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Today we’re thrilled to announce a new EP from Wombo!, The weird world of Wombo is a stitched-together tapestry of avant pop and angular post punk that’s generated industry buzz and led the band to open for now-labelmates Dehd as well as White Reaper and the Nude Party.  Out digitally & on cassette, new EP “Keesh Mountain” is a snapshot of Wombo’s wide-ranging aspirations that criss-coss post punk, avant pop and wonky indie with a sky’s-the-limit approach to translating the mundanity of regular life into their own high-frequency language. 

To mark the announce the band are sharing singleDreamsickle alongside a self-produced video the trio created at home in Louisville, Kentucky featuring cosmic animations that adapt the band’s aesthetic imagery with a mercurial quality that has its own sense of playful, adventurous allure.  They explain:

“Dreamsickle is about the frustrating yet comforting truth that no one can ever see or feel exactly what you experience in a dream. How no amount of explaining can be done to put an image from your dream into someone else’s mind.
The visual was roughly based off “A trip to the moon.” We wanted a whimsical video that complements the dreamy feeling of the lyrics. Also we wanted something that looked very tactile with the textures of the fabrics and clouds to feel like a children’s story book.”

Wombo’s New EP Keesh Mountain is Out May 28th, on Fire Talk Records

Mamalarky spent two years working on their self-titled debut album (released last year via Fire Talk on November 20th). Raw and cerebral, the LP looks to a range of influences from their collective musical nerdiness. ”We might have a vocal melody that sounds like the lead steel guitar from Santo & Johnny, played over production that aims to be noisy and weird like Deerhoof or Sheer Mag, all the while steeped in the greats like Stevie Wonder or The Four Seasons,’ explains Livvy. The album itself was cobbled together in a mix of DIY ways: home recordings with Livvy’s roommate Joey Oaxaca (White Reaper, Mo Dotti), singles with Daniel McNeill (White Denim) and a “final wrapping-up” with engineer Jim Vollentine (Spoon, Skating Polly). The result is an album that’s as musically fun and explorative as it is catchy and sweet. Or as Mamalarky puts it “We want to provide an experience that’s exploratory and trippy, but far removed from the problematic and corny psych stereotypes carried out by all those 60s dude bands.”

“Any song on Mamalarky’s self-titled debut deserves to be a single.” – Vice

“Mamalarky are a band that emanates cool factor.” –  

The harmony is beautiful and slightly strange. The drums are really strong, the vocalist is really skilled. The guitars and synths are really tasteful. Basically, the sound overall is really original, and really satisfying.

Mamalarky spent two years working on their self-titled debut album. Mamalarky  debut album out October 14th on Fire Talk Records.

There’s a vague sense of unease that permeates Corey Flood’s debut full-length, “Hanging Garden”, It came out September 4th via Fire Talk. From the surface, the record appears to break through the dark fog of the band’s 2018 EP, Wish You Hadn’t, but just below lay themes of ambivalence, uncertainty, and anxiety, layered elegantly in fuzz. Recorded in Philadelphia by Jackie Milestone, mixed by Natasha Jacobs, and mastered by Sarah Register, Hanging Garden pushes through feelings of discomfort and repressed emotions to discover what truly lies beneath.

Born in Philly circa 2017, Corey Flood began as the post-grad bedroom project of bassist Ivy Gray-Klein (formerly of Littler) and drummer Juliette Rando. A month after their first show with guitarist Em Boltz, the band signed with New York’s Fire Talk Records and turned four planned demos into a full-fledged, delightfully menacing debut EP. Now, after two years of intense growth and collaboration, the trio continues their “whirlwind trajectory” with the long-awaited, nine-track LP, “Hanging Garden”.

Inspired by Throwing Muses, Helium, Pale Saints, and Brix Smith-Start’s work with the Fall, Gray-Klein calls Hanging Garden “a reckoning with internal discord.” Through soft melodies, lush guitars and churning rhythms, the dual vocals of Gray-Klein and Boltz recall relatable experiences with gaslighting, imposter syndrome, and repetitive thoughts. Hanging Garden feels intimate and familiar but is strewn with playful surprises, like 70s krautrock guitar work and samba-influenced drum parts. Hanging Garden is a mature stride forward, and a bewitching amble towards the unknown. 

