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 White Fence’s “For the Recently Found Innocent” . After many years spent wringing all the warped psychedelic magic he could out of a four-track recorder, bedroom-style, White Fence’s Tim Presley moved his operation one step closer to the real world for his 2014 album, For the Recently Found Innocent. It was recorded in Ty Segall’s garage studio, Segall and live bandmember Nick Murray provided drums, and the record was mixed in a real studio. The big question before hearing a single track has to be something like “Does this mean curtains for the wonderfully oddball psych pop Presley has been churning out like a mad lo-fi scientist?” The short and definitive answer is no. The Presley and Segall team is in no rush to “fix” up the sound; at best it is mid-fi, and it retains all the intimate charm of previous records. Maybe it’s a little bit cleaner and easier to imagine hearing on the radio, but beyond that there’s not much change. Well, the occasional country-rock pastiches on the record (“Afraid of What It’s Worth” and “Hard Water”) are a bit different, but still psychedelic in a way Beachwood Sparks wish they could be.

Once you get beyond the trappings of recording styles and collaborators, the music is what’s left and this album is just as packed with gems as any White Fence album. Swirling, trippy rockers like “Wolf Gets Red Faced” and “Anger! Who Keeps You Under?” sit nicely next to relaxed pop songs like the very Donovan-like “Sandra (When the Earth Dies)” and the acoustic folk-rocker “Goodbye Law,” and hard psych blowouts “Paranoid Bait” and “Arrow Man” clear away the cobwebs. There’s even a track, the incredibly hooky “Like That,” that sounds like you could slot it into the middle of the Who’s Sell Out album and no one would think it odd. So basically, it’s another weird, great White Fence album, only the bass is a little clearer, the drums a bit louder, and there’s less tape hiss.

Only die-hard four-track fanatics could complain about that. Wide fends the big river of anglo-American pop music. Hits to the skies! Ears to the mind! A classique of LA underworld sunshine sounds and visions. For The Recently Found Innocent is the sixth studio album by American musician Tim Presley, who goes under the name White Fence. It was released in July 2014 under Drag City Records.

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John Dwyer returns with his Damaged Bug project. ‘Bug On Yonkers’ features covers of Michael Yonkers tunes,

“I first heard Michael Yonkers via the Microminature Love reissue (Sub Pop) and was immediately hooked. I started collecting any piece of his legend that I could…some true, some likely not.
He had hand-built all of his gear. He had broken his back. He was part of experimental surgery that left him in lifelong pain. He was a dancer. He was still kicking around making some of the oddest and most contrary-to-contemporary-popular-norms type of music.

And then I heard Goodby Sunball, recorded and released in 1974, the year I was born. I had and have a very deep connection with this set of songs. I wasn’t sure why, but when I finally met Michael, I understood. He was kind and seemingly a pretty regular guy. But he was also a weirdo. A rare bird, waving the true freak music flag, and it didn’t matter what kind of music he made, I loved it all.

So, this record was recorded as a way to reboot and reconnect with some songs that have heavily inspired me over the years.  It was hard to pick from his vast catalogue, so I just sort of jumped in, with Tom Dolas, Nick Murray, and Brigid Dawson as my band (along with a bevy of others along the way) and these are the tunes that stuck to the wall.

I will forever be grateful to Mr Yonkers for bringing me a little joy with his music and inspiring weirdos everywhere.” – John Dwyer, Feb 2020.

“Sold America” by Damaged Bug. Written and published by Michael Yonkers BMI. From the forthcoming LP “Bug On Yonkers”, out on Record Store Day 2020 from Castle Face Records