flip it over – and oh, what the hell, let’s pretend it’s a double a-side. Because “Paint Me a Dream” effectively picks up where “The Witch” left off, with the Set already sparking alchemical magic, but this time heading towards a shoe-gazey kind of Byrdsy sound, with guitars on stun and a dynamic guitar solo spilling fuzz all over the carpet. this is truly wonderful.

Brand new single from The Psychedelic Scientists – released 29th January on the Los Angeles “Hypnotic Bridge” label. Limited edition 7″ vinyl. Available in the UK –

Releases February 24th, 2021

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