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The first time on double vinyl for this buried treasure from the legendary singer/songwriter. The post-Geffen string-driven classic including a re-imagining of the gorgeous ‘Life Is Sweet’ set in a glorious baroque pop setting that elevates her songs into a Sondheim-esque gravity. An overlooked masterpiece from the heady days of 2003 that remains timeless and just as poignant today. Released originally in April 2003.

Seven years between albums is a long time. But in her quest for artistic freedom and total control over her own material, Maria McKee took the time to get out from under the Geffen imprint, write a host of new songs, and create a new band. And as is her wont, her effort on “High Dive” is something as different from her earlier recordings as they were from one another. In 1996, when “Life Is Sweet” was released, McKee had left behind the country-rock that had established her for a raucous and woolly aggressive rock sound where she played all the guitars in overdrive.

That record was full of grief, rage, and the desire to shed her skin. It was a misunderstood work of high, inimitable art. High Dive is by turns a gorgeous rock record and a Baroque pop masterpiece. Strings, horns, and a full-on rock band grace its 14 tracks — including an absolutely stunning redo of “Life Is Sweet” title track.  McKee has always possessed two gifts as a lyricist: her ability to make all images completely vivid and her naked compassion and empathy. All of the songs here are loaded with both. Her melodies are positively irresistible and infectious, and her lyrical tomes are full of everything from the longing for freedom “To the Open Paces,” to co-dependence, “Be My Joy,” to a near Buddhist sense of loving kindness, “Life Is Sweet,” to all notions of love and loss.

All of these have come to be expected from McKee, who is one of the most underrated lyricists pop music has ever produced. But on “High Dive”, it’s the sound of the record that is also stunning.

Along with Jim Akin, McKee employed a virtual string orchestra and a group of chamber horns and arranged them for a sound that is as timeless as it is current. This sound is Mckee’s alone, and ultimately, despite the range of emotions she addresses and conveys, this is an album about amorous love, full of its dizzying heights and its turbulent spirals into the abyss of loss. Its particular gift is how, no matter how dark or even horrifying the lyrics are, the music is upbeat, full of a life-affirming transcendence that makes it the ultimate statement from love’s battlefield, where scars and wounds are the gateways to a deeper understanding of what it means to be human; they add depth and dimension in such grandeur, no matter how tortured, that you’re still willing to risk everything to find its promise.  McKee is never morbid in her storytelling , just unflinching, and “High Dive” is a leap from the cliff of who she was and was perceived to be into being what she is: an artist of considerable vision, passion, and both musical and literary acumen.

McKee’s “High Dive” is simply an awe-inspiring album and easily her finest recorded moment. Maria McKee – ‘High Dive’ double black vinyl LP with download code. released for Record Store Day 2021.

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Echo & the bunnymen live in liverpool.jpeg

Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant shaped Echo & the Bunnymen’s dreamy post-punk into something timeless. Their 1997 reincarnation sparked new life for the band, and McCulloch and Sergeant have maintained their strong appeal of passionate rock & roll. On a live setting, they’re charming and their first proper live album, “Live in Liverpool”, proves that. The duo have a weird musical madness together, and they’re comfortable with it. The two night stint captured August 2001 at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool of Performing Arts, McCulloch’s romantic brood and Sergeant’s riveting guitar work are at its best. It’s a merry collection of cult classics (“Seven Seas,” “The Killing Moon,” “Never Stop”) and new material (“SuperMellow Man,” “Eternity Turns”), but a homage to the band itself. The psychedelic bombast of “All That Jazz” is slick and savvy. Songs from the “Crocodiles” album take on that tone, but with a signature lust and a sneaky intensity. “Over the Wall” brings that side of the band to the forefront.

In a live setting, it’s eerie and alluring. “Rescue” and “The Cutter” soar with lush guitar riffs and McCulloch’s warm vocals illustrate something primitive. “Nothing Lasts Forever,” from 1997’s Evergreen, is a sweet sign of age, but it’s also graceful. McCulloch and Sergeant are fond of what Echo & the Bunnymen have become. Two nights churning out fan favourites and band mainstays in their hometown makes it much sweeter.

Recorded in 2001 at Paul McCartney Institute of Performing Arts, “Live In Liverpool” features electrifying performances of classics including “The Killing Moon”, “Lips Like Sugar” and “The Cutter.” Pressed on double 180g clear vinyl for RSD Drops to mark its first release on vinyl. 