From Corey Flood’s debut album ‘Hanging Garden’ Out September 4th 2020 on Fire Talk. “Blissfully nostalgic and compelling lo-fi guitar-pop.” – Noisey/Vice

“Their abstract, evocative lyrics are deeply contemplative cyclones—just like how their saw-toothed guitars will rattle around your brain, thoughts swirling until they begin to fester, gnawing at one’s psyche.” –  Paste

Released September 4th, 2020

Guitar + Vocals: Em Boltz
Bass + Vocals: Ivy Gray-Klein
Drums + Vocals: Juliette Rando

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“Flower of Devotion”, recorded in Chicago in April and August of 2019 (their acclaimed sophomore album “Water” was released that May), and produced by Jason Balla, wastes no time in blossoming. Its first two tracks, the sunny and lovesick “Desire,” followed by antisocial lead single “Loner,” showcase Dehd’s surging dynamism by way of layered arrangements that swirl around conflicted feelings, as conveyed via Emily Kempf and Balla’s complex vocal interplay. “Desire” finds the duo debilitated by romantic longing (“When will this hoping feel like a wing? / For now I’m soaking, weak in my knees”), swapping bittersweet lyrics over warm, washed-out guitar chords, thrumming bass and Eric McGrady’s insistent beat, which hammers like a heart racing as the song crescendos. “Desire, let me out,” Kempf and Balla beg in unison at its apex, their voices multiplying along with their helplessness to resist that eponymous emotion, even in light of its high price. 

From Dehd’s new album “Flower of Devotion” out July 17th on Fire Talk Records.

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Chicago group Dehd have released a new music video for their “Flower of Devotion” track “Haha.” The summer camp–themed visual stars performer Alex Grelle as duelling camp counsellors, as well as the band’s Emily Kempf and Jason Balla. Check out the colourful clip below. In 2019, The Chicago indie rock trio Dehd released the sparse and scrappy album “Water”, with songs informed by the romantic breakup of bassist Emily Kempf and guitarist Jason Balla, accompanied by Eric McGrady’s one-tom, one-snare minimalism. For their exquisite follow-up Flower of Devotion, Dehd upgraded to a proper studio, refining their gritty alchemy without scrubbing it too clean. Kempf and Balla trade yearning, hiccupy vocals across riffs that reverberate like heat waves off asphalt, as McGrady thuds away through the humid air. “If this is all that we get, so be it,” Kempf insists, a bit of wistful resignation that doubles as a mission statement for their proudly stripped-down approach.

“‘Haha’ is about finding humour in impossible situations—sometimes you just gotta laugh it off,” Emily Kempf said in a press release. “The video is led by our favourite Chicago star, Alex Grelle, playing both lead roles. Becky and Gary, two head counsellors at the illustrious and wholesome Camp HaHa, are constantly in competition with each other. Here’s the wacky TWIST—only one knows about it! Oh Gary, when will you ever learn! Becky will always be No1!”.

Dehd issued “Flower of Devotion” in July, out now on Fire Talk following their 2019 LP Water.

Mamalarky’s indie rock summons an easy and pure joy. Like stepping out from under a tree canopy and into the sun, or feeling the first kick of wind on a hot, sticky day. It’s that sort of gentle wonder that the Los Angeles-based quartet — comprised of ex-Cherry Glazer bassist Livvy Bennett, drummer Dylan Hill, keyboardist Michael Hunter, and bassist Noor Khan channels on their latest song, The song’s bright guitar licks and Bennet’s fuzzy vocals go down like the sweetest little package. As Bennet’s inquisitive lyrics wonder.

While “Schism Trek,” the first single from Mamalarky‘s self-titled debut album took on a more rocking edge, “You Make Me Smile” is a more laid-back affair. With light, precise instrumentation and dreamy vocals, it shows the versatility of the Atlanta quartet.

A new single from Mamalarky out October 14th on Fire Talk Records.

Wish You Hadn’t, was the debut EP from Philadelphia’s Corey Flood, was both unnerving and calm—hushed vocals and plaintive pop melodies softened their brooding guitars. Now, two years later, their debut full-length “Hanging Garden” is out, and it has a similar wired fuzziness, but their melodies are a bit sunnier this time. Although their distorted post-punk is still fairly grey-skied, their classic indie-pop sweetness is a small break in the clouds. Lines like “Maybe it is really nothing / but I was in love” from the driving jam “Down the Hill” underscore their melancholia perfectly. Their abstract, evocative lyrics are deeply contemplative cyclones—just like their saw-toothed guitars will rattle around your brain, thoughts swirl until they begin to fester, gnawing at one’s psyche.

Corey Flood’s first EP was self-described as “basement goth”: a dark, brooding rock record that nestled itself in the corners of the listener’s mind. Their debut full-length, out today on Fire Talks, follows along a similar path, but given the extra room to move around, the Philly-based trio (Ivy Gray-Klein on vocals and bass; Em Boltz on vocals and guitar; Juliette Rando on drums) take the time to explore a wider range of sounds and lend a depth to their lyrics.

With simple melodies repeated in each song, Hanging Garden can put the listener in a dream-like state and flow seamlessly from one song into another, but listen closer and you can hear ideas running throughout the album: an atmosphere of distrust, strained relationships, and recklessness versus caution.

