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Warpaint‘s Theresa Wayman announces new music under the moniker TT.

Track Love Leaks is the first to be taken from brand new album LoveLaws, which will be available on 18th May.

hi all! Theresa here, introducing my new solo project — TT
It’s my first body of work called  “LoveLaws”  is to be released on May 18th, 2018 but today, the first peak of the album is a track called Love Leaks. have a listen! there’s a link below and also across every social platform cuz i guess that’s just the way things go these days….
I hope you enjoy the sounds! it’s been quite a journey making them.. I’ve learned so much about myself. I suppose that’s the point of art and the creative process…to see what we look like like on the inside. and to hear what we have to say.
peace and love to you all! 


Less than three years have passed since Warpaint’s self-titled second LP, but a clutch of side projects from each of its members separate it from their new record: Jenny Lee Lindberg released a solo album as JennyLee. Emily Kokal worked with Saul Williams and Paul Bergmann ; Stella Mozgawa featured on a Kurt Vile EP and Theresa Wayman worked on a project called Boss.  Now, the foursome return with Heads Up, which was led by a new song called, yes, “New Song.”

Warpaints music makes the most sense in the dark. And while Heads Up might be the quartet’s glossiest, catchiest work to date, it still seems to be guided by heavy mood lighting. Each of its 11 songs shares a romantic and lonely atmosphere, like the dance floor of a club after everyone has cleared out. The ghosts that linger throughout the album carry a similar sense of eerie vacancy. The hooks — “You sure look good” in “Dre,” or “You know what you’re doing” in “By Your Side” — are the kinds of things you overhear as you walk home on a Saturday night. And the music -– all stuttering drums and humming bass, with Emily Kokal’s vocals dreamily floating in the mix -– follows you like footsteps, revealing its power as the night blurs on. This track, taken from Warpaint’s 2016 album, Heads Up, Soulwax got their disco-fevered paws on the original and bongo-ed the shit out of it. The result is like a tropical island getaway for the ears. Into it.

After taking some time away from each other to concentrate on solo projects, the members of Los Angeles band Warpaint released their album back in September with a new album, Heads Up.

“I feel really proud of what we made—almost surprised and shocked,” bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg . “When we were making it, I was like, ‘I wonder what this is going to sound like? How’s this going to come together?’ I love the way that it came together so nicely. I feel so proud of it, and like it’s an evolution of our band. It sounds like a mature version of Warpaint.”

Heads Up is Warpaint’s third full-length album and first since 2014’s self titled album. Late last year, Lindberg released Right On.  After a solo record under the name jennylee. In addition, guitarist/singer Theresa Wayman formed Boss with Sarah Jones and Guro Gikling  and put out a single called “I’m Down With That.” Another member of Warpaint, Emily Kokal, appeared on songs by Saul Williams and Paul Bergmann.

Warpaint played a handful of European festival dates during the August period. When the hazy LA rockers released ‘New Song’ in early August, it was a complete surprise: Warpaint does pop. There’s more where that came from on third album ‘Heads Up – ‘By Your Side’, ‘So Good’ – but they still remain true to the moody atmosphere of their previous work elsewhere.

Warpaint, ‘Heads Up’ Track Listing

1. “White Out”
2. “By Your Side”
3. “New Song”
4. “The Stall”
5. “So Good”
6. “Don’t Wanna”
7. “Don’t Let Go”
8. “Dre”
9. “Heads Up”
10. “Above Control”
11. “Today Dear”



Billy Bragg and Joe Henry
Shine A Light – Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad
The new Billy Bragg and Joe Henry album ‘Shine A Light: Field Recordings From The Great American Railroad’ on Cooking Vinyl. In March 2016 Billy Bragg and Joe Henry, guitars in hand, boarded a Los Angeles-bound train at Chicago’s Union Station looking to reconnect with the culture of American railroad travel and the music it inspired. Winding along 2,728 miles of track over four days, the pair recorded classic railroad songs in waiting rooms and at trackside while the train paused to pick up passengers.


Bruce Springsteen  –  Chapter and Verse

‘Chapter and Verse’ is the audio companion to Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, ‘Born to Run’. Five of the album’s 18 tracks are previously unreleased. Springsteen selected the songs on ‘Chapter and Verse’ to reflect the themes and sections of ‘Born to Run.’ The compilation begins with two tracks from The Castiles, featuring a teenage Springsteen on guitar and vocals, and ends with the title track from 2012’s ‘Wrecking Ball.’ The collected songs trace Springsteen’s musical history from its earliest days, telling a story that parallels the one in the book. 2LP – Double LP Set


The Big Moon – Silent Movie Susie
Limited 7″ vinyl. It has been an exciting introductory year for Juliette, Fern, Soph and Celia of The Big Moon. Making riotous guitars and stadium-ready choruses look like the most effortless thing on earth, The Big Moon are creating no shortage of buzz. With each new release, they continue to reach brand new heights. ‘Silent Movie Susie’ is their most obvious pop nugget – it oozes summer fun, style and a big hook of a chorus. Think a mix of the Pretenders and Elastica.


