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Having all lived in London for most of their lives, the band are now just a ‘stone’s throw’ from each other, with daily walks to maintain contact and the occasional shout from a balcony. The friendships dating back to college led to open conversations about playing together, and when the drummer leaving Alex’s previous band timed well with the group moving nearer to each other, Margot was formed. ‘We kind of talked about playing together. Rob and I had done some stuff together so it kinda made sense’, explained Alex. ‘I especially admired Alex’s songwriting, the way he was writing lyrics and singing in his band… so I thought that would have been fun to work with him’, Ben added. The quiet respect that they have for each other and their craft was evident throughout our conversation as they gently jibed each other with affectionate, dry humour and sarcasm.

It’s about a mate. It’s certainly a tragedy.
He’s had a hardship of sorts.
He’s got a life to look forward, for sure, and so do all of us, but things external, out of his control, took over. He had started to rebuild, to see beyond the internal damp colours, he had a life back. And after losing the comfort of the person he loved, and after coming to terms with all of the pain and the rubble, all the regret, he had a pandemic. Lost job, no soulmate and back living with his family at 27.

He dreamed of an ideal life; he dreamt that he could change his circumstances, he fought against a raging brute that cared little for his dreams, for his determination. He just had to sit and wait, sit and wait, and be still with his ambitions.
It’s about fear, loss, uncertainty, pain, hope and then the recoiling turgid desire for familiarity.

With all of the band members taking influence from various genres of music, the ‘music that [they] bonded around was American indie bands, like Real Estate, and Gear Hunter. That kind of 2010 guitar,’ Ben explained. ‘We all have very eclectic tastes you know,’ Mike continued. ‘I love jazz, and hip hop, and then I love indie music, even though that’s such a broad genre. Khurangbin and Andy Shauf, to shout out a few names!’


The vinyl release for Falling in Between Days and Walk With Me is one to look forward to on 19th February

With a stream of singles released in their first two years as a band, followed by the release of Margotzeko at the beginning of early 2020, Margot have continued to be ‘on it’, despite the difficult times. 

Writers – Rob Fenner and Alex Hannaway with Alby Cleghorn, Ben Andrewes, Michael Webb