From Corey Flood’s debut album ‘Hanging Garden’ Out September 4th 2020 on Fire Talk.

Chicago’s beloved rock trio Dehd have released a new single, “Month,” from their forthcoming sophomore LP “Flowers of Devotion”, The album released July 17th via Fire Talk. This follows the release of “Flood” and “Loner,” which both portray the thoughtful direction Dehd is heading in with this new record. This track is softer and slower than most of their material, vibrating with quiet harmonies and tame riffs. With Jason Balla’s vocals at the forefront, he grapples with time and the way it affects his feelings.

Jason Balla cooly alludes to “This never-ending new summer feeling.” I imagine this wasn’t the summer feeling he had in mind when he wrote “Month,” but at this point it’s gonna be hard to untangle the two most monumental events to hit the city in the summer of 2020.

From Dehd’s new album “Flower of Devotion” out July 17th on Fire Talk

“I want nothing more than to be a loner,” Emily Kempf sings early on “Flower of Devotion”, the new album by Chicago trio Dehd. It’s a startling admission coming from a songwriter who, just a year ago on Dehd’s critically acclaimed “Water”, wrote eloquently about the joys and pains — more than anything, the necessity — of love, compassion, and companionship. But then, “admission” isn’t really the right word here, given the stridency of Kempf’s tone. “Loner” is a declaration.

The record ups the ante on Dehd’s sound & filters in just enough polish to bring out the shining and melancholy undertones in Jason Balla and Emily Kempf’s songwriting, even as it captures them at their most strident. Balla’s guitar lines at times flirt with ticklish cosmic country, while at others they reflect the dark marble sounds of Broadcast. Kempf, meanwhile, establishes herself as a singer of incredible expressive range, pinching into a high lonesome wail, letting loose a chirping “ooh!,” pushing her voice below its breaking point and letting it swing down there. When she and Balla bounce descending counter-melodies off one another over McGrady’s one-two thumps, or skitter off over a programmed drum pad, they sound like The B-52s shaking off heartache.


What makes Flower of Devotion so impressive is how its creation seems to have strengthened its creators, both as individuals and as a unit, even as they’ve stared down their own limitations. It’s also striking just how much fun they seem to be having in the process. “It’s okay to be lighthearted in the face of despair,” Kempf says. It’s a theme that runs through the album, from the opening back-and-forth build of “Desire” to the click-clacking chorus of “Haha,” which finds them deflating their own history. Flower of Devotion was recorded in April and August of 2019 in Chicago.

It will be released on Fire Talk Records on July 17th 2020.
Recorded by Jason Balla & Dehd

Fire Talk is excited to announce the signing & new EP from Cindygod, the project which saw Gauntlet Hair’s Andy Rauworth and Craig Nice reuniting, are announcing their second effort, following their 2018 Demos EP, under the new name with EP2 out August 14th on the label. The lead single “Rhys” takes a darkly sinister route, with Rauworth’s ghostly vocals flickering between Nice’s driving rhythms, culminating in a potent post-punk-meets-new-wave warped reverie. “Rhys” establishes the new direction Cindygod are taking with confoundingly pummeling rhythms cut with oscillating riffs that lend a sonic unease to the lyrical unease at the heart of the first single. EP2 is full of familiar yet skewed sonics, simulacrums of dream pop sit atop menacing angular guitars while the occasional yelps from Rauworth agitate between dreamy synths. The sublimely idiosyncratic amalgam of genres on Cindygod’s EP2 points not only to how far the duo have come since disbanding Gauntlet Hair in 2013 but the new EP succinctly soundtracks our ongoing descent into a fully realized dystopia.

EP2 is the second EP from Cindygod the new project is due out July 10th 2020 on Fire Talk. Stereogum noted 2018’s EP1 filled with “new wave shimmers and hooks… a sort of ramshackle and scrappy charm.” The new EP doubles down on the hollowed-out saccharine sound of Rauworth’s recent work, while retaining glitchy agitated electronics that pierce together the best of dream pop, post-punk and indie nostalgia. Fans of Gauntlet Hair rejoice! Cindygod is an honest creative extension of some of those original ideas, a little darker & sinister around the edges.

Conveniently enough the only song available at this moment(“Rhys”) happens to be absolutely stellar, though if you’re lucky enough to have already heard “Not Right” you might agree that it combines the magic of “Simple” and “Top Bunk” into yet another banger from Andy and Craig. Impossible to pick a favourite track but then if you’re a longtime fan of Gauntlet Hair it’s a familiar and welcome problem to have. Demos B-Sides in due time?.

From Cindygod’s EP 2 Out August 14th on Fire Talk