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We are getting closer and closer to the end of the year we feel a lot of emotion for what it can bring us in every way. However, before closing 2021 we still have in our sights many things within the musical aspect, particulary our favourite bands of 2021, bands from the great spectrum of garage and psychedelia, a group in which a band like Frankie and the Witch Fingers excel.

The band originally from Los Angeles, California is already in the second five years of its career, officially debuting in 2015. However, it seems that the energy of Frankie and the Witch Fingers has done nothing but increase, creating the fastest and most adrenaline-filled combinations that the spectre of psychedelia presents today. Band members Dylan Sizemore and Nikki Pickle talk about what the band has done so far, what makes psychedelia so interesting and important in today’s music scene.

“We’ve just come back from a pretty long tour and we’re already getting a feel for what it’s like to play live now, as our last show had been in January 2020. It was very exciting to come back and connect with people again. We were still thrilled by the fact that we had a lot of songs that people hadn’t heard live. Some of the newer songs connected well with the rest of our repertoire, so it was very interesting to see how we created a new set. We really enjoy playing our music live, they are written and made with so much dynamics, which makes it very enjoyable to explore them in a live show where we can incorporate new things suddenly.”

The atmosphere of the live shows is something that we not only missed a lot, but also something that puts us in front of endless inspirations for what we do. For the band, this has become fundamental. Hearing and seeing those who make up the same scene has become something natural and necessary for Frankie and the Witch Fingers,since from there they connect with their surroundings and with what can lead them as a group to improve.

“When you see something that you really connect with, that ends up coming out through what you create, so if you see a band that really surprises you with its energy or its precision when playing live that inspires you to get to the same level with your own project or whatever you create. In our case, we remember on tour having the opportunity to see Fuzz. The sound was so big and heavy that it made us think, ‘We need bigger amps.’ We’re definitely influenced by the bands we’ve played with and that’s very beautiful. It helps everyone and when we learn from other talents we grow together.” I think it’s a very healthy thing and a much-needed show of respect and admiration for our music.

On visual issues, the band’s art can seem incredibly chaotic on first inspection, full of vivid colours and flickering images that could stun the viewer in some way. However, it is not too long before finding the perfect relationship between the music of Frankie and the Witch Fingers and their visual art, which makes their creations rise in a way that few bands within their music scene manage to do.

“We are of varied tastes. We are fortunate to be able to use the band as a platform to be able to work with artists we admire and find a connection. Creating bonds with the people we work with greatly influences the aesthetics we give to the band, but I still think that the same relationships we make when playing with other bands creates this exchange of ideas that pushes us to do new things. There’s not necessarily a single example, like a movie or something like that. It’s just this bridge of, ‘I inspire you, you inspire me.’ Many of the creators we’ve worked with simply listen to the song and then come up with ideas. Somehow we have some sytasis where our senses get confused and when we listen to our music we automatically know what we would like to see. Even when we’re writing music I think, ‘This song feels like an army march with intergalactic ships.’ Dylan is also a visual artist and I think that still inspires the people we work with to create a similar style, because that’s what we get to link most commonly with our music.”

Off the new album Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters..

We are so excited to announce the official Record Store Day release of Frankie and the Witch Fingers’ fourth album “Brain Telephone !” For the first time via Greenway Records, the record is newly re-mastered and re-packaged with brand new art, the jacket features a UV-Gloss treatment like we’ve never seen before.  Totally re-imagined for Record Store Day 2021 and available on June 12th!, I have been waiting for this album to pop up and I was not disappointed. The groovy baselines mixed with funky smooth guitar riffs, sick organ/piano solo’s and harmonica will have you dancing wherever you hear this album. The fuzzy lyrics add to the 60’s vibe this album gives off and I highly recommend it!!

