MARIE NAFFAH – ” Wasteland “

Posted: February 16, 2021 in MUSIC
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Marie Naffah is certainly on a hot streak. Bashing away the typecasting of sound that could pigeonhole an artist and fresh from the release of the 2020 boisterous singles ‘The Cage’ and ‘California’, Naffah returns with new single ‘Wasteland’ a procession of nostalgic Californian seventies-sounding-sass with what may be the most devilish bassline since Foals dropped ‘Inhaler’. 

On ‘Wasteland’ Naffah demonstrates admirable confidence in lyricism – “am I everything you want?” – that partners advantageously with an evident desire to seek out one’s own extraordinariness; Naffah herself has stated that she hopes the song assists listeners in discovering their own ‘Wonderland’ in 2021. 

The dynamic hook, “lower your lids, loudly promise me this” truly fires up the motor of the song and Naffah’s raw but profound vocal delivery throughout, loaded with sentiment and neat vigour; sketches a rebellious attitude.

There’s a lot of fun to be had on ‘Wasteland’ and it quite rightly declares Naffah as a musical force capable of thrilling and unexpected things. 

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