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John Dwyer returns with his Damaged Bug project. ‘Bug On Yonkers’ features covers of Michael Yonkers tunes,

“I first heard Michael Yonkers via the Microminature Love reissue (Sub Pop) and was immediately hooked. I started collecting any piece of his legend that I could…some true, some likely not.
He had hand-built all of his gear. He had broken his back. He was part of experimental surgery that left him in lifelong pain. He was a dancer. He was still kicking around making some of the oddest and most contrary-to-contemporary-popular-norms type of music.

And then I heard Goodby Sunball, recorded and released in 1974, the year I was born. I had and have a very deep connection with this set of songs. I wasn’t sure why, but when I finally met Michael, I understood. He was kind and seemingly a pretty regular guy. But he was also a weirdo. A rare bird, waving the true freak music flag, and it didn’t matter what kind of music he made, I loved it all.

So, this record was recorded as a way to reboot and reconnect with some songs that have heavily inspired me over the years.  It was hard to pick from his vast catalogue, so I just sort of jumped in, with Tom Dolas, Nick Murray, and Brigid Dawson as my band (along with a bevy of others along the way) and these are the tunes that stuck to the wall.

I will forever be grateful to Mr Yonkers for bringing me a little joy with his music and inspiring weirdos everywhere.” – John Dwyer, Feb 2020.

“Sold America” by Damaged Bug. Written and published by Michael Yonkers BMI. From the forthcoming LP “Bug On Yonkers”, out on Record Store Day 2020 from Castle Face Records

Oh Sees’ frontman John Dwyer pays tribute to cult psych artist Michael Yonkers; Hopefully it’ll make you want to seek out the original artifact

Minneapolis’ Michael Yonkers is a cult legend who pushed psych-rock further into the red than many had before on his 1968 album Microminiature Love, which was reissued, some 30 years later, first by Dej Stijl and then Sub Pop Records. On that and other albums, you can hear the seeds of the early ’00s garage rock revival, and Yonkers was a clear influence on groups like Black Lips, Oh Sees and current Minneapolis band The Blind Shake with whom he’s made records.

Oh Sees frontman John Dwyer is an especially big fan and has just released an album of Yonkers covers under his Damaged Bug solo alias, though in this case he’s backed by current Oh See Tom Dolas, and former bandmates Nick Murray and Brigid Dawson. “This record was recorded as a way to reboot and reconnect with some songs that have heavily inspired me over the years,” says Dwyer. “It was hard to pick from his vast catalog, so I just sort of jumped in, and these are the tunes that stuck to the wall.”

I don’t claim to know much about Yonkers, but this record is good. Unlike some of the other Damaged Bug records (which can be on the esoteric side), Bug Out Yonkers is very approachable and could easily pass for an Oh Sees record. You can tell Dwyer is having a blast with this and the production / arrangements are great, with out-there synths and the occasional flute solo alongside wigged out guitar work. Originally a Record Store Day 2020 exclusive, Bug Out Yonkers has been bumped up to a proper release, which is good. If you’re like me, it will send you immediately to the internet to learn more about Yonkers’ wild world.

Damaged Bug – Bug Out Yonkers (Castle Face)


Silver-tongued songsmith and true American treasure Kelley Stoltz presents a new collection of instant classics with just a hint more synthery than 2013’s ‘Double Exposure’. For those not yet in the fan club, Kelley’s like a Ray Davies / Brian Wilson / Tom Petty power pop Cerebus from another dimension where well placed tambourines, handclaps, and wry observations are a universal language. Criminally under-appreciated, Kelley’s face should be on Amoeba-bucks for his contributions to the pop canon – the black-lipstick-smeared stand-out and lead-off track ‘Cut Me Baby’ could be his walk-on music for the acceptance speech. Each track here leaps off the table with Kelley’s carefully considered wit and expertly layered arrangements. His innate way around a sticky hook and no shortage of tasty studio flourishes will bring out the listener’s inner record nerd, guaranteed. It’s got a little glam in it and it’s out on Castle Face too.


