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Attention all Starcrawlers and Rough Trade followers! LA rockers Starcrawler – described by Gigwise as “simply the most exciting and best band Rough Trade have signed in years” – have announced details of their upcoming self-titled debut album. Recorded by Ryan Adams – who rightly states the album “is gonna peel the paint off your brain!” –  on analog tape at his Pax-Am studio, it will be released on 19th January 2018.

‘Starcrawler’ is available to pre-order digitally and on CD and LP , where bone white vinyl and a 200 copy limited edition alternative sleeve are available from the Rough Trade webstore. A limited edition calendar (ex-US) is also available to make sure you crawl into 2018 properly.

The band have also revealed the official video for “I Love LA” from the album, Directed by frontwoman Arrow’s mum – aka famed music photographer Autumn de Wilde –  it features levitation, a whole lotta donuts and moves that prove why Starcrawler being hailed as the most thrilling live band to emerge from Los Angeles in years.



Los Angeles’s most thrilling new band and recent Rough Trade signing Starcrawler have unleashed a video for their next single “Let Her Be”. Buy/stream the track and, if you dare, watch the clip which features a possessed frontwoman Arrow de Wilde and some demonic guitar solos from Henri Cash.

“Let Her Be” is the first track to be heard from the LA four-piece’s debut album. Produced by Ryan Adams who describes the band as “the future of the Rock ‘n’ Roll legacy of bands like KISS, X, Sonic Youth and the Stooges,” it is due for release in early 2018 (full details coming soon!).

“Let Her Be” video director J. Casey Modderno who describes the vision he had for it: “One of the first things I noticed about Starcrawler was the almost demonic energy that Arrow has on stage – crabwalking, spitting blood…. so we just decided to run with that concept which we already saw in their live show, that when Starcrawler performs, Arrow becomes possessed by literal demons. “Let her Be” is also a sort of tug of war, or call and response, Henri gets the first verse, and Arrow gets the second – so we wanted to incorporate that into the video too, that Arrow is somehow trying to get at Henri, draw him into this possession circle with her… she finally does and everything turns metal as Hell while Henri rips a completely evil solo.”


With a front woman who Classic Rock describe as “what would have happened if Ozzy Osbourne and Patti Smith had got together in 1975 and had a kid,’ and tunes which Shirley Manson says “you’ll be singing all day,Starcrawler’s visceral and immensely fun live show is not to be missed! The band will be bringing it to America’s East Coast for the first time ever to play a handful of dates before returning to Europe:


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Goat Girl have a gang and they want you to be in it. Based in South London and signed to Rough Trade, the four-piece have spent 2017 signing up as many new members as possible. Speaking amidst the hum and fumes of a busy Streatham High Road, where she’s taking a break from recording sessions at producer Dan Carey’s home studio, singer and guitarist Clottie Cream gets straight to the point. “We’re big on meeting people,” she says. “We talk to fans after shows, they might be doing interesting things like setting up their own gigs that we can play at. I hate when musicians get big for their boots, those relationships are really important. You can connect to people really easily, it’s nice.”

Crow Cries b/w Mighty Despair out on limited edition 7″ on 25th August on Rough Trade Records

Their numerous shows at Brixton’s Windmill caught Rough Trade’s attention and led to a record deal. But to say they haven’t looked back since would be wildly inaccurate. You’ll still regularly find the group – completed by guitarist L.E.D., bassist Naima Jelly and drummer Rosy Bones – creating “special energy and letting out anger” on bills at the Windmill, Peckham’s Montague Arms and various other back rooms in the area. “Those gigs are the ones we enjoy most, it’s home, where we started,” says Clottie. “Tim Perry at The Windmill has enabled bands like us to be known to the public, and his nights are always good so we want to be playing them. We’ll do bigger support tours, but we don’t want people to be left out so we’ll keep doing smaller gigs.”. The singer is happier discussing their songs – sharp, furious, political little beasts, submerged in moody atmosphere. Check out new single Crow Cries – online now and due on 7” next month – for an example. “If people listen to your lyrics, why not make them interesting and inspiring?” she deadpans, reasonably. “We’re allowing for issues to be spoken about, you just have to be sincere about it, that’s integral.”

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This Is The Kit released her fourth album Moonshine Freeze earlier this month and it’s a brilliant listen.

You can watch out the wonderful visuals for her song “Hotter Colder” off the new record, filmed at Warleigh weir near Bath.

“My thinking was coming from a very dark murky underwater place, and James’ thinking was more of a joyous fun approach,” Kate Stables explains. “For him “Hotter Colder” is a happy song so we ended up kind of meeting in the middle. Me and Rozi larking about, but on a rainy day in a murky river.

Taken from This Is The Kit’s album ‘Moonshine Freeze’, out now on Rough Trade Records

Every month Rookie, a website that’s devoted to supporting and encouraging teenage girls and women, selects a theme song. This month they enlisted the enchanting teenage wunderkind SOAK to cover the St. Vincent glittering anti-technology jam “Digital Witness.” In 18-year-old Bridie Monds-Watson’s rendition, the song becomes a destroyed lullaby — a bedtime lull for dystopian times. When she sings “Won’t somebody sell me back to me?” in her pert, childish voice it’s a devastating, ironic twist on the capitalist commentary imbued in Annie Clark’s original. Given how coveted teenagers are as consumers, and how toxic most of this advertising is, it’s an even more harrowing line when Monds-Watons delivers it. This girl deserves to be as big as Lorde, and her ability to refashion Clark’s song in her own image proves it.

