Posted: January 17, 2016 in MUSIC
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You’ve been waiting a little longer than usual, but we’re confident that you’ll think it’s been worth the wait for our latest sampler. It’s our first (and hopefully not last) to feature artwork by the very talented Nick Taylor. You should all check out his other works here.

As always, you’re welcome to download and stream for free, or make a small Paypal donation to show your support for what we do – these are put towards our running costs.

This month we’re featuring the following stellar tracks:

1. Kontiki Suite – My Own Little World 04:28 2. Gareth Davies – Slumbering Green 03:14 3. Wax Machine – Watermelon 02:38 4. The Most – Gatecrashers 02:29 5. Peter Stringer-Hye – Throw Away The Day 04:19 6. Juleah – Sommertraum 05:16 7. Exiles – Search Lights 03:20 8. Klaus Johann Grobe – Baby lass uns sein 04:35 9. Lejonsläktet – Den Enda Historien II 09:20 10. Jack Ellister – A Hunter Needs a Gun 05:57 11. Kosmo-0 – Just Let Go 05:40 12. Red Cosmos – Ode To A Beatnik 04:17 13. Royal Atlas – Lost Landlords 02:26 14. Das Raumpiloten – La Situation Dangereuse 07:19 15. Merrin – Outro (End Credits) 05:39

Discover more from our featured artists here:
Kontiki Suite:
Gareth Davies:
Wax Machine:
The Most:
Peter Stringer Hye:
Klaus Johann Grobe:
Jack Ellister:
Red Cosmos:
Royal Atlas:
Das Raumpiloten:


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