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“P.N.E. Garden Auditorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 7/29/66 marks Grateful Dead’s debut performance outside of the United States. Their complete July 29th, 1966 performance is being released in a limited edition, 2-LP, 180 gram vinyl-set, with four bonus tracks from the ensuing 7/30 performance at the same venue.”

In an interview, Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux said that he had wanted to release this concert as an album, but it was too short for the Dave’s Picks series. He said that since the concert was an early one, from before the time of CDs, that made it seem like a good choice for an LP. He added, “As a vinyl release it works extremely well where you get three or four songs per side and they’re all really short songs – anywhere from three to five minutes.”

This is a great recording. Its interesting to see how they mixed these older sets. This was (obviously) a huge growth period and they were really pushing the envelope as for as what they could do electronically. Interesting how they distribute the different tracks to right and left speakers

The Dead go through much of their standard repetoire for this time but do it very well. Bob may be low in the mix, but the other guys, especially Pigpen and Jerry are tearing it up. Pig’s early organ playing is a delight, he was really good and with Jerry is the main instrumental voice in the band. The real surprise here though are two songs I’m not that familiar with: “You Don’t Have To Ask” and “Cardboard Cowboy”. Both are excellently played examples of mid sixties psychedelic rock. I think “Cardboard Cowboy” may have been played at one other show. The crowd are either lame or not miked as they’re barely audible and it sounds like there may be 10 people in attendance. For example the band do a great ripping version of “You Don’t Have To Ask” that stops on a dime after a great Jerry solo and there’s… silence,

Original cover art by Canadian poster artist, Bob Masse. The iconic 60’s poster artist has designed original works for artists such as Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Doors, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller Band, No Doubt, Fiona Apple & Smashing Pumpkins to name a few. The show was mastered from the original audio recordings by GRAMMY winning sound engineer Jeffrey Norman at Mockingbird Mastering in Petaluma, CA. This audio was first made available in January, 2016 as the bonus disc in the 2-CD The Grateful Dead (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) as it features most of the tracks that would make their way on to the first official Grateful Dead album. It was previously unreleased before this year and is only available as a stand-alone show in this limited edition vinyl set.

2LP plus 24 page book + DL Card. Emerging after The Lemonheads disbanded Evan Dando returned to music first with a solo tour and ‘Live At The Brattle Theatre’ then came his debut solo album ‘Baby I’m Bored’. During his hiatus he sobered up, got married and went straight. Taking four years to produce, his live shows funded the album’s recording sessions. Mature and autobiographical, ‘Baby I’m Bored’ is a stellar record that stripped Dando of his grunge label.

At the time of recording, he was without the band which saw him lean more towards an achingly melodic alt-country rock sound. Self-deprecating, these are songs of decline and coming back from that. The record includes “Hard Drive” and “All My Life” two tracks penned by Ben Lee and features contributions from producer/composer Jon Brion, producer Bryce Goggin, Tom Morgan, Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb, Calexico’s John Convertino and Joey Burns, ex-Spacehog frontman Royston Langdon, Come’s Chris Brokaw and Arthur Johnson.

This limited edition special Record Store Day 2LP ‘bookback’ reissue includes a disc of unheard unreleased tracks, singles, b-sides and rarities. “Dando has a flair for bruised melancholy that stands comparison with Gram Parsons and Alex Chilton.” Q Magazine / “A beautiful album of tender reflections on life, love and drug-induced folly set in soulful, countrytinged guitar pop.” The Independent

Disc 1 A1 Repeat A2 My Idea A3 Rancho Santa Fe A4 Waking Up A5 Hard Drive A6 Shots Is Fired B1 It Looks Like You B2 The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same Part I Can Live Without B3 Why Do You Do This To Yourself? B4 All My Life B5 Stop My Head B6 In The Grass All Wine Colored Disc 2 C1 Shots Is Fired (Alternative Version) C2 I Wanna Be Your Mamma Again (Cover – B-Side from ‘Stop My Head’ Single) C3 Tongue Tied (B-Side from ‘Stop My Head’ Single) C4 Whoops C5 Sucker Punch C6 The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same Part I Can Live Without (Alternative Version) D1 Au Bord De La Seine (B-Side From ‘Stop My Head’) D2 Rancho Santa Fe (Alternative Version) D3 A Walk In The Woods With Lionel Richie D4 Rudy With A Flashlight (Evan Dando) D5 Hannah & Gabi (Live Version – BSide to ‘It Looks Like You’ Single) D6 The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same Part I Can Live Without (Live Version – B-Side to ‘It Looks Like You’ Single)”


R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck , Corin Taylor Of Sleater-Kinney The Minus 5 frontman Scott McCaughey, drummer Bill Rieflin, and Young Fresh Fellow’s Kurt Bloch debuted their new supergroup called Filthy Friends over a year ago at a music festival. Recently, they released their first-ever, “Despierata” which came as part of the 30 Days, 30 Songs campaign. Now, they’re back with a second track.

