DEHD – ” Haha “

Posted: December 12, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Chicago group Dehd have released a new music video for their “Flower of Devotion” track “Haha.” The summer camp–themed visual stars performer Alex Grelle as duelling camp counsellors, as well as the band’s Emily Kempf and Jason Balla. Check out the colourful clip below. In 2019, The Chicago indie rock trio Dehd released the sparse and scrappy album “Water”, with songs informed by the romantic breakup of bassist Emily Kempf and guitarist Jason Balla, accompanied by Eric McGrady’s one-tom, one-snare minimalism. For their exquisite follow-up Flower of Devotion, Dehd upgraded to a proper studio, refining their gritty alchemy without scrubbing it too clean. Kempf and Balla trade yearning, hiccupy vocals across riffs that reverberate like heat waves off asphalt, as McGrady thuds away through the humid air. “If this is all that we get, so be it,” Kempf insists, a bit of wistful resignation that doubles as a mission statement for their proudly stripped-down approach.

“‘Haha’ is about finding humour in impossible situations—sometimes you just gotta laugh it off,” Emily Kempf said in a press release. “The video is led by our favourite Chicago star, Alex Grelle, playing both lead roles. Becky and Gary, two head counsellors at the illustrious and wholesome Camp HaHa, are constantly in competition with each other. Here’s the wacky TWIST—only one knows about it! Oh Gary, when will you ever learn! Becky will always be No1!”.

Dehd issued “Flower of Devotion” in July, out now on Fire Talk following their 2019 LP Water.

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