The Silver-tongued songsmith and true American treasure Kelley Stoltz brings us a new collection of instant classics with just a hint more synthery than 2013’s “Double Exposure”. His innate way around a sticky hook and no shortage of tasty studio flourishes will bring out your inner record collector nerd, guaranteed.

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Formed out of the primordial creative ooze of the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland’s Once & Future Band is Joel Robinow (keyboards, lead vocals), Raj Ojha (drums, recording / mixing engineer) and Eli Eckert (bass, vocals).  For over a decade, Joel, Raj and Eli had worked together (in various combinations) with several bands and projects, including Drunk Horse and Howlin’ Rain. Throughout those years, they often spoke of forming an outlet into which they could combine their love of 60s and 70s psychedelic pop, jazz-rock, fusion and progressive rock, in addition to their myriad other musical fascinations.

These psychonauts have been jamming up a storm and the conserve that rains down upon us is of the finest vintage, spreading flavours of glam-rock, psych-pop and divinely tart, acid-folk-prog across our grainy brains.

These songs will stop you in your tracks so that you can merely absorb how wonderful this album is. there are haunting chorale escorts here…long trains of room warmth…the belting of the machine heart…lofty guitar and bass melange…and just beautifully laid to magnetic tape with a sure hand by the throbbing brains that are once & future band. As John Dwyer (Thee oh Sees) says, this is “for fans of roy wood, idle race, elo, roxy music, head hunters, stevie wonder, paul mccartney, the lord bowie, the band, and the soundtrack from every movie that ever pierced your cold, cold heart”.

“Freaks came after a fight I had with an old girlfriend, which are invariably about pride, and I just thought of this guy ineffectually trying to enact revenge but everyone knows he’s full of shit…was listening to a lot of nillson and ELO then and still,  so that’s likely the musical inspiration, I feel like Danny Levin (double D horns) really nailed the vibe, he does all of our horn arrangements by proxy in LA where we mail him the tracks and he Magics them up…if you listen carefully you can hear me saying a mixture of “have someone” and “got someone” in the triple tracked vocals creating a new possessive word Gavt which basically means fool you never had her in the first place.” – Joel Robinow

With 2020 comes the release of their 2nd full length LP, “Deleted Scenes” which has been years in the making.  featuring another iconic cover by longtime collaborator Christopher Appelgren.

From the forthcoming album “Deleted Scenes”, out April 10th, 2020 on Castle Face Records.

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Melbourne garage punk greats just released their first album in nearly a decade. It’s finest moment is “Like a Comet” featuring its nagging descending main guitar riff that then rips open like Love’s version of “7 and 7 Is” when it’s too late to brace for impact. Like that space snowball crashing into our atmosphere, Eddy Current Suppression Ring are back, right when we need them most. While its members have been busy playing in other bands, Australian garage rock greats Eddy Current Suppression Ring have been largely inactive for years now. Their last album was 2010’s Rush to Relax, and their last single arrived in 2011. Today, the band quietly announced that a new album is out before the year is through. It’s called All in Good Time and it’s out on December 13th.

“Like a Comet” · Eddy Current Suppression Ring from the album “All in Good Time” Castle Face Records Released on: 2019-12-13


The Apparition / Melt the Arms is the third release from Los Angeles band Flat Worms (Tim Hellman, Justin Sullivan, Will Ivy) released on New York’s Famous Class Records. The 7″ single follows their debut LP on Castle Face records. These songs were recorded with Ty Segall in his home studio during a global heatwave.

“The dream was an apparition.”  Teju Cole Open City


Back again and this time with a killer new 7” from LA rippers Flat Worms. We’ve been hounding these guys to do a record ever since their first 7” dropped back in 2016, so we are thrilled to have them on board now. Flat Worms consist of Will Ivy (Dream Boys, Wet Illustrated), Justin Sullivan (Night Shop, Kevin Morby, The Babies) and Tim Hellman (Oh Sees). Their debut LP on Castle Face dropped last year and the boys have been touring like mad men ever since.

Releases October 12th, 2018

Oh Sees (fka Thee Oh Sees) have shared the music video for their song “Anthemic Aggressor,” off their most recent album Smote Reverser, out now via Castle Face Records.