1. Rescue 2. Lips Like Sugar 3. King Of Kings 4. Never Stop 5. Seven Seas 6. Buried Alive 7. SuperMellow Man 8. My Kingdom 9. All My Colours (Zimbo) 10. All That Jazz 11. An Eternity Turns 12. The Back Of Love 13. The Killing Moon 14. The Cutter 15. Over The Wall 16. Nothing Lasts Forever 17. Ocean Rain

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Perhaps because bassist Jennifer Finch left the band during the recording sessions, 1996’s The Beauty Process – Triple Platinum has never quite gotten its due. But Donita Sparks counts it as her favourite L7 album; it’s simultaneously the heaviest record they ever released, and the most varied, with delicate songs like Me, Myself, and I and Moonshine contrasting with the metal-verging-on-industrial mayhem of “Drama.” 25 years further on is a long time to wait for an L7 album to come out on vinyl…for its overdue debut, Real Gone Music is pressing up 3000 copies in (what else?) platinum vinyl and putting ’em inside a jacket with printed inner sleeve.

released For Record Store Day 2021 through Real Gone Music

Live Vol.1 and Live Vol 2. This special vinyl remaster of the band’s posthumous 1995 live offering – originally offering both shows in the same package on CD – is a chance to hear The Police at two arguable artistic/career peaks. Whether you like the tight trio that shot out tuneful rockers at Boston’s Orpheum Theatre (that version of “Can’t Stand Losing You” is a favorite) or love the world-conquering ambience of their stadium gig on the Synchronicity tour (complete with even bigger chart hits like “Every Breath You Take” and “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”), it’s hard to lose with one of the best rock bands of their generation.

Vol 1 on blue coloured vinyl and  Live Vol.2 on red coloured vinyl

First time on vinyl for the first official live album collection, originally released on a 2CD set in 1995, from The Police.

Two separate double LPs showcase the band in two stages:

Volume 1

Recorded in 1979 – shows a trio on the rise performing at its rawest, propelled by bassist and lead singer Sting, followed by drummer extraordinaire Stewart Copeland and guitarist Andy Summers, whose guitar textures are present throughout the show.

The live gig took place at the Orpheum in Boston during the tour for their second album, “Reggatta de Blanc“, and was broadcast on local radio station WBCN at the time. It captures The Police at their most frantic and energetic.

Highlights include early hits and classics such as “Next to You”, “So Lonely”, “Bring on the Night, “The Bed’s Too Big Without You”, “Roxanne”, “Walking on the Moon” and “Can’t Stand Losing You“.

Volume 2

Recorded on the American leg of their “Synchronicity” tour in 1983 during a stop in Georgia, at a show at The Omni in Atlanta.

The show highlights a band at its peak, their already sophisticated sound being complemented by three background vocalists – Dollette Mc Donald, Tessa Niles and Michelle Cobb.

Highlights include “Tea in the Sahara”, “Every Breath You Take”, “Synchronicity I” and “Synchronicity II” as well as huge hits – “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da” and “Don’t Stand So Close To Me“.

Remastered in 2020 at Abbey Road exclusively for this release

Pressed on heavyweight coloured vinyl

Released for Record Store Day 2021 released through UMC Records

Lathums - Live Blackpool.jpg

The Lathums – ‘Live at Blackpool Tower’ white vinyl LP. The audio for this release has been taken from The Lathums’ one off livestreamed gig at Blackpool Tower’s Circus Room, which amassed 4,000 unique viewers back in October 2020. With the UK lockdown hitting right at the start of the band’s rise last year, for many this exclusive Record Store Day release will be the first glimpse of their electric live performance. Filmed in the Tower’s ornate Circus Room under Covid-Safe conditions,

The Lathums took the rare opportunity to let loose and get loud.  The Lathums returned to live performance for the first time since their sold-out February tour to play the historic Blackpool Tower, with the show streaming in free HD audio and video on Wed 28th October at 8pm.

The four-piece’s life-affirming, beg-for-a-ticket pre-Covid live shows recruited a fervent and growing, all-ages, UK-wide fanbase, supporters who helped the band swerve the wreckage of 2020 to stay firmly on the rise. The special, one-off show by the sea goes out as a ‘thank you’ from The Lathums to those stood by their side. Glancing back over a year that saw the band use time locked out of live venues to lock-in to intense writing and recording sessions, Live From Blackpool Tower, will see the band freed to play longstanding favourites alongside recent releases, including punchy single, “I See Your Ghost“, and other tracks from the forthcoming Ghosts EP.

Filmed in the Tower’s ornate Circus Room under Covid-Safe conditions prior to Lancashire’s Tier 3 status being confirmed, The Lathums took the rare opportunity to let loose and get loud.

