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In their early years, Atlanta trio The Coathangers were very much of the classic punk ethos—the band was a live entity, and the records were a document of the charisma and chaos projected from stage. But after 12 years of relentlessly touring on a steady flow of EPs and LPs, The Coathangers finally took a moment to recalibrate before diving into the creation of their sixth studio album ​The Devil You Know​. The band regrouped to make an album that captures all the vitality of their early years while honing their individual strengths into new communal achievements. It’s a record that takes their established takes on vitriolic punk, playful house-party anthems, and heartworn ballads and melds them into a new sound that retains all their former live show glories while revealing a new level of songwriting and nuance. “The writing process was done with an open heart,” says guitarist/vocalist Julia Kugel. “Everything that came before had to go away. And we started there, at ground zero.” With each album, you could hear the individual songwriters honing their style. But with ​The Devil You Know, it feels like we’re hearing the first Coathangers record written as a true unit.


The Coathangers ‘The Devil You Know’
Out March 8th, 2019 via Suicide Squeeze Records.


At a certain point, when talking about the modern “Emo Revival,” we should probably just drop the “Revival” part and call it what it is: a full-fledged, thriving movement. Some of the scene’s most defining and forward-thinking music has come out in the last couple years. And many emo records released in this past year have not only helped expand and evolve genre, but were among the best albums released in 2018. And no album from that bunch stood out more than the heart-wrenching “Get Well Soon” from Atlanta band World’s Greatest Dad. Anchored by the powerful presence of singer-guitarist Maddie Duncan, the band’s debut LP is a bulletproof set of emo and indie rock tracks, with endless catchy hooks and empathetic themes flowing throughout. On searing single “Laughing (While You’re Smiling),” Duncan’s expressive vocal delivery yields mass-singalong energy as she parses the emotional complexities of a relationship: “I’m trying to learn the difference between love and codependence,” she admits, before realizing “I need to start being honest with myself for me to start…” a line sure to hit those of us in therapy right where it hurts.


Nonetheless, this album nails every emotional beat, capturing moments of guarded optimism (soaring opener “New Recording 3”), poignant sadness (thoughtful ballad “Fireworks”) and numbing frustration (rollicking pop-punk jam “Healthy Living”). Furthermore, motifs of self-loathing, addiction and recovery fill out the rest of this ultimately heartwarming album. On Get Well Soon, World’s Greatest Dad deliver the year’s most honest and painfully relatable self-care pick-me-up.

Released May 11th, 2018

all songs written by Worlds Greatest Dad and perfected
by Ben Etter


Last year, beloved Atlanta alt-rockers Manchester Orchestra explored their softer side on an excellent sixth studio album, A Black Mile To The Surface. For Black Friday Record Store Day, they’re releasing a vinyl with six demo versions of songs from that record. The Black Miles Demos will be shoppable in the form of a 12” LP and will feature the following songs: “I Know How To Speak,” “It’s Amazing,” “The Gold,” “No Ears,” “Each Part” and “Amplified In The Silence.” Move fast if you want one: There are only 2000 limited edition in existence!

6 track Opaque Flume Coloured Vinyl featuring the demos for Black Mile. These are the initial, rough-around-the edges recordings, done with one microphone in some distant and often strange locations before they were continued to be worked on in Asheville, NC at Echo Mountain studio

“We’re a band that loves to use heavy, crunchy guitars,” says frontman Andy Hull. “We wondered how we could limit the use of that, so that when the guitars come in they can be creative and impactful. For Swiss Army Man [a Sundance hit the boys worked on] we had to make seventy minutes of music with our hands tied behind our backs. When you’re creating all the sounds you need just from the human voice, it allows you to rethink what is possible, and determine what is really needed. We wanted to make an album in a ‘ non-Manchester’ way if there is such a thing.”

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Omni is an indie post-punk trio who write coarse, angular tunes meant to be jammed at full volume. They embody simplicity at its finest with every tone, riff and beat precisely dialed in to satisfy its specific contribution to the whole.

