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El Tee writes honest songs about the perennial push-and-pull of holding space for yourself and giving it up for others. Listeners are swept up in stories delivered via introspective lyrics embedded in warm and nostalgic tones of instrumentation. El Tee’s songs saunter through intimate moments, and then drive hard and fast straight into the pit of your heart – all within the same few minutes.

The singer-songwriter – real name Lauren Tarver – explained the track’s origins in a statement. She noted that the song is “a very descriptive narrative” of a personal experience she had while travelling in New Zealand. Tarver also described the song as “emotional, to say the least” in a post to her Instagram.

‘Everything Is Fine’ joins two previously released singles on the album’s ten-song tracklist: ‘How I Like It’ in August last year, followed by ‘Keep Walking’ in March. “I went on a road trip with a friend, and was so full of anxiety the whole time,” she said. “It was bottled up and I couldn’t shake it. I literally felt trapped by the mountains of NZ.”

An American expat, Tarver recorded the album in her adopted hometown of Melbourne in 2019. Andrew McEwan engineered and mixed the album in addition to playing drums.


Melbourne-based singer-songwriter El Tee has announced her debut studio album, ‘Everything Is Fine’, days after premiering the record’s title track. Melbourne community radio station 3RRR premiered the single on Monday (May 11). The song’s accompanying music video the following day. Dan Cahill directed the video, having also worked on El Tee’s video for ‘Keep Walking’.

Debut album ‘Everything Is Fine’ out September 18th, 2020
Released September 18th, 2020

The Band:
Guitar (rhythm) by Lauren Tarver
Guitar (lead) by Tim Scott
Drums by Andrew McEwan
Bass and BVs by Mimi Gilbert
Written by Lauren Tarver

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have released a new single and music video, entitled “Straws In The Wind”. The video finds the Australian cross-genre rockers in the midst of a green screen twister.

This latest single follows recently-released tracks “Some Of Us” and “Honey“. “Straws In The Wind” also comes as the first single King Gizzard has put out since drummer/manager Eric Moore announced his departure from the group late last month.

The video for “Straws In The Wind”, a song that features Ambrose Kenny-Smith on lead vocals, finds the band employing a green screen to its fullest potential. With footage of tornadoes ripping through landscapes, and the band getting hit with actual debris whirling around the room, Amby ponders the philosophical query, “Straws in the wind/Is it all ending?” While the title may bring to mind the Kansas classic “Dust In The Wind”, it’s clear that King Gizzard took little inspiration from the classic rockers.

Amby and Stu collab on the tune and Jase is back on the tools for the video. Damn this was fun to make! We shot trash around the room with a leaf blower and pretended that we were in a trash tornado. What has the world come to…

Watch the new music video for “Straws In The Wind” by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

Filmed, edited and directed by Jason Galea Additional filming, wardrobe and direction by Ambrose Kenny-Smith Amby: Vocals, Harmonica, Keyboards Cavs: Drums, Percussion Cookie: Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Sitar Stu: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Flute Recorded by Stu Mackenzie and Michael Cavanagh

El Tee Everything is Fine album art

The moniker is simply explained: A phonetic spelling of singer-songwriter Lauren Tarver’s initials. El Tee’s music itself, however, takes a little more elaboration. It’s centred in the realm of indie-rock, but creates an atmosphere that immediately deviates from the norm. Tarver’s vocals know their way around arresting melodies, her words striking a chord with each line pulling at the heartstrings. El Tee writes honest songs about the perennial push-and-pull of holding space for yourself and giving it up for others. Listeners are swept up in stories delivered via introspective lyrics embedded in warm and nostalgic tones of instrumentation. El Tee’s songs saunter through intimate moments, and then drive hard and fast straight into the pit of your heart – all within the same few minutes. 


Comparisons to Julia Jacklin and Stella Donnelly are inevitable on ‘Everything Is Fine’, but considering how excellent they’ve been of late, it’s worth keeping an eye on El Tee. A similar trajectory to stardom isn’t out of the question.

El Tee’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Everything Is Fine’, is out 18th September, 2020.

