WOMBO – ” Keesh Mountain ” EP

Posted: April 11, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Today we’re thrilled to announce a new EP from Wombo!, The weird world of Wombo is a stitched-together tapestry of avant pop and angular post punk that’s generated industry buzz and led the band to open for now-labelmates Dehd as well as White Reaper and the Nude Party.  Out digitally & on cassette, new EP “Keesh Mountain” is a snapshot of Wombo’s wide-ranging aspirations that criss-coss post punk, avant pop and wonky indie with a sky’s-the-limit approach to translating the mundanity of regular life into their own high-frequency language. 

To mark the announce the band are sharing singleDreamsickle alongside a self-produced video the trio created at home in Louisville, Kentucky featuring cosmic animations that adapt the band’s aesthetic imagery with a mercurial quality that has its own sense of playful, adventurous allure.  They explain:

“Dreamsickle is about the frustrating yet comforting truth that no one can ever see or feel exactly what you experience in a dream. How no amount of explaining can be done to put an image from your dream into someone else’s mind.
The visual was roughly based off “A trip to the moon.” We wanted a whimsical video that complements the dreamy feeling of the lyrics. Also we wanted something that looked very tactile with the textures of the fabrics and clouds to feel like a children’s story book.”

Wombo’s New EP Keesh Mountain is Out May 28th, on Fire Talk Records

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