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OSEES on Levitation Sessions! Full set recorded out in the desert with the hits from the crypt! +7 tracks never performed live before + some old favourites and tracks off their new album:. The incredible live performance premiered on Saturday, September 26th, 2020. You can buy their music from the levitation sessions on:…

Osees taped a full band show for Levitation fest’s virtual series that was streamed back in September. It was also released digitally as a live album, and now the Levitation Sessions are getting a vinyl release on March 5th with proceeds going to support independent venues.

There are three different coloured vinyl editions, and each one benefits something different: one pressing benefits NIVA, the National Independent Venue Association; another benefits Austin’s Hotel Vegas; and the third benefits Los Angeles’ Zebulon. Each one comes with a bonus 7″ featuring the last song of the set, “Block of Ice.” All three editions of Levitation Sessions 

OSEES have shared “Stinking Cloud” from their upcoming Levitation Sessions II streaming show and live album. It’s a deep cut from 2011’s ’60s-psych-pop influenced Castlemania and not the typical ripper you associate with the band but it sounds pretty great. It’s so deep that it’s the first time it’s ever been played in a live band setting. The ‘Levitation Sessions II’, which was shot in “a cavernous Los Angeles factory,” promises more where “Stinking Cloud” came from with a “handful of never-before-played-live tunes & some new surprises,.

Meanwhile John Dwyer is dipping a toe into the world of NFTs — and no, it doesn’t seem to be an April Fools joke. He has put two NFTs up for auction that are related to the Levitation Sessions II streaming show and album. 


THE TEXT This piece uses a lenticular process to bring John Dwyer’s original mixed media painting to life. Sound tracked by a radioactive live version of “Opposition”. The tendrils of flowers and foliage grow and wilt while we gaze at our screens through empty eye sockets, taking in the vast glory of the information superhighway.

John Dwyer’s painting comes to life in a hypnotic infinite zoom loop. Sound tracked by a live cut of “Stinking Cloud”, taken from the band’s upcoming Levitation Sessions II live album.  “Vol 4” is being released an 1/1 NFT, while “THE TEXT” is in an edition of 13. Both NFTs also come with a stream ticket, signed screen print and the 2xLP shipped worldwide. 

Osees pine for our fans and friends out there in the world, so we have come together for another stream with the mighty Levitation.

I personally got stoned and stuck my face into the muck of our past catalog to bob for some dusty tumescent gems. There will be some oldies, and some mouldies and some surprises along the way. I’m quite happy with how this one turned out. Shot in an insane old factory warehouse in Los Angeles (it looks like a fight scene set from Point Blank or the John Wick trilogy 🙂

If you had told me a year ago we’d be doing these streams now i would have thought you were crazy, but, egg on my face, and here we are. I’m so glad to have this little thing to share a moment with y’all until we can meet face to face on the field of battle again.

Mastered this time in advance of the stream by the Guru JJ Golden, it will hopefully turn some frowns inside out and upside down….grossssss” – JPD Releases
April 23rd, 2021 The live album from OSEES Volume II of Levitation Sessions.