Guitar (rhythm) by Lauren Tarver
Guitar (lead) by Tim Scott
Drums by Andrew McEwan
Bass and BVs by Mimi Gilbert

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After releasing the acoustic, micro-tonal infused track “Honey” back in July, Australian psych-rockers King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have shared another new song, “Some of Us,” along with an accompanying music video. The song was written by guitarist Cook Craig and features vocals from Stu Mackenzie. The video, like most of King Gizzard’s filmed content, was made by John Angus Stewart, who also directed the band’s recent concert film, “Chunky Shrapnel”.

This Cookie penned, Stu sung song came together early this year as the world was slowly descending into madness, but before it was truly on fire,” wrote the band in an Instagram post about the song. The also hinted at the release of more new music on the horizon: “We’ve made heaps of tunes lately. Currently putting some sparkles on em. Can’t wait to show y’all before we go down in flames. King Gizzard were set to play two of their biggest shows to date this summer, headlining two nights at Red Rocks. Unfortunately, those were postponed due to coronavirus.

Filmed on a Thermal Imaging Camera designed to capture and read heat temperatures. These cameras are currently in use by the military and science community to assist with monitoring of COVID-19.
There is something about seeing heat in its raw form that is deeply disturbing. I think it’s got something to do with seeing the body broken down to it’s most mechanical function. It’s a not so gentle reminder that we are just meat, bone and blood. ”

Amby: Harmonica Cavs: Drums Cookie: Piano, Bass, Percussion, Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesiser, Clarinet, Flute Stu: Vocals, Guitar, Clavinet, Xylophone, Bass Recorded by Cook Craig and Stu Mackenzie

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Killer psych rock that sizzles!, BHDC is a stellar band with great vocals, a tight sound and expert musicianship. With its Wall of Psychedelic Sound, Setting Sun is one of my favourite songs of the year. This outstanding band is for real.

Sparkly magic mountain-drops fall from the outer cosmic reaches in the re-imagined mind-forest of The Flower CaptainGloom/doom singer/songwriter Sasha L Smith envisions a brave new dark age of droney bliss in the sonic bazaar. Domenic Evans fret wizard, Deon Slaviero bass dealer, Andy Nunns time machine & Gabbie Potocnik Italian keys are on the magic bus we call “The Black Heart Death Cult”. Recorded over a sprawling 2 years (Sing Sing & Newmarket Studios) from early 2015 & produced by Ricky Maymi from The Brian Jonestown Massace, their self titled debut LP was released Jan 2019 through Oak Island Records (Kozmik Artifactz).


Debut single “She’s a Believer” & the “Black Rainbow” EP downloadable from

Debut single on limited sweet 7” vinyl format for your listening pleasure from Death Cult Records or download here right now for instant gratification.
Released October 28th, 2016

No photo description available.


Sparkly magic mountain-drops fall from the outer cosmic reaches in the re-imagined mind-forest of The Flower CaptainGloom/doom singer/songwriter Sasha L Smith envisions a brave new dark age of droney bliss in the sonic bazaar. Domenic Evans fret wizard, Deon Slaviero bass dealer, Andy Nunns time machine & Gabbie Potocnik Italian keys are on the magic bus we call “The Black Heart Death Cult”.


This is the first release of new music from TBHDCult since their debut album in Jan 2019. Will be released as a limited edition 7″ pressed by Salty Dog Records, available for pre-order on the 28th of March 2020 from
Band Members:
Sasha L Smith – guitar & vox
Domenic Evans – guitar
Andrew Nunns – drums
Deon Slavieros – bass
Gab Potochnik – keys

Releases March 15th, 2020

Special thanks to David Balaban for the beautiful sitar work

Teasing new music yesterday, the Melbourne faves followed through this morning and produced a music video to boot. “Honey” is the brand-new single from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Revisiting the microtonal theme, Honey feels sombre and slightly eery, which seems fitting for the times in 2020.
Honey has an accompanying video by frequent collaborators/studio mates PHC, it’s an  eerie, yet gorgeous tune in ‘Honey’.