This heavy dose of ebb-and-flow rock ‘n roll now looks and sounds better than ever before! Run to your local record store and make sure they order a copy! Record Store Day exclusive “Brain Matter” Splatter will be available in the US, Canada, UK, EU and Australia while supplies last.


originally released February 2nd, 2018.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers Levitation Session

Frankie and the Witch Fingers live album for their “Levitation Session” is out now!, The “Levitation Sessions”: the Frankie and the Witch Fingers simulated reality prototype! Plug it into your brain and experience a deep fried, multi-coloured, sensory invasion featuring 11 of their latest jammers. A psychedelic rock meltdown in the 4th dimension. 

“We spent a full week in the desert shooting our session – it was really more of a space mission than anything else, a self-contained artistic ecosystem. Everyone had been so restless in quarantine that when we came back together again in a giant, hot, hangar in the desert, there was five months of pent-up adrenaline that ignited between the band and our team.

We were lucky enough to have our friend, Caster Black, break down his entire studio and set it back up for us to record. Shitshow Dave brought a spaceship’s worth of AV gear, and went vastly above and beyond engineering the lighting, projections, video-capture, and electrical for the show – he also photographed us, fed us, and tattooed us out there too! And, our good friend and visionary video artist, Railroad Bill, captured it all on tape and spent countless hours editing and making it into something I’ve never seen before: a video game where you get to be inside the show as a simulated guest. I hope all the love that went into it is apparent when you see it, and that you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.” – Frankie and the Witch Fingers

The Live album from Frankie and the Witch Fingers’Levitation Session”, Our mission at Levitation is to be a platform where the art and music we love can thrive. Levitation Sessions are our way to support the bands and keep the music going. Just like a regular show, the majority of every dollar you spend goes to the artists we’re presenting. Thank you for supporting these artists!
Released December 18th, 2020

Surprise! We’ve got a brand new Spaghetti Jesus video for you, perfectly claymated for Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters. crusher ‘Reaper’, head over to youtube (link below) to check it out and bask in the apocalyptic glory” Reaper acts as a narrative precursor to Sweet Freak, providing further exploration into the realm of neon kaiju established prior. It tackles the swift inevitability of death and the fear of decay, all while the Head Collector lurks in the background, as we explore his past and future. It’s inspired by the cinematic style and substance of horror auteurs such as George Romero, David Cronenberg, and Clive Barker.” – Spaghetti Jesus

After a stretch on Chicago/LA flagship Permanent Records the band landed at yet another fabled enclave of garage and psychedelia – Brooklyn’s Greenway Records, now working in tandem with psych powerhouse LEVITATION and their label The Reverberation Appreciation Society, the group’s latest effort is dually supported by a RAS / Greenway co-release.

Off the new album Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters…

Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters...

Bubbling up from the psychedelic tar pits of L.A., Frankie and the Witch Fingers have been a constant source of primordial groove for the better part of the last decade. Formed and incubated in Bloomington, IN before moving west to scrap with Los Angeles’ garage rock rabble, the band evolved from cavern-clawed echo merchants to architects of prog-infected psych epics that evoke a shift in reality. After a stretch on Chicago/LA flagship Permanent Records the band landed at yet another fabled enclave of garage and psychedelia – Brooklyn’s Greenway Records, now working in tandem with psych powerhouse LEVITATION and their label The Reverberation Appreciation Society, the groups latest effort is dually supported by a RAS / Greenway co-release.

After years of searching for the specific alchemy that would tear open the cosmos, they found the formula with the addition of Shaughnessy Starr on drums in the summer of 2018. They began a new cycle and tripped into tip-on double gatefold territory, flesh-ing out their lysergic impulses into a monolith of sound that closes in from all sides. The band reached new levels of grandiosity and utilized every minute to manifest their psych-soul Sabbath in four dimensions, spilling psychic blood on a populace ready and eagerly waiting. Yet, as expansive, inventive, and immersive as any studio album might be, the band is born for the stage. As their live prowess caught the ears of some legends in their own right, the band practically lived on the road last year with stints opening for Oh Sees, Cheap Trick and ZZ Top. Along the way the constant pulpit of the stage would form ZAM into a transformative experience while plotting their next permutation of space and time.

