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GUM – ” Low To Low “

Posted: November 19, 2020 in MUSIC
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Following the release of his critically acclaimed fifth studio album “Out In The World”, GUM has unveiled the video for new single Low To Low. The DIY-vibe video was shot in Fremantle with POND co-conspirator Jamie Terry. “My mate Az gave me 16 panels of Perspex he had found, who knows where? GUM thinks outside (and inside) the box,” says Watson of the video.  “Now that the dust has settled on Out In The World, I think this is probably my favourite track from the album, and I know it is for lots of other people too, so I wanted to make a visual for it,” 

Official video for new single Low To Low by GUM. Listen to the new album Out In The World:

GUM – ” Out In The World “

Posted: October 4, 2020 in MUSIC
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Jay Watson multi-instrumentalist and longtime staple of Australia’s psych-rock scene, isn’t planning on recording a deathmetal song. But if he happened to come up with a killer riff in that vein, he already has a plan for it: “If I was vibing on it because I’d be listening to heaps of Swedish death-metal, then I’d definitely put it on album,” he says. “I’d probably just try to make a few more songs like that—a deathmetal EP or something.”

The songwriter—who plays in Pond, has been a live member of Tame Impala since the project’s inception and is the rare musician to occasionally join Kevin Parker in the studio—is reflecting on the wild eclecticism of Out in the World, his fifth solo LP under the GUM name. The largely home-recorded LP drifts from twinkling space-folk of “Weightless in LA” to the psychedelic R&B of “The Thrill of Doing It Right” to the electro-Afrobeat pulse of “Low to Low” (which he describes as a “broken robot samba”).

Watson doesn’t have a clue how to categorize his music, though he thinks critics tend to look in the wrong place for their reference points. “With GUM and Pond and Tame Impala, the influence of hip-hop is not that talked about,” he says, noting he and his friends got “really obsessed” with rap music around 2014. “It was a major influence— as big an influence as Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin and stuff were early on. But people don’t pick up on it as much.”

Ultimately, though, Watson isn’t concerned about being pigeonholed. “I’d say there are bigger critics of my music than me, but I’m up there,” he says. “So if I finish a song and it doesn’t make me cringe, it makes it on.”

Despite the array of styles on the record—and his admiration for “musical chameleons” like Beck—Watson isn’t chasing the thrill of shapeshifting. “I’ve never thought of it as trying to make something eclectic,” he says. “It’s more that I just make up songs and hope they go together. I can’t fathom that people can make one type of music for 20 years. There are so many artists I admire, like The Ramones, who just master one thing. But I would get so jealous of other people getting to do other stuff.”

GUM is the moniker for Jay Watson, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and member of both Tame Impala and Pond. As part of the wider Impala/Spinning Top record label family, GUM’s music has the same swirling psychedelic feel of Tame Impala but often with a tighter feel and even more overt focus on groove and electronics. Latest single “Airwalkin” illustrates this handily, one of GUM’s hardest-hitting tunes to date.

With such well-realised production, this song succeeds from the opening seconds. The beat meshes a phased, caterwauling string section against blasts of distorted synth and hard percussion. The lyrics hardly matter but they give the song some mean r’n’b-laced attitude. Prince, anyone?

With electro synths and vocoder coming in later in the piece, it would all sound silly if it wasn’t so damn convincing. If Tame Impala’s latest album was a bit softer than you would’ve liked, indulge in this for a funkier and harder-edged take on that patented Freo psych sound.

Official video for new single “Airwalkin’ by GUM. Listen to the new album “Out In The World”

An eternal student of sound and song, Jay Watson’s study reaches new levels of distinction on Out In The World, his fifth GUM solo album in almost as many years. “Airwalkin’ is the second single off Out In the World.

“This song is trying to capture the feeling of walking around my rural town with my Discman as a teenager, completely self-conscious about the way I look but completely feeling myself at the same time,” Watson said. Watson also said in April his new solo album had “very coincidental timing with what’s going on now”, though warned against reading into the specifics. “A lot of music for me is just a train of thought that makes sense later. I like using music to just dump emotions.”

“My songs are never about an overly specific theme: at most it will be about trying to evoke a feeling,” he said.

‘Airwalkin” is the third single taken from ‘Out In The World’, following the release of the title track and ‘Don’t Let It Go Out’.

Today GUM, aka Jay Watson (of Tame Impala and Pond fame), releases his fifth studio album Out In The World on Spinning Top Records. It follows his 2018 album The Underdog. Watson said of the new release, “This album is my attempt at making a record that combines my fascination of how other people live their lives, with my own internal desire to analyse mine and improve it. ‘Out In The World’ was a phrase that conjured a lot of grandeur and ego, yet somehow felt really small and wholesome at the same time.”

Check out the video for Airwalkin. It’s a technicolour spectacle created using claymation by director Alex McLaren.

The Orchard Music, UMG (on behalf of Spinning Top Records) Don’t Let It Go Out is a new song from GUM from his new album Out In The World – Out 12th June.

