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Singer Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and member of Australian band Tame Impala will release his debut solo album ‘Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams’ on March 10th.

“I always had a piano growing up and always wanted a grand,” Perth-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cameron Avery told us when we asked him about his favorite piece of gear. “I bought it off a friend of mine. It’s a 71′ Kawai KG-5 Conservatorium Grand piano. It’s so played and has such a resonant bottom end. It’s the last year they made them with ivory I’m pretty sure.”
“It’s just fun having such a beautiful instrument to write on. You don’t have to turn it on or plug anything in, just flop outa bed and play it. It’s literally the only piece of furniture I have other than my bed in my loft. It’s definitely opened up a whole different side of my writing, I can sit at it for hours. My neighbors don’t love it though.” Pretty sure we wouldn’t mind it if Avery was our neighbor.

There may be a touch of familiarity in Avery’s music, as he is the longtime drummer of Pond and touring bassist for Tame Impala . In one of his latest videos, “A Day in the Life” (above), we see him recording drums in the studio and talking about his spot in Tame Impala. “Everyone knows their place. I think that’s important in a good band…that everyone knows their role.”
We’re slowly learning that Avery is much more than a bassist and drummer, but also a singer/songwriter and overall very versatile artist. His debut solo record Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams, is out March 10th via Anti- Records.


Tame Impala’s Cameron Avery Is Dropping His Debut Solo Album

The talented multi-instrumentalist and Tame Impala man Cameron Avery has had a big couple of days. Not only have we learnt that he’ll be performing at the SXSW festival in Austin Texas to rep Australian bands on the world stage, but today he’s also dropped the announcement of his debut solo album on us complete with a cheeky taster.

Brand new single ‘Wasted On Fidelity’ is the second single released so far from the forthcoming record, a beautiful contemplative number laden with gorgeous strings arrangement that bodes very well for the rest of his forthcoming album “Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams”.

“I just started saying ‘yes’ to things while making the album,” Cameron says, delving into the more and less evident themes on the record. “I figured: I’m in my mid ’20s, I play in a band, I live in Los Angeles—I’m ripe to dream. But the pipe dream, the underlying theme of the album, if you really listen, is that all I really want is to have someone in my life and to be in love.” ahh so nice.


“Wasted On Fidelity” by Cameron Avery from the album ‘Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams,’ available March 10th

Jay Watson has shared a music video for ‘Gemini’, the first single taken from his new album as GUM.

Watson, who is also a touring band member of Tame Impala, released ‘Flash in the Pan’ last month, this  was his third solo project. The lo-fi video for album track ‘Gemini’ is filled with astrological signs and was inspired by 80s fantasy films, according to director Sam Kristofski.

“The clip was roughly styled around old children’s fantasy shows, like The Neverending Story,” explains Kristofski. “I love the idea of people blaming their behavior on their star sign too, so I think that was the whole section around someone crying, and in deep thought then cutting to the symbol. Also Jay fighting his star sign was based around that whole Gemini double personality thing, in combat with your other half, I just did the ’80s Karate Kid thing as it mixed in with the theme and tone of the clip.”

“We shot the whole thing in L.A. on left over 35mm and 16mm film stock from “CSI: Las Vegas,” which was a risk as the film was so old,” he added.

Official music video for “Gemini” by Gum from the new album Flash In The Pan, out now!

Kevin Parker, the main creative force behind Tame Impala, has co-produced a song called “Sweep Me Off My Feet” for his bandmates’ side-project Pond. The single is taken from Pond’s upcoming album, which is set to arrive in “early 2017.” Grabbing Parker to produce is a pretty big coup these days, especially as the Tame Impala man’s been pretty busy with his other projects.

Pond have shared a new song titled “Sweep Me Off My Feet.” is a floaty psych-rock odyssey that really bears the Kevin Parker stamp Produced by the band alongside Tame Impala’s frontman (and sometime bandmate) Kevin Parker, the track marks their first piece of new music since January 2015. Listen to it below  “Sweep Me Off My Feet” is taken from Pond’s forthcoming new album, which arrives in “early 2017.” The band have also announced new U.S. tour dates; find those below as well. Pond’s last album is “Man It Feels Like Space Again”. both Allbrook and Jay Watson have kept themselves busy by venturing into their own solo projects.

Tame Impala’s Jay Watson has announced a new Gum album. To be titled “Flash In The Pan” due out November 11th via Spinning Top Records , and is the follow-up to Watson’s 2015 sophomore LP Glamorous Damage. The band have also shared the first single, “Gemini.” Listen to that below, and also check out the album’s teaser trailer, which features Sergio Flores (better known as the infamous Sexy Sax man ).


First single taken from Gum’s third record ‘Flash In The Pan’


It’s not been been very long since Belgian dance-rockers Soulwax remixed such ‘big deal artists’ like Arcade Fire and Pulp. But this new remix for ‘Let It Happen’ is kind of mindboggling, taken from Tame Impala’s latest album ‘Currents’. Here it becomes beefier and funkier, spanning beyond a whopping nine minutes. While I prefer the innocent fuzz drift of their original early material, this is definitely one of the better remixes I heard in 2015. Judge for yourself.

If you want to, you can pull Currents apart to its component influences – a pinch of Supertramp, some sinister late period Beatles, a heavy helping of 80s Michael Jackson. But the experience of listening to the album, both intensely emotional and the best dance record in years, is such a forceful and clear expression of Kevin Parker’s point of view that it feels totally unique and original.

