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MAMALARKY – ” Schism Trek “

Posted: November 29, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC

As Mamalarky set out to make their debut album, they had a vision in mind: to shape the, “patchwork of different influences that comes together as a cozy quilt you can cuddle under”. Mamalarky are a collective of musical obsessives, outside of the band they are touring musicians and band managers, people dedicated to music above all else. The result is a record that seems to be indebted to the great and good of music history, a blur of musical ideas, melded into weird and wonderful soundscapes entirely of their own creation. There’s an almost hyper level of creativity here, a record that zips between styles and sounds, rarely stopping anywhere for long, channelling the spirit of an array of artists, from the angular stop-start rhythms of Weaves, the wonky-pop of Pom Poko and the wonderfully noisy edge of Deerhoof. In the foreground throughout is Livvy’s vivid story-telling, scratch the surface and these are personal tales, memories of feeling lost and lonely, repressing old relationships and the band’s own experience of being dotted across the country, wondering when the chance would come to be together again. This is the sound of a band in love with making music, a record that’s a fun, exciting and joyous expression of self

From Mamalarky’s Debut Self Titled Album Out in November on Fire Talk Records.

Mamalarky’s indie rock summons an easy and pure joy. Like stepping out from under a tree canopy and into the sun, or feeling the first kick of wind on a hot, sticky day. It’s that sort of gentle wonder that the Los Angeles-based quartet — comprised of ex-Cherry Glazer bassist Livvy Bennett, drummer Dylan Hill, keyboardist Michael Hunter, and bassist Noor Khan channels on their latest song, The song’s bright guitar licks and Bennet’s fuzzy vocals go down like the sweetest little package. As Bennet’s inquisitive lyrics wonder.

While “Schism Trek,” the first single from Mamalarky‘s self-titled debut album took on a more rocking edge, “You Make Me Smile” is a more laid-back affair. With light, precise instrumentation and dreamy vocals, it shows the versatility of the Atlanta quartet.

A new single from Mamalarky out October 14th on Fire Talk Records.