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The Citradels are self-releasing their ninth album “Fuck The Hits: Vol. 1”, changing up their recording process and musical style once again. The culmination of roughly 18 months work, the album intermingles 60s pop harmony and structures with synthesis and dense soundscapes.

FTH v1 is a collection of love songs for people who can’t write love songs. Lyrically, it is as simplistic or dark as the listener cares to read into. With a nod to conventional mid 60s pop structure, these songs clock in at around two or three minutes. Lush arrangements and traditional instrumentation is augmented with otherworldly, inorganic sounds and samples.


“Fuck The Hits: Vol. 1” is a sonically diverse journey that will reward repeated listens.

releases November 28th, 2018


Cable Ties are frenetic lead lines tethered to a hypnotic rhythm section. They take the 3 minute punk burner and stretch it past breaking point. Suddenly the garage rock gives way as primitive boogie, kraut and post-punk take things way out to the horizon. Formed in Melbourne in mid 2015, CABLE TIESJenny McKechnie (vocals/guitar), Nick Brown (bass), Shauna Boyle (drums) – have developed a dedicated, cult-like following with just two self-released 7″ singles in their arsenal. A testament to their scorching live show, Who The Hell says this three-piece “could confidently pick you up within the first few bars of a song and hurl you across the room,” with Raven Sings the Blues noting that they’re “tearing into an X-Ray Spex brand of post-punk that’s packed with gnashed teeth and crushed gravel.


Mid 2016 Cable Ties stepped into an icy warehouse in the dead of winter with Paul Maybury (The Pink Tiles, Rocket Science) to record the eight tracks that would eventually form their debut album. The record captures CABLE TIES in lockstep at the end of their first year of gigging – stretching their songs past breaking point, searching for that joyous rush. McKechnie’s captivating vocals tackle creeps, capitalist propaganda and music industry “tastemakers”. The result is 44 minutes of tense, smouldering punk rock that sits you down, shuts you up, and forces you to listen. Welding punk ferocity to the endless chug of kraut and boogie to produce a formidable rock ‘n’ roll trio.

Today we give a big warm welcome to Melbourne’s HEXDEBT! Ahead of their forthcoming album, we’re releasing their new single ‘Covenant’ - premiering tonight on PBS 'Mixing Up The Medicine’ and offically out world-wide this Friday. Don’t miss them at...

Today we give a big warm welcome to Melbourne’s Hexdebt Ahead of their forthcoming album, Poison City Records are releasing their new single ‘Covenant’ – premiering tonight on PBS ‘Mixing Up The Medicine’ and offically out world-wide this Friday. Don’t miss them at HEXFEST/ Gasometer Hotel on November 5th and GIZZFEST – December 1st at Melbourne Showgrounds. Hexdebt are one of the most ferocious and engaging Australian bands right now. We’re delighted to be working with them!


Agnes Whalan on vocals and guitar, Isobel D’cruz Barnes on bass and backing vocals, Aife Larkin on guitar and Lucy Fry ondrums.

Courtney Barnett started Milk! Records in 2012 to release her first EP I’ve Got A Friend Called Emily Ferris. Soon aftercame the second EP How To Carve A Carrot Into A Rose. She took her band overseas with a condensed back catalogue called The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas. In 2015 Barnett released album Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit to worldwide critical acclaim. 

“Small Talk,” is an outtake from Courtney Barnett’s 2018 album Tell Me How You Really Feel sounds a lot like most songs on the LP: an expansive, vamp-based affair with sunny choruses. Barnett’s hook-writing has only gotten sharper as time goes on. Where her early work would have been satisfied to let the interlocking organ/bass line groove ride for the entire runtime, here she injects an immediately felt, warmly rendered chorus of group singalongs. Her lyrics are, as always, sharp as a tack.

She takes the title seriously, regaling us with the shaggiest of shaggy-dog stories about whatever seems to float into her mind. “I’ve got a brother, Blake / he’s four years older than me / and I guess he always will be,” she sings, somehow managing to be both hilarious and weirdly philosophical. If she never got into business as a musician, Barnett could roundly kick all of our asses at this writing thing.

‘Charity’ is taken from Courtney Barnett’s album ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’


Released May 18th, 2018

Courtney Barnett – Guitar, Vocals
Bones Sloane – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dave Mudie – Drums, Percussion
Dan Luscombe – Keys, Organ, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kim Deal – Backing Vocals (Tracks 5 and 7), Guitar (Track 7)
Kelley Deal – Backing Vocals (Track 7)

All songs written by Courtney Barnett

“Pastel Blues” is the new single – the band’s Cameron Wade says “it’s the least serious thing we’ve written in years. It’s a playful exploration of the phrase on repeat in the chorus, “wondering how it feels bad to be good all the time”. It’s a really dumb set of words, but a funny thing to think about in depth. So we’re exploring that with this kind of wandering commentary, reconfirming that life would be super bland if we only ever did what we were told we should. I think you can almost feel the music taking a few steps back and lazily fall into line with the idea.”

I just love the spirit and the pace of this poppy groover. C’mon let’s all go out, swing in the streets and save this troubled world, at least today…The Attics claim it’s the least serious thing they have written in years and the whole song focuses around the phrase “wonder how it feels bad to be good all the time” and is an exploration of those words. ‘Pastel Blues’ is wrapped up in a nice little package, measuring three minutes and ten seconds long, containing catchy lyrics, cool guitar sounds and a heavier break-down towards the end.


Written and performed by The Attics

After two 7-inch singles and a demo cassette (recently pressed to wax), Melbourne quintet The Shifters finally unveil their first full-length album “Have a Cunning Plan”.

