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Warpaint‘s Theresa Wayman announces new music under the moniker TT.

Track Love Leaks is the first to be taken from brand new album LoveLaws, which will be available on 18th May.

hi all! Theresa here, introducing my new solo project — TT
It’s my first body of work called  “LoveLaws”  is to be released on May 18th, 2018 but today, the first peak of the album is a track called Love Leaks. have a listen! there’s a link below and also across every social platform cuz i guess that’s just the way things go these days….
I hope you enjoy the sounds! it’s been quite a journey making them.. I’ve learned so much about myself. I suppose that’s the point of art and the creative process…to see what we look like like on the inside. and to hear what we have to say.
peace and love to you all! 

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For all the complex, technologically impressive and/or bombastic music out there, sometimes we neglect how stunning simplicity can be. With a mesmerizing baritone presented in a soulful timbre echoing from 1980s’ England, Chris Kittrell (aka Baby Alpaca) has a way of showing listeners the beauty in a less-is-more mentality. His most recent single, “Will I Ever See You Again?”, did it with heartwarming loneliness, but his latest track, “In Our Eyes”, finds it in the most straightforward love.

“Last summer I was living in Williamsburg [Brooklyn] with my boyfriend, Benji,” Chris Kittrell says and writing the track. “It was steaming hot, so we went up to the roof and were playing music. I was joking around singing a love song to him, which became ‘In Our Eyes’.”

From that modest, pure origins of the song. It continued on a natural path through creation. Kittrell had been tapped to design a logo and tote bag for an event thrown by LA indie outfit Warpaint’s YAAAASS! charity. While hand-painting the totes together, he and Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman began getting close. After the event had wrapped and a few cocktails had been downed, the pair entered the studio that very night to record “In Our Eyes” together.

The track is an airy, honest love song. Built on little more than some slow played synths and lightly snapping percussion, the instrumentation is nothing more than the cloud that lifts up your heart when it beats with love. “Do you remember/ The very first time you fell?” Kittrell and Wayman sing in sweet harmony on the chorus. “Do you remember?/ It wasn’t that hard to tell/ The look of love/ In your eyes.” Uncomplicated, unashamed, undeniable love — there’s nothing sweeter.


Pre-Order Album out May 6th on Atlas Chair, “In Our Eyes” comes from Baby Alpaca’s forthcoming debut LP, Under Water,  The follow-up to his debut EP, Under Water is available for pre-order now.