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“Do You Wonder About Me?” Is the follow-up to 2017’s Swear I’m Good At This. The new record marks a more intentional, self-assured Diet Cig; not only in Luciano’s radically intimate, acerbic lyrics, but in the duo’s sound as well. Luciano and Bowman moved to Richmond, VA in the summer of 2017 as a place to “hide out and make music,” and it was there that they wrote Do You Wonder About Me?, Diet Cig’s ode to growing up.

“We spent a lot of time after the first record growing as people, being humans outside of tour for a little bit, and trying to shed the imposter syndrome.” Luciano says. Spending the time to make the kind of music they really wanted to make and making sure they felt good about it was crucial to the success of tracks like Night Terrors. It’s a slower-paced song than Diet Cig’s usual, but just as biting; a song about reckoning with all the past versions of yourself. As Luciano puts it, “Am I still these people, or have I shapeshifted?” It’s essentially the thesis of Do You Wonder About Me?, considering and accepting the embarrassing aspects of your identity, and how they’re just as much a part of you as the good stuff.

New York City’s Diet Cig have a new album entitled Do You Wonder About Me? on the way, and you can hear its thundering, lucent “Who Are You?” as of today. The LP is out through French kiss Records on May 1st. You can pre-order glow-in-the-dark-green-vinyl, CD, cobalt-blue-cassette and digital editions of it either from the band’s webstore or from their Bandcamp page now.

Band Members
Alex Luciano-vox/guitar
Noah Bowman-drums

From the album, ‘Do You Wonder About Me?’ out May 1, 2020 on Frenchkiss Records.

Valley Maker is the contemplative psych folk project of songwriter Austin Crane. Crane uses billowing, revelatory metaphors to narrate his own journey through cosmic mystery and the essential search for meaning. Check out the vital full band performance by Valley Maker live at Audiotree. Recorded on May 1st, 2019 in Chicago, IL.

Setlist : Be Born Today
 04:44, A Couple Days 03:48, Supernatural 03:39, Beautiful Birds Flying 04:06, Seven Signs 02:55, Baby, In Your Kingdom 04:03

Band Members 
Austin Crane – Vocals and Guitar
Amber Joyner – Vocals and Keys
Jared Price – Bass and Guitar
Nic Jenkins – Drums and Percussion

Eleanor friedberger rebound fkr0912

Two years on from the release of New View, Eleanor Friedberger came back with a new album. “Rebound” released through French Kiss Records it was mostly recorded alone by Eleanor with assistance from producer Clemens Knieper.

It sees her going in a bit of a new direction, swapping live instruments for electronic drums, synthesisers and more muted guitars. It also takes inspiration from her time spent in Greece, immersing herself in the culture. Melodically subtler than Friedberger’s past albums, Rebound still swings thanks to her innate, and often-overlooked, knack for songwriting. This could be Friedberger’s finest solo album to date.

Taken from the album Rebound released May 4th, 2018.

ISLAND – ” Try “

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Island are about to release a new song ,we’re thrilled to be able to share their brand new single Try. It’s the first single to be released on their new label home of Frenchkiss Records an boy oh boy has it got something to win over new fans. This is a band that doesn’t go out there screaming and shouting but uses their music to give their listeners the come to bed eyes.This is a band that doesn’t go out there screaming and shouting but uses their music to give their listeners the come to bed eyes. Try being a perfect example; guitars are the long batting lashes, the drums the growing pupils while the bass gives that vocal a long lustful look… all doing their best to get you hooked on their sugar-spun sounds and call you over to team Island. I fell for it an age ago, do come join us, it’s beautiful over here. Guitars are the long batting lashes, the drums the growing pupils while the bass is the heartbeat while that vocal gives a long lustful look… all doing their best to get you hooked on their sugar-spun sounds and call you over to team Island. I fell for it an age ago after seeing the band this summer.




The New York-based wild punk duo lifted up the spirits of every room they played in at SXSW. Diet Cig were the only band who are a much-needed shot in the arm every time I hear them, singer Alex Luciano bounces around on stage, singing and pushing her guitar to the limits. Drummer Noah Bowman was breaking sticks left and right and it was like we’d stepped into a page out of Where The Wild Things Are, the indie rock edition. Luciano is never not smiling ear to ear . Their set punctuates with the catchy single “Harvard”, where both band members are at their finest. I dare you to see Diet Cig play live and not totally fall for their happy-go-lucky energy.


Taken from the debut album “Swear I’m Good At This” out April 7th, 2017 on French kiss Records. Preorder the album NOW and get this track along with “Tummy Ache” & “Barf Day” immediately!

21st century concept albums Antlers

The Antlers – “Hospice” Released in (2009; Frenchkiss Records) is the third studio album by American indie rock The Antlers, and their first concept album . It was initially self-distributed by the band in March 2009, and was then eventually remastered and re-released.

Part of what makes a concept album truly work is the narrative it’s beholden to. Hospice is a grizzly and harrowing work, which seeks—if nothing else—to completely hollow you as a human being. Dealing with a hospice worker’s romantic entanglement with a patient with terminal bone cancer, Hospice is an album with a palpable feeling of mournful hopelessness.

Singer Peter Silberman’s vocal styling is responsible for at least 50 percent of the latent intensity of the narrative, a quivering whisper of toiling emotions, annunciating with ruthless efficiency a narrative of intense tragic beauty, backed by the sometimes gigantic walls of sound produced by the band, as if to jolt you from the dreamy vocal patterns. It is passionate, powerful and pragmatic in its vision of a relationship that is cultivated through frailty and exposed through its own flaws. Hospice is a direct narrative of suffering without any obfuscation at all, its music perfectly pairing with the rollercoaster anyone experiences in a relationship, with an ending that either uplifts and destroys

The album was released to critical acclaim. Music blogs endorsed the re-release of Hospice with their “Best New Music” stamp.  NPR Radio placed the album at number one on their list of the top ten albums of early 2009. At the end of the year, praising its “power to emotionally destroy listeners


  • Peter Silberman – vocals, guitar, accordion, harmonica, harp, keyboards
  • Darby Cicci – trumpet, bowed banjo
  • Michael Lerner – drums, percussion
  • Justin Stivers – bass
  • Sharon Van Etten – vocals on “Kettering,” “Thirteen,” “Two,” and “Shiva”

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In an age when most bands seem to arrive with an album already to roll, there’s been a quietly reassuring build up to the announcement of Diet Cig’s debut album. Having only shared a handful of tracks with the world so far, the New York duo have none the less garnered a strong following on the back of some riotous live shows, and near relentless touring. This week the band have announced details of their debut record, Swear I’m Good At This, as well as plotting out a huge tour of the US, with dates across the world to follow.


As well as all the exciting things still to come, Diet Cig have also this week shared a brand new, and rather brilliant new single with the world. Tummy Ache is a blur of hefty drum beats, crunching guitar chords, and Alex Luciano’s passionate, scathing vocal. Lyrically it deals with the difficulty of being a woman in a male dominated world, as Alex puts it, “Its the shout into my pillow when what I’m saying isn’t being heard, and a big old I FEEL YA to all the femme folks creating space for themselves in a world that wants to keep us quiet.” Cathartic, energetic, and seemingly unstoppable, Diet Cig are on the verge of something incredibly special; we’d argue they’re exactly the band the world needs right now, and it’s not hard to imagine crowds of thousands singing along to Tummy Ache’s final anthemic refrain.

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Swear I’m Good At This is out April 7th via French Kiss Records.