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We are so excited to announce the official Record Store Day release of Frankie and the Witch Fingers’ fourth album “Brain Telephone !” For the first time via Greenway Records, the record is newly re-mastered and re-packaged with brand new art, the jacket features a UV-Gloss treatment like we’ve never seen before.  Totally re-imagined for Record Store Day 2021 and available on June 12th!, I have been waiting for this album to pop up and I was not disappointed. The groovy baselines mixed with funky smooth guitar riffs, sick organ/piano solo’s and harmonica will have you dancing wherever you hear this album. The fuzzy lyrics add to the 60’s vibe this album gives off and I highly recommend it!!

This heavy dose of ebb-and-flow rock ‘n roll now looks and sounds better than ever before! Run to your local record store and make sure they order a copy! Record Store Day exclusive “Brain Matter” Splatter will be available in the US, Canada, UK, EU and Australia while supplies last.


originally released February 2nd, 2018.

Intended to capture their explosive and hugely popular live set in the studio, “A Different Compilation” sees Buzzcocks, led as ever by Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle, re-visit 24 of their best loved songs, bringing a new energy to those familiar tunes.

Performed with all of the energy and pace of a live show, and captured in a raw and uncompromising state, ‘A Different Compilation’ sits as a perfect companion to the original recordings, and was a huge hit among fans on its original release. All of these songs in their original studio versions. It was a brave thing for Buzzcocks to revisit these old songs and give them a new coat of polish, but it works nicely. Pete Shelley mentioned that many of the earlier recordings sounded like demos, and he is right to an extent. However, the original recordings sounded crisper and less ‘muddy’. Some of the songs have a new slant, others are faithfully reproduced, but all in all this makes for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. It’s refreshing to hear these newer live versions. Production is more grungy and heavier sounding. Apart from that they have not attempted to embellish them which is good. Noticeable tracks are Boredom sung by Shelley and Love is Lies which is more electric than the original acoustic version. 

Now available on vinyl for the first time, and spread across two glorious pink LPs, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit some old friends and see how well they’ve grown!


The core of Trapeze can be traced back to Midlands band Finders Keepers in the late 1960s, featuring future Whitesnake guitarist Mel Galley, future Judas Priest drummer Dave Holland and the mercurial talents of Glenn Hughes on bass and vocals. After being discovered by The Moody Blues, they were snapped up for their own label, Threshold Records.
Trapeze would record three classic albums for Threshold; the self-titled “Trapeze” in May 1970, “Medusa” in November 1970 and “You Are The Music We’re Just The Band” in 1972.

By the time of their second album, Trapeze had scaled down to the classic power trio of Galley, Holland and Hughes, finding their definitive sound with a unique blend of blues, soul and hard rock, earning them plenty of fans in America.

One of Trapeze’s major strongholds in the States was Texas, so we’re lucky to be able to present a complete 1972 show from Houston recorded live in concert to promote their third record. Featuring ‘Way Back To The Bone’, ‘You Are The Music’ and ‘Keepin’ Time’ from “You Are The Music We’re Just The Band”, the remainder of the set was taken from second LP, “Medusa”. This double live LP includes truly epic renditions of ‘Jury’, ‘Seafull’, ‘Your Love Is Alright’ and the title track of “Medusa”.

Glenn Hughes would leave Trapeze to join Deep Purple in 1973, with Mel Galley and Dave Holland carrying the Trapeze banner for the remainder of the 1970s, periodically reforming this classic three-piece line-up. Glenn would eventually form Hughes / Thrall Band, join Black Sabbath, enjoy a successful solo career, collaborate with artists as varied as Gary Moore, Joe Lynn Turner and the KLF, founding Black Country Communion and California Breed, and currently fronts The Dead Daisies.

Released through Cherry Red Records, 12th June 2021 Limited Edition 180 Gram Gatefold Double LP

Elton John Regimental Sgt. Zippo

Amongst all of the many Record Store Day 2021 announcements, among the most exciting has to be Island/Mercury’s announcement of an unreleased Elton John album finally seeing the light of day: 1968’s “Regimental Sgt.  Zippo”, due on the June 12th, 2021 RSD Drop.

One of the best box sets of last year was Elton John’s “Jewel Box“.  Among its 8 CDs were three discs of rarities spanning 1965-1971.  Perhaps the most intriguing tracks included were those intended for an unreleased album entitled Regimental Sgt. Zippo.  Recorded at Dick James Studios in London in late 1967 and early 1968, the new partnership of composer John and lyricist Bernie Taupin wrote this group of songs under the influence of The Beatles but in their own unique and developing style.  A total of twelve psych-pop songs were intended for the album and it was given its title with a nod to Elton’s real name of Reginald, his father’s military service, and once again, The Beatles.  But for reasons lost to time, the album was shelved and the world would have to wait until 1969 to hear a full album of John and Taupin songs with Empty Sky.  Regimental Sgt. Zippo was largely forgotten about as the duo’s careers hit the stratosphere, other than some of the songs leaking out on bootlegs.  Cut to last year with the “Jewel Box” which published a track listing for the final LP and presented versions of most of its songs.

The songs from Regimental Sgt. Zippo were spread out among the CDs on Jewel Box and some of them were in demo form, not in the versions that would have been heard on the final album.  Now, the entire LP will be released as originally intended. The title track of an unreleased debut album, this track captures Elton and Bernie in full 60s psychedelic mode. Recorded and produced at the DJM studios, the same building that housed the Beatles’ publishing company, Northern Songs, the song is an affectionate nod to Sgt Pepper and the era. Within six years of this May 1968 recording Elton John would be a superstar the size of the Beatles, and close friends with John Lennon, something that would have been hard to predict at the time Regimental Sgt. Zippo was recorded.

This means that several of the songs will be heard in their completed versions for the first time.  (The press release indicates that five are in their finished versions for the first time, but there were only four songs labelled as demos in the Jewel Box: “When I Was Tealby Abbey,” “And the Clock Goes Round,” “Angel Tree” and “A Dandelion Dies in the Wind,” so it is unclear which other song will have a new version.  It could be the song “Nina,” which has a different title on the album’s track-listing, but that is just conjecture.)  Also, “You’ll Be Sorry to See Me Go,” the lone RSZ track not included in any form on Jewel Box, is making its debut here. 

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The LP will be limited to 7,000 copies and will have a flip-back laminated gloss sleeve.

If you would like to grab a copy of what would have been Elton John’s first album, head to your local record store participating in RSD on June 12tgh.  There’s no word as yet on a digital or CD presentation of Regimental Sgt. Zippo,

Elton John, “Regimental Sgt. Zippo” (Island/Mercury, 2021)