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Australian psych-pop band Pond have just shared the new video for “The Boys are Killing Me” from this year’s  march released album Tasmania. It was shot on the band’s recent UK/EU tour and you can watch that.

‘The Boys Are Killing Me’. Shot on Super 8 by Jay Watson, the footage sees the lads frolicking about during their tour through Sweden, the UK and France.

‘The Boys Are Killing Me’ Taken from the album ‘Tasmania’ out now on Spinning Top, Marathon Artists, Caroline & Interscope



Pond have just announced that they’ll will release a new album, “Tasmania”, in a couple months. The project — which is led by former Tame Impala bassist Nick Allbrook put their most recent album, The Weather, back in 2017, and Tasmania is being presented as a “sister album” to that one. As with most of their albums, this one was produced by Allbrook’s former bandmate and Tame Impala head honcho Kevin Parker.

Last year, the band released two songs that will be featured on the album “Burnt Out Star” and “Sixteen Days”  and now they’re sharing another new one, “Daisy,” alongside an accompanying music video.

Allbrook had to say about the track in a fan newsletter: “Daisy” includes an interpolation of the Pilgrim Brothers ‘I Feel Like Going Back Home’. It’s about Summertime, the rigs are out, fires burn, bottl’os and dams drained aaaaand photos leaving us warped memories. Blood and lonely saltwater cowfolk.

‘Daisy’ is the new song from POND.

Tasmania is out 1st March via Spinning Top/Marathon Artists/Caroline/Interscope.

POND reveal new single ‘Sixteen Days’

POND have shared the video for their new song ‘Sixteen Days’.

“‘Sixteen Days’ is about, once upon a time, being jealous and paranoid, too ground down and mad to enjoy love and Genoa,” frontman Nicholas Allbrook says of the track. The video was directed by visual artist Kristofski, who also worked with the band on their video for ‘Fire In The Water’.

It’s their first new music since eight-minute-long spatial adventure ‘Burnt Out Star’ came out back in July. The band released their seventh album  ‘The Weather’ last year and are due to head on an extensive US tour this October and November.

‘Sixteen Days’ is the new song from POND

GUM – ” Underdog “

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As the drummer of the Australian band’s Pond and keyboard player for Tame Impala, polymath Jay Watson can be considered a veteran of the kind of tie-dye pop that’s melted minds at festivals across the globe. As an outlet for Jay’s personal music works, GUM has historically been a much more low-key affair than these collectives – an intergalactic journey explored largely from the comfort of his own bedroom studio. Here he is returning with his fourth album in 2018, ‘The Underdog’ is a record that sees him continue his quest with joyful aplomb.


As expected, bleary-eyed psychedelic pop numbers are the main ingredient of ‘The Underdog’, with the triumphant title track setting the mark for what’s to come. A space-age soul anthem straight from the book of Todd Rundgren, it packs enough bass licks to make Stevie Wonder blush, alongside a dizzying stack of rocket-launch electronics and fuzzy synths. Cosmic lullaby ‘Seratonin’ is another highlight; a tender and blissed-out plateau that offers a dreamy counterpoint to the bassy swagger found on tracks like ‘The Blue Marble’. Meanwhile, ‘Couldn’t See Past My Ego’ offers a different psych-out, recalling The Animals’ ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ with it’s merry-go-round synthesiser arpeggios and vocal hooks.

Elsewhere on the record there are hints of dark, throbbing electronic funk as Watson switches up his play with drum machines and sequenced electronics. Beginning with ’S.I.A.’’s motorik beats and dancing bass lines, the album’s side-odyssey peaks with the schizophrenic, arpeggiated climax of ‘Trying My Best’ and concludes with the six-minute rhythmic thumper ‘The Fear’ at the album’s tail end.

While the limited production leaves something to be desired (there’s little here that sounds like it was recorded with full live players), Jay’s knack for pop hooks makes his latest record shine just as much as his previous sun-soaked offerings.

My new album ‘The Underdog’ is out now! I’m touring across US, UK and Europe in April,

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Official music video for The Blue Marble by GUM off his album, The Underdog. If a member of both Tame Impala and Pond made a solo record, what would it sound like? The answer is GUM. The solo project of multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson, GUM is another offering of psychedelic pop from a man who is well versed in the genre. His full album, The Underdog, drops April 6th.

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With the new digital reissue of their 2017 album ‘The Weather’ – produced by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker – released this week, Aussie band Pond have shared a music video for ‘Fire In The Water’, a bonus track from the work.

Directed, filmed and edited by acclaimed visual artist Kristofski, the clip features POND frontman, Nicholas Allbrook dancing joyously through the streets of Tokyo.