That transformation, Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters… (repeated infinitely,) rises like a Phoenix from the road tar, van exhaust, and ozone crackle of amps in heat. Once off the road it was recorded in just five blistering days. Though, while the tour may have hammered the album into shape and brought about a wind of change, those changes stretched to the band itself as well. In the wake of the tour the band’s longtime bassist Alex Bulli made his exit, with the majority of bass parts on the album being written and played by multi- instrumental magician Josh Menashe with occasional pitch in from songwriter Dylan Sizemore. Stripped to their core the band has created their most ambitious work to date, an album that takes the turbulence of ZAM and crafts it into a beast more insidious and singular than anything in their catalog.

Moving forward, the band has taken on new blood. Completing their lineup, Nikki Pickle (of Death Valley Girls) will join them working the new album out roadside on bass. A new horizon of Frankie and the Witch Fingers draws near and we’re all set to follow them into the unknown.

Frankie and the witch fingers cavehead greenway ras minds eye

Frankie and the Witch Fingers herald their new 7″ vinyl with the deliriously heavy howl of “Cavehead.” The scorching, rhythm wracked track pulls from both exhaust-huffed biker psych and the polyrhythmic propulsion of Talking Heads. They pair the song with a mind bending, entheogenic video that gives new life to Terrence McKenna’s Stoned Ape Theory. Directed by, filmed, and starring the inimitable Railroad Bill, the clip whips by in a blur of survival panic until Bill’s Early Man encounters the door to higher consciousness via fungal embrace. From there on out the video is soaked in a psylocibin-induced day-glo euphoria, pulsing along to the twisted dance that Frankie and the Witch Fingers lay down in thick portions. Like our prehistoric protagonist, it’s hard to tell if this is the end or a new beginning, but it’s definitely a heady ride either way. The single precedes the band’s upcoming album, details on that coming very soon.

After a stretch on Chicago/LA flagship Permanent Records the band landed at yet another fabled enclave of garage and psychedelia – Brooklyn’s Greenway Records, now working in tandem with psych powerhouse LEVITATION and their label The Reverberation Appreciation Society, the group’s latest effort is dually supported by a RAS / Greenway co-release.

Frankie and the witch fingers cavehead greenway ras minds eye


Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, playing a musical instrument, night and indoor

The winds have picked up. The asphalt below you is starting to shake. The skies are opening up. It could only mean one thing…The Heavy Rollers have returned. Frankie and the Witch Fingers are back with more West Coast witchcraft, more head-splitting psych garage sorcery, more solid jams for your temporal lobes. What we have here are two tracks, a-side Cavehead and b-side Mind’s Eye. It’s deranged, it’s delirious, it’s dangerously delicious. Plus, it rocks.

Brand new Frankie & The Witch Fingers 7” & video for new single “Cavehead”! The new 7″ vinyl is a joint release between The Reverberation Appreciation Society and Greenway Records. The 7″ sold out before we could get this information out today, but there’s much more to come! You can still grab a t-shirt featuring art from the “Mind’s Eye” visualizer video, and check out the “Cavehead” video below.

Frankie product tends to sell out quick these days, so don’t dilly dally. Greenway Records has 100 copies of the 7″ on green wax that you can grab after the ‘buy’ link. Levitation Records has 100 copies on orange vinyl . Get one, get two or get crazy and pair it with a t-shirt. Keep your eyes peeled for a BRAND NEW ALBUM coming soon, y’all. It’s gonna slap your third eye right in the balls.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers, have been mutating and perfecting their high-powered rock n’ roll sound. After savagely touring the USA and Europe, this four-headed beast has shown no signs of relenting—appearing like summoned daemons and dosing crowds with
cerebral party fuel.
The main attraction of Frankie and the Witch Fingers is their explosive performance. With their rowdy and visceral approach to live shows, each member brings their own devilry to induce an experience of bacchanal proportions.
Band Members
Dylan Sizemore,
Shaughnessy Starr,
Josh Menashe,