“I wrote this song a couple of years ago,” Mackenzie said on Twitter. “It’s nice to have it out in the world.” ‘Honey’ is the first we’re hearing from King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard since 2019’s Infest The Rats’ Nest album and (hopefully) an early taste of another dive into microtonal goodness. 2020 has kept the band busy so far, delivering three bushfire benefit albums, as well as their first concert movie Chunky Shrapnel, all the while working on a new album which will be their 16th! release.

Filmed at sunsets during Melbourne’s first lockdown Stu Mackenzie performs alone in the video directed by longtime King Gizzard collaborator, John Angus Stewart. Which features Stu Mackenzie taking his isolation to the sunsetting streets of Melbourne. Recently, King Gizz also shared a live documentary film online in RATTY, which gives fans an insight into the making of the record.

The full video is now on YouTube after originally only being available to view with a small price tag attached to raise money for the Indigenous Social Justice Association Melbourne, BlaQ Aboriginal Corporation, Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation and DJIRRA organisations.

Amby: Harmonica Cavs: Drums, Percussion Cookie: Piano Joey: Bass Stu: Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Keyboards, Bass, Clarinet, Organ

Recorded and mixed by Stu Mackenzie Mastered By Joe Carra

After two critically acclaimed EPs, Flyying Colours are set to release their second album  ‘Fantasy Country’ later this year on Club AC30. Residing in a dream-world that sits somewhere between psych, indie, grunge and shoegaze, the Australian band’s beautifully dynamic new offering showcases their talent for uniting a delicate vocal melody with a satisfying thick wall of abrasive drums and guitars. Flyying Colours premiere their video for Big Mess and let’s just say, we haven’t seen such an aptly named video for a while.

“The video for Big Mess was made with our long time collaborator Thomas Russell,” explained vocalist and guitarist Brodie J Brümmer. “We filmed it in the kitchen at The Bergy in Brunswick, across the road from where the guitars for the album were tracked. We didn’t think we would make such a mess when filming started but as you will see things escalated and we ended up covered head to toe in unbaked sponge cake.

“That’s what happens when you spend as much time with one another as we do and you have an opportunity to crack an egg over your bandmate’s head. “I think the video kind of represents what the song is about – doing what you think is right, but ending up making a big mess of an entire situation. As for the recipe, I wouldn’t suggest trying it at home.”

Leading track and first single “Goodtimes” further stirs the melting pot. Opening with a chaotic looped squeal, the knockout punch of the frenzied opening riff and steady, driving drums sets the bar high for the tracks that are to follow.



Both new singles from forthcoming 2020 album ‘Fantasy Country’.
The Band:
Brodie J Brümmer,
Gemma O’Connor,
Melanie Barbaro,
Andy Lloyd-Russell,
Released February 7th, 2020

In case you weren’t aware already, here’s a friendly reminder that The Beatles‘ legendary Melbourne concert from the ’60s will be on TV across Australia tonight.

Starting at 9.30pm on Nine, One Night Only – The Beatles In Oz “is a stunning broadcast of the concert, completely remastered, that also includes never-before-seen footage of the Beatles’ tumultuous and only visit to Australia“.

Channel Nine was given access to film The Beatles‘ final sold out Melbourne concert in 1964 which took place at Festival Hall. “When they touched down here in 1964 on their first world tour Australia went into hysterical Beatlemania,” a statement from Nine reads.

“They captivated the nation for 13 amazing and unforgettable days. Wherever they went, tens of thousands of screaming fans lined the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of John, Paul and George, as well as Jimmie Nicol, the drummer filling in for Ringo, who missed some dates of the tour due to illness.” Beatlemania was at fever pitch in the summer of 1964 as the band prepared for its first tour to Denmark, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. But on June 3rd, the day before the Beatles were to leave, Ringo Starr collapsed at a photo shoot and was hospitalized with tonsillitis.

With hotels and concert halls booked and thousands of tickets sold, manager Brian Epstein understood that cancelling the tour would have been a financial disaster. A scramble began to find a replacement for Starr.