Of the video’s origin, Kristofski states: “Jay [Watson] hit me up on Instagram and said “Hey Kristio, do you wanna come meet us in Tokyo in two days and shoot a clip?” and then I was in Tokyo and by far it was the most rude trip of my life. We got lost a lot and kinda just followed Nick around because he kept wanting to find this rainbow bridge which I don’t think ever existed. Sometimes we would just stop and film where ever we were.

“The original idea was Nick turning into a jellyfish, floating over the buildings looking down on all these people eating ramen and sushi but that idea didn’t really fly. That was Nick’s idea, by the way.  I like how we have those koi fish in the clip, because they are like fire in the water. It was also Joe’s birthday, which was nice.”

Band Members
Urethra Franklin,
Kirk Kobain,
Spready Hazel,

POND – ” Colder Than Ice “

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POND aren’t a band who need any extra help when it comes to exuding sheer weirdo cool, but we’re never going to complain about too much of a good thing, so their new clip with Kirin J Callinan is about everything we could rightly ask for.

Fresh off his own clip that, thanks to the impeccable use of a Jimmy Barnes cameo, is already a lock for best of the year, Callinan wanders onto Pond’s set for the glorious throwback tune ‘Colder Than Ice’ – taken from their new Kevin Parker-produced album The Weather – proving the ideal man to complement its perfectly-weighted ’80s pastiche. Callinan is just the crouton in this synth-driven salad, though, drenched as it is in delicious synth bass and echoed wink-and-a-nod vocals – one of the warmer moments on a record that, belying its falsetto theatrics and synth sheen, often shows the band at their darkest.


‘Colder Than Ice’ isn’t just a palate cleanser between the more melancholy moments, though; it’s one of the tracks that, along with singles like ‘Sweep Me Off My Feet’, most clearly illustrates Pond’s perfectly-executed shift from their beginnings as a straight-faced psych-rock band to the multi-faceted gem they’ve become, with The Weather yet another big step along a path that already delivered us the brilliant Man It Feels Like Space Again just two years back.

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“The Weather” is taken from Pond’s new album “The Weather” Out on Marathon Artists on 5th May.

The band’s seventh album The Weather issued in May is soaking up acclaim, with a universally positive critical response. Hailed ‘The Hottest Band In The World’ by NME, the disc scooped four star reviews from Q and Mojo with Uncut stating ‘…like The Flaming Lips at their best… solid pop tunes and heartfelt existential concerns 8/10’. 
Produced by Tame Impala mainman Kevin Parker, the two outfits share a long history with band members past and present switching between the two groups. 



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Cameron Avery is best known as bassist of Australian psych-rockers Tame Impala, as well as frontman of fellow Australian band The Growl. Over the last few years he’s been building up his very own solo career, doing some opening performances under his own name, including support for The Last Shadow Puppets tour last year .

On March 10th, Avery released his debut solo album “Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams” via Anti Records . He celebrated the release of the album one day early with a performance at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. The show actually almost didn’t happen, as Avery got held up at the airport until nearly 6pm due to an issue with U.S. customs (something that will sadly probably become a problem for many artists in the next four years). Thankfully, he made it work, and the show went on.

The lineup of his band had changed quite a bit since the last time I saw him, as his band The Growl had joined him to bring his songs to life. Avery expanded the setlist by included a few of The Growl’s songs (“Douse The Lamps” and “John the Revelator”) along with the soulful songs off his record. It was a nice mix that added a little bit of power to the show, and let his band enter their comfort zone for just a moment.

The show was nearly sold out, and based on the crossover appeal from Tame Impala and The Last Shadow Puppets, and the fact that he’s writing some really good songs, it’s only a matter of time until he breaks out on his own. There’s also the undeniable fact that the women at this show were loving him, making it clear that his fan base will be growing in no time at all.


Cameron Avery

“Dance With Me” is the third single from ‘Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams’

Cameron Avery is back with a new song today. It’s one of our favorites from his forthcoming album ‘Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams‘ out March 10th. Simply, the series of songs Cameron Avery is coming up with surround the release of his album have to mark it as an early contender for those ‘Best Of The Year…’ lists, and you just need to know about it. Thus, I shall tell you. Latest visually-enhanced instalment is Dance With Me (Spinning Top/Anti), again a long way from his Tame Impala and Pond credits. And sure it has some ironic self-awareness, an arched eyebrow to its noir-ish tone, which might be deliberately winking at itself. But, as Berlin-era Iggy collides with some Lennie Cohen via some Rat Pack lounge-lizarding, it’d all fall to slivers if there wasn’t real craft and talent in what has been made.