The idea that album with this kind of intricate instrumental interplay and impeccable disco groove could be created by one affable soft-spoken dude in his house in Fremantle is an achievement in and of itself. It all adds up to as good a substitute for caffeine – or most other drugs – you could wish for. Start your day with ‘Let It Happen’, start your nights with ‘Reality In Motion’ and walk home to ‘New Person Same Old Mistakes’.

Currents succeeds as the greatest example of the high exemplar of 2015’s dominant musical idea – purity is bullshit, and authenticity is a myth. Deeply personal and wonderfully lyrically direct, this album proves that singing about heavy feels doesn’t have to be wrapped up in mopey acoustic guitar strumming, and that tracks which kill in a 3am DJ set can break your heart as savagely as any maudlin piano ballad.

There were some raised eyebrows over the fact that Tame Impala was the night headliner. Are they really at the “closing festivals” stage of their career already? Why not go with Wilco or Ryan Adams, both of whom—on paper at least—seem like more obvious choices? But Tame Impala proved the skeptics wrong this year, commanding the crowd’s attention and captivating them with their trippy psychedelia. Add to that dreamy, soaring sound a top-notch light show, and you’ve got everything you need for a successful headlining spot. New tracks from this year’s best album “Currents” sounded just as strong as the hits from their excellent Lonerism, and we’re excited to see these guys in the top-billed spot for years to come.

Intro – 0:00:39
Let It Happen – 0:04:31
Mind Mischief – 0:12:47
Why Won’t They Talk To Me – 0:17:57
Kevin speaks Dutch – 0:22:58
The Moment – 0:24:08
Elephant – 0:28:50
The Less I Know The Better – 0:32:53
Eventually – 0:36:44
Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind? – 0:43:41
Happy Birthday Joey – 0:48:30
‘Cause I’m a Man – 0:50:00
Alter Ego – 0:54:22
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – 1:00:38
Apocalypse Dreams – 1:04:23

The sisterly trio of Haim has covered hits from Miley Cyrus (“Wrecking Ball”), Beyoncé (“XO”), and even Sheryl Crow (“Strong Enough” with the added help of good friend Lorde). Now, they’ve turned their attention to one of 2015’s most-talked about artists, Tame Impala. Check out this Haim Remix of Tame Impala’s “Cause I’m A Man,” a single off of his new album “Currents”. Haim take the song and slow it down a bit, add some great reverberating percussion, and a great vocal on top of it. The changes make this song into quite the powerful tune. It is more pop than the original psychedelia tune, but it sounds great! 

On Huw Stephens’ BBC Radio 1 show, HAIM debuted a lush rendition/rework of “‘Cause I’m a Man”,


At dawn break this morning, and with little fanfare, the psychedelic rock wonders Tame Impala revealed a brand new, eight-minute long track entitled “Let It Happen”. Since Tame Impala released Lonerism in 2012, which became among the favorite albums of that year, I have been waiting desperately for the Australian band to release new material that I could rock out too. The most interesting part of Tame Impala’s music and specifically Kevin Parker’s writing style is that despite the seemingly iridescent instrumentation and his Lennon-esque vocals, it is really psych rock for insular souls who value being reclusive, hanging out inside their own heads.

Over the course of the 8-minute “Let It Happen”, we are treated to a marching beat assisting Parker’s increasingly unintelligible lyrics, as an aqueous wash tucked beneath paranoid bursts of synths ultimately becomes a fully guitar driven anthem before receding quickly into the horizon. By the end of the song you feel even deeper inside

Tame Impala

Tame Impala will be releasing their third album at some point this year and dropped its first track in the form of the nearly eight-minute, hypnotic “Let it Happen.” Led with a krauty, martial beat and a glitchy breakdown that may have you thinking your computer froze, it’s pretty rad and an exciting first taste of what’s to come.

On the band’s first album, “Innerspeaker”, Parker sang that “solitude is bliss”, but I really don’t believe that it is a salve for him as much as it is a compulsion now.  Representatives for the band have stressed that this new swirling synth-led adventure is not the first single from the band’s forthcoming album, the follow-up to 2012’s Lonerism, but instead a track just for fans.

Kevin Parker will admit to being an introvert and an obsessive. And that was true when Tame Impala was starting out merely as a mid-font festival concern and likened to Wolfmother with a straight face. So imagine the effect of spending the past three years playing to increasingly larger crowds and being told you’ve made a modern masterpiece. Parker probably heard “let it happen” countless times in the interim, a variation of “easy does it,” “keep it simple,” and other aphorisms that perfectionists pay to hear from therapists, gurus, Rick Rubin, and other people who command an outrageous hourly fee just to tell you the same shit your first-grade teacher did.

Parker has been praised as a classic rock voice with an electronic producer’s mind and that’s even more pronounced here, as “Let It Happen” seems to be editing itself in real time with all manner of filters, manipulated vocals, swirling ambience, and a startling midsection where he mashes down the looper button and holds it. He’s an expert at conveying the unexpected joy of beginner’s luck behind the boards. But there’s still the introvert and obsessive, singing, “all this running around trying to cover my shadow.” Yeah, people of this sort tend to have a distorted perspective on themselves: Even if Parker feels like he only goes backwards, people tend to overlook the next line—”every part of me says, go ahead.” As if anyone really needed to tell him, “let it happen.”