Released For Record Store Day 2021 through Island Records.

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This live set was recorded in the summer of 2020 in Dublin’s historic Kilmainham Gaol. It is a ten song document of some of their best work to date put down on 180g vinyl in a gatefold jacket with an essay by author and historian Donal Fallon.

On 14th July 2020, Fontaines D.C. played a selection of songs from their Dogrel and A Hero’s Death albums live at Kilmainham Jail as part of the Other Voices Courage Series. It is an old cliche for historians to ask ‘if these walls could speak, what would they tell us?’ Fortunately, the walls of Kilmainham Gaol tell us exactly how they feel. Faded with time, but still stubbornly there, are the messages of Ireland’s revolutionary generations. Over one door are the quoted words of Patrick H. Pearse, poet and leader of the Easter Rising, thundering ‘Beware of the Risen People.’ Perhaps the most evocative piece of graffiti in the prison reads simply ‘A Few Men Faithful and a Deathless Dream.’

Tuesday 14th of July, Dublin’s revered five-piece Fontaines DC played a blistering set live from ​Kilmainham Gaol​. Kilmainham Gaol is one of the largest unoccupied gaols in Europe. It opened in 1796 as the new county gaol for Dublin and finally shut its doors as such in 1924. During that period it witnessed some of the most heroic and tragic events in Ireland’s emergence as a modern nation.

The album arrives on 180g heavyweight black LP in a gatefold jacket. Dublin historian Donal Fallon has written an essay on Kilmainham Gaol which is featured on the back cover. Includes an exclusive poster.

A1) Hero’s Death A2) Sha Sha Sha A3) Chequeless Reckless A4) Televised Mind A5) Too Real
B1) I Don’t Belong B2) Liberty Belle B3) Big B4) Dublin City Sky B5) Boys in the Better Land

Released for Record Store Day 2021 by Partisan Records.


Warren Zevon – ‘Preludes’ double sky blue coloured vinyl LP with 20 page book packaged in hardbound slipcase.

Following Warren Zevon’s death in 2003, his son, Jordan Zevon, discovered 126 unreleased outtakes and demos in a piano-sized touring case. Reissued on vinyl for the first time.

This discovery would be distilled down to the best of these recordings and eventually released as a 2CD set titled, Preludes. Preludes was originally released on CD on May 1st, 2007. When the album was released it featured 16 unreleased recordings from Zevon’s personal archives. It also included 6 never before released songs. The release also included a 5-part interview with KGSR’s Jody Denberg from the year 2000.

Now, for the first time ever these recordings will be reissued on vinyl.

Released through New West Records for Record Store Day 2021

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A collection of the 6 demos recorded by Nancy Wilson and Peter Frampton for the songs they wrote for the fictional band in the iconic rock film “Almost Famous”. RSD will be the exclusive vinyl edition, the tracks will appear on a future project but available only on CD and Digital.

In the movie “Almost Famous” (2000), the band Stillwater was supposedly an amalgamation of Poco, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin and a few other bands that Cameron Crowe had actually written articles about early in his career with Rolling Stone.

One of them leapt off a hotel balcony into a swimming pool. Another almost missed a ride on the tour bus after making a detour to an after-show bash. They met groupies and partook in their share of on-the-road partying, and a newspaper headline declared that the band “runs deep.

If you think that sounds like Stillwater, the fictional band from Almost Famous, you’d be correct. But those tales also apply to a real-life group of the same name that existed during the same period,

The 1973 moustached collective featured in writer/ director Cameron Crowe’s ”Almost Famous” has a legitimate rock pedigree. Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready is the real talent behind Russell Hammond, the band’s charismatic lead guitarist (played by Billy Crudup), while ex Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson (Crowe’s wife) plays rhythm guitar for the group. What’s more, ’70s vet Peter Frampton penned several of the Stillwater tunes heard in the movie, and Wilson and Crowe cowrote the band’s bass driven anthem ”Feverdog,” which made the film’s soundtrack.

Wilson, who also scored the film, says she recruited talent with classic rock roots (Frampton) and contemporary know-how (McCready), because she knew she wouldn’t create a believable sound otherwise. The goal was to make a band ”that’s really good, but not all the way formed yet,” she tells ”An ‘opening for Black Sabbath’ kind of sound.” And she also wanted to complement the movie’s satirical if loving take on rock & roll Über egos. ”We had to walk the line between parody and something that sounds legit,” says Wilson

Record Store Day 2021 release from UMC

All Them Witches are known for their loud and lengthy live shows. 2020 found the band releasing their critically acclaimed album, “Nothing As The Ideal”. An album release from this band would traditionally be followed by a lengthy 18-month tour across the globe. Due to an international pandemic, the band’s touring plans were brought to a halt. This did not stop All Them Witches from assembling in a studio to broadcast a live set for their fans. The set was roundly received as an amazing performance and fans immediately inquired as to whether or not this show would be available on vinyl. New West Records is proud to present All Them Witches – “Live on the Internet.”