With Philip Frobos’ partially monotone voice coupled with Frankie Broyles’ skilled, wiry guitar sounds the band create a pit of tension. The sound is hardly ever rounded out, but if you are familiar with Omni, you’re well aware that they aren’t necessarily looking to fall in line with popular music trends. The authenticity of the trio makes the punchy chords and anxiety ridden basslines all the more digestible. Frobos attributes their sound to that of the New Wave genre, and it’s undeniably true, especially up close and in person.


Band Members 
Frank Broyles – Guitar ,
Philip Frobos – Vocals and Bass,
Doug Bleichner – Drums,

Photo of Neighbor Lady

Atlanta-based Neighbor Lady is comprised of Emily Braden, Jack Blauvelt, Merideth Hanscom, and Andrew McFarland. Led by the siren voice of front-woman and songwriter Emily Braden, Neighbor Lady began as a solo project. She began writing music by herself and for herself; lyrically, the songs chronicle events in her personal life and her emotions surrounding those events.

Having grown up on a farm in pastoral Rome, Georgia, she moved to Athens, Georgia after high school, met guitarist Jack Blauvelt and formed Neighbor Lady, a small band centered on supporting Emily’s songwriting. As Braden puts it, “Neighbor Lady started because I was too nervous to play a show by myself, so I asked my friends to play with me.”

Neighbor Lady’s debut LP Maybe Later consists of 7 songs that introduce the band’s foundations of country-kissed indie-rock in a poignantly sweet and evocative style — the album shifts fluidly between the dreamy, stripped-down, aching melodies of just Braden and her guitar, to the powerfully noisy and fiery hooks of the full band. Neighbor Lady’s momentum is indebted to their blend of a powerfully dynamic band paired with Braden’s soaring vocal melodies, creating a sensation both comforting yet heartbreaking in the same moment. You’ll feel compelled to put “Let It Bleed” on endless repeat. And there’s an immediate Southern element to Neighbor Lady, emanating from Emily’s voice (which has been compared to Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Kate Bush and Nancy Sinatra), some of Jack’s pedal steel-esque guitar melodies, the slower 2-stepping rhythm in the song “I Wish Nothing,” and the fire in songs like “Fine” and “Silently Separately.”


“Let It Bleed” is from of Neighbor Lady’s Debut album, Maybe Later, out 5/11 on Friendship Fever.

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Record label Chunklet Industries are on fire, The latest release is from Atlanta garage-pop knee jerkers OMNI and it’s their second single for the label since 2017. It’s a fantastic snapshot of their body of work until now, which also includes two excellent albums to date on Trouble In Mind Records.

What Sunset Preacher brings are two explosively wonky and intricately built jagged-pop gems, cut at obtuse angles and loaded with fractal guitars. Get caught in this tangle and this 3-piece crew will sink its hooks in deep and cleanly with overwhelming finesse. If the guitars don’t getcha the lyrics will, with B-side “Confessional” proving that early and often. “Drinks with your divorce/ feelin’ pleasure and remorse,” spits Philip Frobos – “Steel reinforced/ she was built to stay the course,” he spits again, pairing together a handful of vocal hooks that are downright pleasing.


However, the spring-loaded bass and guitar combo spearheads their primary attack, delivering this relentlessly crooked sound with the utmost sense of urgency. “Sunset Preacher” displays many sharp angles and twists, provided by Frankie Broyles and his dazzling guitar work. The strings are tight and the reflexes are quick, coming with harsh strumming and finely tuned plucking that masks a glassy rattling hidden in the background. Words don’t really do anything that’s happening on this 7″ piece of vinyl.

The Coathangers Live

Atlanta garage punks The Coathangers are releasing their first-ever live album, simply titled LIVE, on June 1st via Suicide Squeeze Records. It was recorded across two nights at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach last November, which were free shows “replete with magicians, tarot card readings, burlesque dancers, palm readers, and a giant paper mache rabbit for photo-ops.” It’s a career-spanning collection of songs, from their 2007 self-titled debut through 2017’s Parasite EP. “It’s like our anthology… our entire career in 38 minutes,” said guitarist/vocalist Julia Kugel. The show was recorded by Dylan Ely and front-of-house engineer Eric Huff, and Kugel’s husband Scott Montoya mixed it in their new home studio.