Soak’s debut album ‘Before We Forgot How To Dream’ is out on Rough Trade Records on 1st/2nd June 2015

This Is The Kit – the musical project which holds exceptional Paris-via-Bristol songwriter Kate Stables close to its heart – have earned the adoration of peers including Guy Garvey, The National and Sharon van Etten. Their new album and Rough Trade debut, ‘Moonshine Freeze’, is undoubtedly their most compelling and accomplished to date. Produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, M Ward, Perfume Genius), it began in the immediate wake of its predecessor, ‘Bashed Out’, when days after coming off tour last November, Stables and her band (Rozi Plain, Jamie Whitby-Coles, Neil Smith and Jesse D Vernon) headed into Geoff Barrow’s Invada studios in Bristol. Aaron Dessner of The National also features on six of the album tracks.

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John Parish (PJ Harvey, Perfume Genius) produced the LP, which was recorded at Geoff Barrow’s Bristol studio Invada; The National’s Aaron Dessner contributes to six of the album’s tracks.

Moonshine Freeze is the follow up to 2015’s “Bashed Out” and sees Kate Stables & Co. making their Rough Trade debut.

“I’m not yet someone who says ‘I want this album to sound like an ’80s French nightclub’,” Stables says. “All I can do is write the songs and then step back from them and see what themes or patterns there are, then bring those patterns out so it’s a coherent piece of work, sonically and in terms of feeling.”


This Is The Kit have announced new record Moonshine Freeze and shared a new performance video of the lead single/title track.

The first 500 physical pre-orders from the Rough Trade webstore will also get a few bonus goodies – a This Is The Kit tea towel and a selection of postcards featuring Stables‘ pinhole camera photography.


  1. Bullet Proof
  2. Hotter Colder
  3. Moonshine Freeze
  4. Easy On The Thieves
  5. All Written Out In Numbers
  6. Empty No Teeth
  7. Riddled With Ticks
  8. Two Pence Piece
  9. Show Me So
  10. By My Demon Eye
  11. Solid Grease

Moonshine Freeze is out 7 July via Rough Trade.

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Goat Girl, are a band willing to insult everyone who crosses their path. On ‘Scum’, their second track to date, the Rough Trade signings filter frustration through an Iceage-like racket. Trading blows with every modern day evil, they boldly ask: “How can an entire nation be so fucking thick?” It would be convenient to call ‘Scum’ a post-Brexit call to arms. But you get the sense Goat Girl’s sense of unease has been bubbling up for years.

On the one hand, their dry wit sarcasm (“hold tight to your pale ales”, they bellow at one point) and faux-jolly, drunken and staggering melodies aren’t a flash of light in the dark. But few spit such venom with this kind of nonchalance. For every axe they grind, they express disgust like few others.

Goat Girl’s debut double a-side single “Country Sleaze” / “Scum” is out now on Rough Trade Records

Limited to just 500 Copies on Rough Trade Records. The debut single by teenage South London four piece Goat Girl. Goat Girl head up an emerging set of groups from South London who have been inspired by the burgeoning local circuit there. Goat Girl are a special band. Songs that use subtlety as their main ingredient while remaining disarmingly fierce at every turn. Lyrics that mean everything despite being written down in the most simplistic and non-aggressive way possible… they are an anomaly in the UK music scene as 2016 draws to a draggy close: four people playing guitars, bass and drums who have the ability to make you feel //alive// again. Goat Girl release two songs on Rough Trade, each one a caustic commentary on the England they’ve grown up in: Country Sleaze is a brooding two-chord time capsule that sounds like it’s been beamed over from a Seattle divebar in 1989. Both tracks were recorded purposefully quickly in a no-nonsense north London studio a few weeks ago with fast-rising producer Margo Broom.

Goat Girl’s debut double a-side single “Country Sleaze” / “Scum” is out 7th October on Rough Trade Records

Taken from Parquet Courts’ excellent  album ‘Human Performance’, out now on Rough Trade Records: The band have made themselves even more adored amongst music journalists as they have put out one of the best videos of the year for their recent song ‘Human Performance’.

Taken from the album of the same name the band use some slightly odd puppets to create a very odd visual to their brilliant song. It feels perfect as the distant between humans and their performance become blurred with every note. The heartfelt nature of the song feels eloquently placed in this video.

But it’s not all for fun the band “I was thinking about the track and how it paints a break-up both elliptically and with such devastating directness,” says the clip’s director, Phil Collins (nope). ”And I wondered what it would be like if this drama was enacted not through naturalism or authenticity but through its partners in crime, doubling and artificiality. So puppets seemed an obvious choice.

“A puppet is a complex beast, animated by a human but which also, conversely, brings the puppeteer to life. I thought this kind of dialectics could work well with Andrew’s lyrics, and also found it funny to give starring roles to puppets in a track called ‘Human Performance’.

A “Performing Human” 12″ is available to buy now from the Rough Trade Records

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