New West Records is proud to present All Them Witches – “Live on the Internet”. This 16-song set will be pressed on 5 variations of colour vinyl and packaged in a widespine jacket. Each package will be foil stamped and numbered. This pressing is limited to 6,000 copies worldwide.


Blood and sand / milk and
Endless waters
Dirt preachers
Saturnine & iron jaw
When god comes back
The marriage of coyote
Charles william
Rats in ruin
Open passageways
Enemy of my enemy

Released through New West Records . AVAILABLE IN-STORE 03/04/2022

“When I say ‘I love you,’ you say ‘You better!’” There’s a lot to love on the RSD expansion of The Who’s “Face Dances”.  This 2-LP presentation expands the original 1981 album which was the band’s first with drummer Kenney Jones following the 1978 death of Keith Moon.  The first LP in the RSD reissue is the original album with its nine tracks including “You Better You Bet” and “Don’t Let Go the Coat.”  The second LP, cheekily entitled Face Dances Part 3 as Pete Townshend recorded Part 2 for his solo album “All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes”, has another nine tracks beginning with a clutch of Session Rough Mixes.  These encompass the previously-issued outtakes “I Like Nightmares,” “It’s in You,” and “Somebody Saved Me” as well as the previously-unreleased “Dance It Away” and a take of “Don’t Let Go the Coat” with Townshend rather than Roger Daltrey on lead vocals.  Side Four has a quartet of live performances of Face Dances songs as recorded for Rockpalast in 1981. 

The album was remastered and cut at half speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road.  LP 1 will be pressed on blue vinyl and LP 2 on yellow.  Four 12 x 12 art prints are also included within the jacket famously designed by Peter Blake.

For Record Store Day 2020, The Who expanded their 1974 rarities collection Odds and Sods for a 2-LP, 25-song deluxe presentation.  This year, the band celebrates 40 years of 1981’s Face Dances with another double-disc, expanded presentation.  It’s due on Drop 1, June 12th, from Geffen Records in a limited edition of 6,500 copies.

Face Dances was the first of two Who studio albums recorded with drummer Kenney Jones following the 1978 death of Keith Moon.  While many missed Moon’s explosive and unpredictable touch, interest remained high and the album (produced by Bill Szymczyk ) peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 and No. 2 on the U.K. Albums Chart. 

The shimmering lead single “You Better You Bet” showed that Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, and John Entwistle hadn’t missed a beat in a new decade. 

A tough but poppy tune with an irresistible call-and-response hook (“When I say ‘I love you,’ you say ‘You better!’”) .  Second single “Don’t Let Go the Coat,” a catchy ode to Meher Baba, was moderately successful.  Both songs were bolstered by the emergence of MTV; “You Better You Bet” was one of the first videos aired on the channel and the first to be repeated.

The first LP in the RSD reissue is the original album with its nine tracks. The second album, cheekily entitled Face Dances Part 3has another nine tracks beginning with a clutch of Session Rough Mixes.  These encompass the previously-issued outtakes “I Like Nightmares,” “It’s In You,” and “Somebody Saved Me” as well as the previously-unreleased “Dance It Away” and a take of “Don’t Let Go the Coat” with Townshend on lead vocals. 

Side Four has a quartet of live performances of Face Dances songs as recorded for Rockpalast in 1981.

The album was remastered and cut at half speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road.  LP 1 will be pressed on blue vinyl and LP 2 on yellow.  Four 12 x 12 art prints are also included within the jacket famously designed by Peter Blake.  The expanded Face Dances will be released for RSD Drop 1 on June 12th. 

“Face Dances” celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2021 with this 2-LP expanded coloured vinyl version, both discs have been mastered by Jon Astley and cut at Half Speed by Miles Showell at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios.

Disc One contains the newly re-mastered version of the album while Disc Two has a side of studio out-takes and four tracks from the bands Rockpalast show in 1981 which appear for the first time on vinyl. The vinyl is housed in a slim line 12” box with 4 bonus art prints of the band members.

The Who, “Face Dances” (Polydor WHOD 5037 (U.K.)/Warner Bros. HS 3516 (U.S.), 1981 – reissued Polydor/UMC, 2021) Record Store Day 2021