The 13-minute video, is a psychedelic romp through a solar system ripped straight from the pulpy dime-store sci-fi novels of the 1960s. It features, in no particular order, a demonic spaceman, a fleet of comic-book spaceships, and a man with his head up his own … well.

Oh Sees frontman John Dwyer, who created the puppets and directed the video, says the concept came from TV shows and movies from his childhood. “This video is an homage to Ralph Bakshi, Jim Henson and Hanna-Barbera,” he says. “It’s a conglomeration of a few things I took simple pleasure from as a kid. Also, it is about aliens vegging out on the trip speeding away from here, sort of unwinding after all the tumult.”

Official video for “Anthemic Aggressor” by Oh Sees From the album “Smote Reverser” out now on Castle Face Records

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West Coast garage punks Flat Worms are somewhat of a supergroup, consisting of drummer Justin Sullivan (Kevin Morby, The Babies), Will Ivy (Dream Boys, Wet Illustrated, Bridez) taking on guitar and vocals with Tim Hellman on bass (Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Sic Alps). The Los.Angeles trio have combined to become an explosive mix greater than the sum of their parts who fuse outer realms psyche exploration with blazing hot punk rock which has listeners enthralled, with many citing their eponymously titled debut as their album of the year for 2017.

Taking a stripped down no gimmicks approach whist in the studio, Flat Worms take no prisoners as they blast through every song with every intention of annihilating their listenership through brutal pneumatic bursts of primal energy which can only be caught by press record on the tape and letting go.

The band became eagerly tipped after announcing their arrival with the ‘Red Hot Sand’ EP in April of 2016. However, it was the release of their self-titled LP in October which has really seen the boys reveal their potential. Unfettered razor-sharp riffs, lacerating distortion layered and overdriven till white hot and whipped around ever accelerating drums; Flat Worms have created a record which takes all the power of their music and somehow captures it on a 12” which feels dangerous to even play.

We are very excited to catch these guys live and experience the ferocity for ourselves, which is lucky because Flat Worms have just announced a couple of unmissable intimate shows which promise to be lit powder kegs of energy and excitement. From the self titled LP “Flat Worms” on Castle Face Records.

  • 04/07 Flat Worms – The Soup Kitchen, Manchester
  • 07/07 Flat Worms – The Bodega, Nottingham

Shannon Lay has the voice of an angel. When the fiery, orange-haired guitarist isn’t shredding for Feels, she strips down to an acoustic guitar and melts your mind away. Lay’s debut solo album, All This Life Going Down, dropped in February on Do Not Disturb Records, Check out her video for “JHR”, directed by Castle Face Records co-founder Brian Lee Hughes and Sandy Kim.

Kevin Morby started a record label just to put this album out, that’s how much I love and believe in it. Incredible timeless music. Please do yourself the favor and not only listen to this album, but if you get the chance and feel like fully transcending into the heavens, go see her live. “Debut release on Kevin Morby’s new imprint with Woodsist Records. 


“When I first heard Shannon Lay play me “JHR” it was like taking some sort of hypnotic pill and I wanted to make a film for it that matched it’s trance,” said Hughes of the video. Lay recently finished touring with CFM and the Cairo Gang, but the local LA musician plays more shows than I can count. Check out the band Feels.

FEELS are psych punk grunge post future rock + roll whatever band born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and taking the world by storm with the wild energy of their live shows and with their Ty Segall produced, self-titled debut LP, released in Spring 2016 on Castle Face Records (LP/CD) and Burger Records (cassette). Sophomore album due out Spring 2018!!!

Bringing to mind the sort of foreign cinema you might stumble upon on late night telly (when you’re off your head after a night out), Manchester’s own Duds have released a head-scratching new video.

Comprised of two acts and an intermission, it mirrors the scatty, unpredictable nature of the electrifying Northern collective. Filmed up the road in Gullivers , the video was directed by Chan Yang Kim, with tracks ‘The Nose’/’Keine’ taken from their debut album ‘Of A Nature Or Degree (out now through Castle Face Records).

Duds are like nothing else and we highly recommended them. The Nose and Keine appear on “Of A Nature Or A Degree”, out on Castle Face Records.