You know them by now. Dylan Sizemore, Shaughnessy Starr, Josh Menashe and Nikki Pickle make up the highly-praised L.A. garage psychedelicists Frankie and the Witch Fingers.  Well known for their explosive live performances, the band has grown their fanbase exponentially with every new album. Combining insta-catchy hooks with muddy garage guitar tones while stirring in absurdist lyric treatments on top, encountering a Witch Fingers tune is not unlike slipping into a hefty acid-soaked hallucination. Both are wild and unpredictable, but you can bet they’ll guide you safely to the Garden of Eden with minimal wear and tear.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers are a swift kick in the ass for garage psych. Their hooks are sharper, the production isn’t vintage for the sake of vintage, and the recorded material captures the energy of the band’s eccentric live performances perfectly. That’s exactly what they do on Heavy Roller” – (Consequence of Sound).

For the first time via Greenway Records, the record is newly re-mastered and re-packaged with brand new art, the jacket features a UV-Gloss treatment like we’ve never seen before & comes with a full color inner sleeve.  Totally re-imagined, Frankie’s fuzzy dream looks and sounds better than ever!

The first 100 orders come with a brand new & exclusive Heavy Roller iron on patch FREE! Don’t snooze!

Initially released in 2016 on Permanent Records to a quick sellout, Greenway Records has remastered, repackaged and officially respawned Heavy Roller into 2020 to fight back the foggy haze of civil unrest and cabin fever isolation with some tried-and-true out-of-body psychedelic fun and excitement.

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The California band returns with a fifth album also with a sound that navigates between the garage and the psychedelia, which will transport you to a B movie on a disc full of speed and distortion.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers’ latest LP, “ZAM”, bleeds beyond borders and boundaries. Its opening preternatural sounds bubble up out of the primordial soup, spilling into our world, invading the inner recesses of the listener’s mind. Like a two-headed snake wrapped around the skull, the album pendulates between winding instrumentals and dancey riffs that pop like supernovas out of the black void. Just when a song goes one way, it propels another through long stretches of a cosmic inferno.

Bringing glimmers of krautrock and funk, its eleven tracks unleash a versatile and tenacious weight, slithering between the sexy, the aggressive, the vivacious, and the disorienting—until the living invasion is felt—ZAM—a supernatural entity summoned by four madmen obsessed with tearing open a gateway to dark space. After being pulled apart atom-by-atom, the listener is reconfigured on the other side, born unto starry wasteland. Where head is separated from body. Where music is seen and apocalyptic soundscapes flow to revelation. A funhouse undercurrent pulses through the album’s epoch, reflecting a carnival mosaic shrewdly lulling and doggedly brutal. As one track bleeds into the next, that hour of running time becomes wormhole travel, until the listener returns earthbound, transmuted, craving more odyssey.

ZAM is out now via NYC’s Greenway Records

Opening their album with more fuzz than an exploded dustbuster, Bloomington, Indiana’s Frankie and the Witch Fingers are riding high on the hallmarks of the 2010’s pantheon of garage rock heroes. Adding to the sonic soup a heavy dose of witchy vibes, psychedelic shake and an incessant grind that makes it feel vital and raw as skin peeled back, their sophomore album for Chicago’s chief gutwrenchers, Permanent Records, is fueled by more than just paint by numbers rock. The band knows when to ride the tide of fuzz-addled freakout, knows when to break in the shake n’ shimmy and knows just when to tear all the good times down for a good old fashioned dark horse that draws the shades and draws a little blood in the process. A solid offering from this band, reportedly uprooting from the doldrums of the Corn Belt to LA. It’ll be interesting to see how the move affects their sound in the future, but for now these nuggets are more than worth the price of admission.”

Frankie and the Witch Fingers are a garage rock outfit and with one song, they’ve made their forthcoming self-titled album on Permanent a hot album to pine for in 2015. Aside from the “True Detective” vibes, I’m not sure what exactly is going on in the “sexy and dangerous witchcraft” video for “Vibrations” which is puzzling, creepy and yet, sustains fascination. Regardless, this song is at the top of the heap when it comes to garage pop tunes that could’ve thrived in the 1960s. You just don’t hear organ work like that anymore.

Frankie and the Witch Finger’s track “Vibrations” off their self-titled album.