Epstein had to convince the other three Beatles to accept a substitute drummer. And where would he find a musician competent enough to back the biggest group in the world – and fit into Starr’s stage clothes? John Lennon and Paul McCartney accepted that hiring a replacement was necessary but George Harrison balked at the idea. Enter Jimmie Nicol, a 24-year-old London drummer whose studio work had impressed Epstein. McCartney also knew Nicol; the Beatle had recently caught a performance by Nicol with Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames.

After a six-song audition, Nicol was hired, given a Beatle haircut and told to pack for the flight to Denmark the next day. In the hospital, Starr recalled that he’d replaced Pete Best as the Beatles’ drummer two years earlier. “It was very strange, them going off without me,” Starr said in Anthology. “They’d taken Jimmie Nicol and I thought they didn’t love me any more – all that stuff went through my head.”

Jimmie Nicol became a Beatle for 13 days, participating in press conferences and enjoying the adulation of fans. Nicol played eight concerts and taped a TV show as the Beatles’ drummer. Ringo Starr was released from the hospital and rejoined the Beatles in Melbourne, where he performed on June 14th. The next day, Jimmie Nicol did his final television interview as a Beatle and went to the airport for the lonely trip home. Before he left, Epstein presented Nicol with a gold watch inscribed, “From the Beatles and Brian Epstein to Jimmie – with appreciation and gratitude.”.

It was over 50 years ago that The Beatles made their one and only tour of Australia. The Beatles touched down in Sydney on June 11, 1964 and for an amazing 13 days they captivated the nation. Hundreds of thousands lined the streets everywhere, Beatlemania was more intense here than anywhere else in the world. It was a time of massive musical and cultural change and a time for teenagers to challenge and defy authority. Over 300,000 people turned out in Adelaide – it was the biggest crowd anywhere in the world, anytime! The Beatles performed 20 shows across Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane leaving in their wake a trail of euphoric, captivated youth. Australia was never the same following The Beatles 1964 tour. This montage captures the highlights of their tour and the euphoria that followed.

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Esther Edquist is Melbourne artist Sweet Whirl. She is also one of the best songwriters you have heard in a very long time. The debut Sweet Whirl album “How Much Works” was released May 29th  on ltd white vinyl, black vinyl and digital. Gorilla Vs. Bear just premiered the album’s lead single and video “Something I Do”, calling it “one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard thus far in 2020…a perfect introduction to the album’s quiet, yearning intensity and understated, poignant brilliance.”

“Something I Do” is a languid lament accompanied by an evocative video directed by James Thomson. Esther says of the song, “To be honest I was inspired to write this song while I was seeing this total a-hole and felt like I had to carry the flame of my desire around with me all the time, lest it die.” How Much Works is Sweet Whirl’s debut album proper, after a handful of releases acclaimed by the likes of Gorilla Vs Bear, The Guardian and Clash Magazine. How Much Works arrives fully formed, a classic ten song album from an artist with both a command of history and a drive for new expression.

The album is a beautifully crafted triumph over bleak moments. It’s the love-addled confessions of a seasoned party girl, romantic yet sardonic, a troubadour who sings of the heart with a knowing sense of the timeless victory of song. Esther dissects experiences with wit and depth, emerging as a powerful, indomitable voice. Musically and lyrically, How Much Works draws on wells as deep as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Jean-Paul Sartre and Sheryl Crow.

It distills personal, reflexive narratives into something universal and wondrous. Esther produced the album and plays almost everything on it, with guitar and therevox from engineer Casey Hartnett (Sui Zhen, Sleep Decade) and drums from Monty Hartnett (Dreamin Wild, Sleep Decade). Fellow Chapter Music recording artist Gregor contributes backing vocals to Make That Up For Me and Conga Line. Esther has previously served in Melbourne duo Superstar, who released two delay-drenched albums during the mid 10s. She has also been a member of Scott & Charlene’s Wedding.

Love for previous Sweet Whirl releases: “An exquisitely bleary-eyed gem” – Gorilla Vs Bear, “With music this soft on your skin, small acts of rebellion feel big.” – The Guardian “A gentle sense of grace, an unhurried sense of beauty” – Clash