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Mamalarky’s indie rock summons an easy and pure joy. Like stepping out from under a tree canopy and into the sun, or feeling the first kick of wind on a hot, sticky day. It’s that sort of gentle wonder that the Los Angeles-based quartet — comprised of ex-Cherry Glazer bassist Livvy Bennett, drummer Dylan Hill, keyboardist Michael Hunter, and bassist Noor Khan channels on their latest song, The song’s bright guitar licks and Bennet’s fuzzy vocals go down like the sweetest little package. As Bennet’s inquisitive lyrics wonder.

While “Schism Trek,” the first single from Mamalarky‘s self-titled debut album took on a more rocking edge, “You Make Me Smile” is a more laid-back affair. With light, precise instrumentation and dreamy vocals, it shows the versatility of the Atlanta quartet.

A new single from Mamalarky out October 14th on Fire Talk Records.