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Jay Watson Gum “Out In The World” the fifth album from the project helmed by Tame Impala and Pond multiinstrumentalist Jay Watson, Gum.

The title track and first single off the album, Out In The World received critical acclaim from Clash Magazine [“explores his continuing creativity, a psych-pop wonder built around that baroque-tinged acoustic guitar line”], Life Without Andy [“…pairs euphoric funk with Watson’s spacey vocals”], VENTS Magazine [“glimmers with rich textures”], DIY Mag [“soaring”], and NME.

Official video for new single Out In The World by GUM.

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Out In The World conveys a specific feeling for me, like thinking everyone’s having fun without you,” explains Gum’s Jay Watson of his latest single. The deep diving and soaring pop track from the POND and Tame Impala multi-instrumentalist is an ode to getting out there and living, no matter the associated anxieties (whatever that means to you this week).

“It was one of the easiest songs to write and record on the [upcoming] record. I’m not sure if that makes it good or not but we’ll see!”

We attest, it does. And the associated video, featuring Watson wandering the streets of L.A. in a very good trench coat makes us feel all kinds of sweet melancholy. Watson’s notes on mental health, living in the moment and playing keyboard underwater. And be the first to watch Out In The World.

Official video for new single Out In The World by GUM. Released 13 March 2020

GUM – ” Underdog “

Posted: April 9, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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As the drummer of the Australian band’s Pond and keyboard player for Tame Impala, polymath Jay Watson can be considered a veteran of the kind of tie-dye pop that’s melted minds at festivals across the globe. As an outlet for Jay’s personal music works, GUM has historically been a much more low-key affair than these collectives – an intergalactic journey explored largely from the comfort of his own bedroom studio. Here he is returning with his fourth album in 2018, ‘The Underdog’ is a record that sees him continue his quest with joyful aplomb.


As expected, bleary-eyed psychedelic pop numbers are the main ingredient of ‘The Underdog’, with the triumphant title track setting the mark for what’s to come. A space-age soul anthem straight from the book of Todd Rundgren, it packs enough bass licks to make Stevie Wonder blush, alongside a dizzying stack of rocket-launch electronics and fuzzy synths. Cosmic lullaby ‘Seratonin’ is another highlight; a tender and blissed-out plateau that offers a dreamy counterpoint to the bassy swagger found on tracks like ‘The Blue Marble’. Meanwhile, ‘Couldn’t See Past My Ego’ offers a different psych-out, recalling The Animals’ ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ with it’s merry-go-round synthesiser arpeggios and vocal hooks.

Elsewhere on the record there are hints of dark, throbbing electronic funk as Watson switches up his play with drum machines and sequenced electronics. Beginning with ’S.I.A.’’s motorik beats and dancing bass lines, the album’s side-odyssey peaks with the schizophrenic, arpeggiated climax of ‘Trying My Best’ and concludes with the six-minute rhythmic thumper ‘The Fear’ at the album’s tail end.

While the limited production leaves something to be desired (there’s little here that sounds like it was recorded with full live players), Jay’s knack for pop hooks makes his latest record shine just as much as his previous sun-soaked offerings.

My new album ‘The Underdog’ is out now! I’m touring across US, UK and Europe in April,

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Official music video for The Blue Marble by GUM off his album, The Underdog. If a member of both Tame Impala and Pond made a solo record, what would it sound like? The answer is GUM. The solo project of multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson, GUM is another offering of psychedelic pop from a man who is well versed in the genre. His full album, The Underdog, drops April 6th.

Jay Watson has shared a music video for ‘Gemini’, the first single taken from his new album as GUM.

Watson, who is also a touring band member of Tame Impala, released ‘Flash in the Pan’ last month, this  was his third solo project. The lo-fi video for album track ‘Gemini’ is filled with astrological signs and was inspired by 80s fantasy films, according to director Sam Kristofski.

“The clip was roughly styled around old children’s fantasy shows, like The Neverending Story,” explains Kristofski. “I love the idea of people blaming their behavior on their star sign too, so I think that was the whole section around someone crying, and in deep thought then cutting to the symbol. Also Jay fighting his star sign was based around that whole Gemini double personality thing, in combat with your other half, I just did the ’80s Karate Kid thing as it mixed in with the theme and tone of the clip.”

“We shot the whole thing in L.A. on left over 35mm and 16mm film stock from “CSI: Las Vegas,” which was a risk as the film was so old,” he added.

Official music video for “Gemini” by Gum from the new album Flash In The Pan, out now!

Tame Impala’s Jay Watson has announced a new Gum album. To be titled “Flash In The Pan” due out November 11th via Spinning Top Records , and is the follow-up to Watson’s 2015 sophomore LP Glamorous Damage. The band have also shared the first single, “Gemini.” Listen to that below, and also check out the album’s teaser trailer, which features Sergio Flores (better known as the infamous Sexy Sax man ).


First single taken from Gum’s third record ‘Flash In The Pan’