Along with the album’s release, The Coathangers are also putting out some live videos from those Alex’s Bar shows, and we’re premiering the one for “Hurricane” from 2011’s Larceny & Old Lace. “This song is based on a friend of ours from New Orleans who was similar to a lot of our friends, and us, at the time. Just full of crazy energy and strong, and sometimes dangerous in ways. Yet still empowering! It’s one of my favorite songs because it’s so creepy and sort of evil, yet still really fun to sing,” said drummer/vocalist Stephanie Luke.

The Coathangers recently wrapped up a run supporting their labelmates Minus the Bear’s Planet of Ice 10th anniversary,

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Honey Radar sound like a low-budget Clientele, all major-key arpeggios somewhere between psych and Felt.” Are you ready to go on a Psychic Cruise, this summer, Well strap in. Yet again, Honey Radar. What can you possibly say by now that’s not totally redundant at this point? Lo-fi master-class pop handyman rock sketches in the vein of Pavement or Syd Barrett.  “Psychic Cruise” is the third proper single that Chunklet has been fortunate enough to release by the Philly band. More splayed noise. More reverb. More racket. More hooks. Repeat. Five new jams. Never heard before. New Honey Radar will always be celebrated at Chunklet HQ. We’re told that next in the Honey Radar series will be a Fall tribute single featuring Chunklet’s Henry Owings. What will they be called? Henry Radar. Coming Fall ’18.


“Five tracks of shambolic Syd Barrett burial rites that exhume the shaggy spirit of clang-clobbered pop, echoplexed to perfection and smeared with enough hooks to keep ya diggin’ for the long haul.”

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Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Neighbor Lady‘s new track “Oh Honey” starts off with a guitar riff that makes me feel like I’m in an old soda pop store in the 1950s. Girls walking around in big poodle skirts, fresh melts being served, and “Oh Honey” is playing in the background on the jukebox. Neighbor Lady is Emily Braden, Jack Blauvelt, Merideth Hanscom, and Andrew McFarland. Their debut LP, Maybe Later, consists of seven songs and drops May 11,

The track moves between two worlds. The first being really chill and simple sounding verses. Inviting you to relax, calm down and really listen to the lyrics. The second world is a more rebellious and in your face chorus, that brings with it powerful and honest lyrics.

The music video for Oh Honey is shot entirely on an iPhone 8 by the band. It seems like it was shot when the band was on tour and just messing around together. There are shots of the band playing in playgrounds, basket ball courts and next to a lake. What stands out is the use of color. From a rainbow umbrella to the band smearing different colored paints on glass,the use of color takes a leading role in this music video.

This video also has cats –wait for it–and dogs! Cats rolling around in leaves, dogs in the bath and being carried. What else could you want! The cats and dogs, images of the band dancing in the street, them chillin’ on the beach and climbing trees, gives the video a “home movie,” kind of feel. Comforting to watch but fun and powerful to listen to.

Their second single offering, Oh Honey, and it’s something of a departure from the almost bleak, emotionally draining brilliance of Let It Bleed. Here there’s more of a classic pop feel to proceedings; the pronounced, percussive piano, intricate country-influenced guitar work and propulsive drum beats could almost lure you into thinking this is actually quite upbeat. Thankfully, like, let’s face it, nearly all the best music, there’s still a touch of the darkness, Emily Braden’s stunningly melodic vocal, sharing a tale of a friendship fallen apart at the hands of a shared romantic interest. A mixture of barbed put downs and genuine regrets, it’s a track that walks from guilt to defiance and back again. Neighbor Lady are only two tracks in, could be a new name to watch.

Omni Release Sharp New Single "Sunset Preacher" Off New 7"

Atlanta post-punk trio Omni are back with a sharp new song, “Sunset Preacher,” off their new 7-inch. Sunset Preacher b/w Confessional, which follows 2017’s Multi-Task LP, is out April 20 via Chunklet.

Max Freedman called Multi-Task a collection of “hectic but contained collages of young, restless, lonely, and broke twenty-somethings overextending their way through life.” “Sunset Preacher” continues in that vein, finding the band ripping up their signature nimble sound and starting again. Its rhythmic breakdown is sleek yet aggressive, with bright guitar shrieks and pulsing beats.