Recorded at Al Montfort (of Total Control/Terry)’s home studio, “Have A Cunning Plan” ups the fidelity a bit, tempering the up-front crunch of their previous demo/LP. The sonic space suits the band, allowing the unpretentious complexity of the songs & lyrics to generate the “oomph” rather than bludgeoning the listener with treble and feedback.

The album showcases ten new tracks by the band at their best; scrappy, self-destructive, stumbling and brilliant pop music that seems tossed off or nonchalant on the surface but is rife with rewards upon further listening. Early album bangers like “Molasses” and the first single “Work/Life, Gym Etc” are instant earworms, (as are “Straight Lines” & “Pyramid Scheme”, the latter reworked from a recent 7-inch) but it’s the simple-yet-sophisticated songcraft of tunes like “How Long?” or the languid strum of “Andrew Bolt” that are heavy on mood and are vehicles for vocalist/guitarist Miles Jansen’s erudite lyrics that simultaneously celebrate and decry the banality of life, while also tackling larger issues of colonialism conservatism’s effects on society at large.


Released July 2nd, 2018

Miles Jansen – vocals, guitar, melodica
Tristan Davies – bass, guitar, melodica
Louise Russell – keyboards, vocals
Ryan Coffey – drums, vocals
Chris Gray – guitar bass

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“Weight” is the first single from the eagerly anticipated self-titled debut album from Naarm (Melbourne) band Cyanide Thornton. Featuring members of Two Steps On The Water, the band was founded in early 2016 and has been steadily gaining traction in Melbourne’s alternative rock circuits. While incorporating elements of folk and rock, Cyanide Thornton transcends its composite parts, moving into a space of raw emotion and fierce determination. Ellah Blake (drums) and David Pesavento (bass) provide understated yet resolute punctuation for each song, holding together the music with a remarkable tenderness and affection, and providing a cradle for Sienna Thornton’s masterful and harrowing lyrics and guitar work. Thornton’s voice is at once wistful and melancholic, painting narratives with a tender immediacy. The album evokes a sense of magical realism, with its lyrics transforming painfully human experiences of love and loss into magical and ethereal moments. Cyanide Thornton is a record wreathed in tenderness, honesty and intimacy, and will guide you from the dark corners of your mind to somewhere unearthly and supernatural. Album out November 9th thru Bedroom Suck / Remote Control Records.

I feel like I’ve really struck gold with this Melbourne three-piece Cyanide Thornton . The band release their debut self-titled record on November 9th, and this is the first single off of it. I was more than happy to sit back and listen to what I thought was an entirely instrumental track, only to be gleefully surprised with singer Sienna Thornton’s vocals at the near three-minute mark. Feeling really good about this one.

On The Corner Where You Live is the latest album from Australian band The Paper Kites, a follow up to On The Train Ride Home which was released earlier this year. Produced by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Middle Kids) the album builds upon the romantic, dusky mood the band perfected on Twelvefour (No. 1 debut on the ARIA chart) and includes standout tracks When It Hurts You and Deep Burn Blue.

New Album ‘On The Corner Where You Live’ is available now

Band Members
Sam Bentley
Christina Lacy
Dave Powys
Sam Rasmussen
Josh Bentley

Charm of Finches are sister “dream folk”duo Mabel and Ivy, from Melbourne, Australia, They create angelic harmony-laden chamber-tinged folk for the famished soul. Influences include First Aid Kit, Agnes Obel and Sufjan Stevens.

“We were walking across a bridge when we came upon a group of young people, probably not much older than us, who were obviously grieving. There were flowers and beer cans hanging from the bridge, and we found out their friend had jumped off the bridge during a party and didn’t make it.
This stayed with us all day. As a young person, how do you deal with losing someone who was so young and had their whole life ahead of them? That evening we wrote this song.”

DIY pop charmers School Damage release their second album A To X today!

A To X is the second album by Melbourne DIY pop quartet School Damage . The new album focuses their simultaneously sharp and wobbly DIY pop aesthetic, taking in the woozi- ness of Young Marble Giants, the bite of Devo and the busy melodies of the Television Personalities.
A To X comes hot on the heels of School Damage’s instantly loveable 2017 self-titled debut, which earned the band raves from Brooklyn Vegan, Noisey and BBC6 among others.
Formed as a bedroom pop project for Carolyn Hawkins (Chook Race, Parsnip) and Jake Robertson (Ausmuteants, Hiero- phants, Frowning Clouds), School Damage now include Jeff Raty on drums and Dani Damage on bass. They have released cassettes and 7”s on various labels, including a recent single for UK label Upset The Rhythm.
They’ve played King Gizzard’s festival Gizzfest and shared stages with The Bats, Tropical Fuckstorm and NO ZU.
About the new album, Carolyn says: “A To X is about trying (and failing) to find patterns in the overwhelming jumble of activities involved in being alive. We were going to call it In Alphabetical Order but I guess we never quite made it to Z!”
“Charming off-kilter pop” – Noisey
“Like Custard giving The Vaselines a nipple cripple” – The Herald Sun
“Their songs deal with crises of everyday life, set to wobbly pop that recalls bands like Tronics, The Vaselines, and early ’80s Sydney band The Particles.”


Just over a year since their self-titled instant classic debut, A To X focuses School Damage’s simultaneously sharp and wobbly DIY pop aesthetic, taking in the wooziness of Young Marble Giants, the bite of Devo and the busy melodies of the Television Personalities.
It has already had love from around the world, including BBC 6Music airplay and rave reviews from Brooklyn Vegan, Loud & Quiet, Raven Sings the Blues, Clash and elsewhere.