Warpaint -Heads Up

Warpaint are back with their third album! ‘Heads Up’ was recorded after Warpaint spent 2015 apart working on solo projects, including Jennylee’s recently released album ‘Right On!’. Emily, Theresa, Jenny and Stella then reunited in January this year with producer Jacob Bercovici, with whom they had worked on their much loved debut EP ‘Exquisite Corpse’. ‘Heads Up’ was recorded at House on The Hill studio in downtown LA, their home studios and Papap’s Palace.2LP – Double Black Vinyl with Download.LP+ Limited Pink and Black Vinyl with Download.


Billie Marten – Writing of Blues and Yellows
Titled ‘Writing of Blues and Yellows’, the 17 year old’s first full-length is released via Chess Club / RCA. The songs on ‘Writing of Blues and Yellows’ are as remarkable for their beguiling beauty as for the age of their singer. All are at once intimate and airy, like secrets blown in on a breeze. All have enchanting lyrics that linger long after they have left Billie’s lips. All showcase a voice so perfectly pure it sounds almost otherworldly. The painted cover art sets the tone for the Brit’s collection of whimsical, timeless tunes with its faded, vintage look. Like Billie’s music, it couldn’t be less on-trend or modern. Which is why it stands out. The teenager’s recent releases make the cut as well as new single ‘Lionhearted’ and a couple of old favourites (‘Bird’ and ‘Heavy Weather’). For fans of Laura Marling, Joanne Newsom and Kate Bush.
CD – 13 Track Standard CD.
CD+ – 18 Track Deluxe CD featuring extra demos, alt versions and more.


LVL UP – Return to Love
‘Hidden Driver,’ the opening track of LVL UP’s third album and Sub Pop debut ‘Return to Love’, never stops moving. What starts with unassuming guitars and vocals adds new lines, depths, and intensity, until its unrestrained, triumphant finish. “God is peeking, softly speaking,” repeats the chorus, working through the relationship between spirituality and creative inspiration, and introducing a band that is always pushing further. LVL UP was formed in 2011 at SUNY Purchase as a recording project between Caridi, Benton, and their friend Ben Smith, with the original intention of releasing a split cassette with Corbo’s then-solo material. They instead released that album, Space Brothers, as one band, and Rutkin joined shortly afterwards for the group’s first show. Smith left the band for personal reasons just before the release of second album Hoodwink’d, a joint release on Caridi and Benton’s label Double Double Whammy and Exploding in Sound. DDW also put out records from other artists in the tight-knit community that launched the band.


Fleetwood Mac – Mirage
Fleetwood Mac’s streak of five consecutive multi-platinum albums began in the Seventies and continued in 1982 with ‘Mirage’, the follow-up to the band’s 1979 double-album, ‘Tusk’. During the summer of 1982, ‘Mirage’ topped the album chart and added to the band’s already impressive canon of hits with ‘Hold Me,’ ‘Love In Store’ and ‘Gypsy’. Following last year’s deluxe edition of ‘Tusk’, Fleetwood Mac continues chronologically with the deluxe edition of ‘Mirage’. This new edition expands on the original album with newly remastered sound, a selection of rare and unreleased recordings, as well as the stories and pictures behind the album.CD – 12 Track Remastered.2CD – Double CD in Digipack with an extra 19 Track CD of B-Sides, Outtakes and Sessions.Heavy – Three CDs, DVD and LP. Original album remastered, plus b-sides and rarities; the original album on LP; live performances; and a 5.1 mix on DVD.


Warpaint have announced a follow-up to their very good 2014 sophomore self-titled album. It’s called Heads Up, and apparently sees the LA rockers going in a more dance-oriented direction. “We’ve always had this really jammy, high-energy live show compared to some of our records,” the band’s Emily Kokal said in a statement.

The lead single is the inventively-titled “New Song” it’s certainly more driving and immediate than almost anything they’ve put out before.

This track, taken from Warpaint’s 2016 album, Heads Up, sounds nothing like Santana, though. Soulwax got their disco-fevered paws on the original and bongo-ed the shit out of it. The result is like a tropical island getaway for the ears. Into it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.21.02 AM

For all the complex, technologically impressive and/or bombastic music out there, sometimes we neglect how stunning simplicity can be. With a mesmerizing baritone presented in a soulful timbre echoing from 1980s’ England, Chris Kittrell (aka Baby Alpaca) has a way of showing listeners the beauty in a less-is-more mentality. His most recent single, “Will I Ever See You Again?”, did it with heartwarming loneliness, but his latest track, “In Our Eyes”, finds it in the most straightforward love.

“Last summer I was living in Williamsburg [Brooklyn] with my boyfriend, Benji,” Chris Kittrell says and writing the track. “It was steaming hot, so we went up to the roof and were playing music. I was joking around singing a love song to him, which became ‘In Our Eyes’.”

From that modest, pure origins of the song. It continued on a natural path through creation. Kittrell had been tapped to design a logo and tote bag for an event thrown by LA indie outfit Warpaint’s YAAAASS! charity. While hand-painting the totes together, he and Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman began getting close. After the event had wrapped and a few cocktails had been downed, the pair entered the studio that very night to record “In Our Eyes” together.

The track is an airy, honest love song. Built on little more than some slow played synths and lightly snapping percussion, the instrumentation is nothing more than the cloud that lifts up your heart when it beats with love. “Do you remember/ The very first time you fell?” Kittrell and Wayman sing in sweet harmony on the chorus. “Do you remember?/ It wasn’t that hard to tell/ The look of love/ In your eyes.” Uncomplicated, unashamed, undeniable love — there’s nothing sweeter.


Pre-Order Album out May 6th on Atlas Chair, “In Our Eyes” comes from Baby Alpaca’s forthcoming debut LP, Under Water,  The follow-up to his debut EP, Under Water is available for pre-order now.

Official trailer for Jennylee’s solo album ‘right on!’, out 11th December 2015 on Rough Trade Records. Jenny Lee Lindberg of Warpaint releases her solo debut album as Jennylee. Co-produced by Jennylee and Norm Block, the 10 songs on ‘Right On!’ were all written by Jennylee, and recorded earlier this spring at Happy Ending Studios in Silverlake, CA. Joining Jenny on the album are: Norm Block (Plexi, Mark Lanegan), Dan Elkan (Them Hills, Broken Bells) and Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa. Additional players include Tony Bevilacqua, Kris Byerly, Katie Burden, Kirk Hellie, Jonathan Hishcke and Cedric LeMoyne. While ‘Right On!’ retains some of Jenny’s signature Warpaint groove, she incorporates New Wave and Goth elements into her solo work. Her breathy voice and her meticulous bass playing create a new aura that is hazy and dreamy, and essentially all Jennylee.


Warpaint and Daughter makes a pretty good match: the moody, punchy attitude of the former meets up with the moody, airy temperament of the latter, and you end up with a pretty good remix. The two bands have announced that they will rework each other’s tracks on a new split for Record Store Day 2015. The first of these two remixes is Warpaint’s take on Daughter’s If You Leave track “Winter,” and the L.A. band adds some smoky instrumentation and a heightened sense of urgency to the sleepy original.


Los Angeles indie quartet Warpaint and UK folk outfit Daughter have joined forces for a new 12-inch single in which they’ll be remixing one another’s tracks. Due out on Record Store Day 2015, its previewed today with Warpaint’s contribution, a reimagining of Daughter’s 2013 If You Leave highlight, “Winter”.


As previously reported, having always held mutual admiration from afar, Warpaint and Daughter have done one-off remixes of one another’s work. Having shared Warpaint’s remix of “Winter” by Daughter last week, today they unveil the second track from their remix collaboration, Daughter’s remix of “Feeling Alright” by Warpaint. The two tracks will be sold as a super-limited edition 12″ EP, available exclusively as part of Record Store Day 2015.

Warpaint and Daughter have teamed up to reimagine each other’s work.  Check out part 1 – “Winter” (Warpaint Remix) above – and watch this space this time next week for part two! Both remixes are being made into a super limited edition 12” EP, which will be available exclusively as part of Record Store Day 2015.



Atmosphere is Warpaint’s stock in trade. Each of their songs, no matter how intricately written, is bathed in a chilly glow. The ambiance is intoxicating. But after the effects-laden trip of their debut album The Fool, Warpaint allowed some of that hallucinatory mist to dissipate on their sophomore, self-titled album. It’s still an enchanting and beautiful piece of music, but the Los Angeles quartet hones in on some of the finer details of their melodies, be it on the intricate, folky sound of “Keep It Healthy,” the sparse and beat-driven approach of “Hi,” or the haunting synth-throbs of “Biggy.” In context, the change in the band’s sound that has occurred over the past four years has been a gradual and minimal one, but on Warpaint, a little goes a long way.