“Any Kind of Crowd” It’s a wonderful slice of ’90s alternative, with the instantly likable chorus finding the whole gang singing, “I’d pick you out/ Of any kind of crowd/ I’d bring you on/ With any type of song/ I’d figure out/ Any kind of love that would turn you on.”

Filthy FriendsAny Kind Of Crowd [7”] (Corin Tucker, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Kurt Bloch, Bill Rieflin and occasionally Krist Novoselic, limited to 850, indie-retail exclusive)

 The song was released as a Record Store Day 7-inch backed with a cover of Roxy Music’s “Editions of You”.

The Smiths’ 2017 Record Store Day 7-inch release came with a not-so-secret message to the U.S. inscribed on the record’s A-side: “Trump Will Kill America.” While I can’t say enough great things about this awesome stunt, it is a rather depressing reminder that this becomes truer every day.

The 7-inch itself is a mix of two previously unreleased demos for “The Boy With the Thorn In His Side” and the flipside features “Rubber Ring” recorded at Drone Studios in Chorlton where the band recorded a bunch of demos back in the 80s. Actor Albert Finney, seen in the “Angry Young Man” phase of his long career, is pictured on the cover.

The news was widely spread across social media by Record Store Day shoppers who discovered the etching on the run-out groove on the A-side

The Smiths – The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (7″ Vinyl)
Includes a previously unheard version of the single along with an early version of ‘Rubber Ring’, the original b-side to ‘Boy With The Thorn In His Side’.


Following the release of 2014’s excellent album release “Lost In The Dream” , Philly rockers the War On Drugs signed a two-album deal with Atlantic Records . Now, after a few years of silence barring a lone Grateful Dead cover , Adam Granduciel and co. are finally set to reveal what they’ve been working on at their new label home. The band confirmed today on Twitter that they’ll be releasing a new 12″ on Record Store Day (4/22) featuring a song called “Thinking Of A Place.” That’s the artwork above.

Side A has part one of the single, and side B has part two.


Flat Duo Jets

Flat Duo Jets – Wild Wild Love [2LP+10”] (first time on vinyl, 12” booklet will contain reprints from tour posters, flyers, concert tickets, live photos, limited to 800, indie-retail exclusive)

Flat Duo Jets was an American psychobilly band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Athens, Georgia. They were a major influence on several bands of the 1990s and 2000s, including The White Stripes. In interviews, Jack White has often acknowledged Dexter Romweber’s influence.

• Limited edition of 500 copies on purple vinyl for Record Store Day 2017 • This e.p was originally issued in 1984 and has been out of print since 1986 over 30 years ago • The tracks on this record remained exclusive to this e.p and were never included in the ‘Jacobites ‘ 2 albums • This version has been re mastered for vinyl only and is issued in the original sleeve artwork by Dave Twist

Side One: 1. Shame for The Angels 2. Fortune of Fame Side Two: 1.Heart of Hearts 2.Ratcliffe Highway

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Limited Edition Record Store Day 2017 pressing with individually numbered sleeves and pressed on red vinyl. This E.P. includes 5 brand new tracks and 1 album track that didn’t make the LP. Vanishing Twin present a limited edition 10″ EP of oblique psychedelia invoking strange visions and surreal states. Built around a series of improvisations, each piece soundtracks your adventures in dreamland.

On April 22nd we release Dream By Numbers, a limited edition 10″ EP. As the world becomes more and more dreamlike in its unfamiliarity and obfuscation, we find our fantasies increasingly self-regulated in the service of power. Built around a series of improvisations, each song is a soundtrack for the unsettling reality we find ourselves in. 1000 numbered copies on red vinyl

New music from Soundway’s cosmic psych shamans Vanishing Twin, Dream By Numbers sees the outfit return after the superb 2016 LP Choose Your Own Adventure. One of our tips for new music at this year’s Record Store Day.


We release Dream By Numbers, a limited edition 10″ EP. As the world becomes more and more dreamlike in its unfamiliarity and obfuscation, we find our fantasies increasingly self-regulated in the service of power. Built around a series of improvisations, each song is a soundtrack for the unsettling reality we find ourselves in.

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Iron & Wine is excited to participate in Record Store Day 2017 with this blue vinyl release of Archives Volume 3. This entry in the ongoing series jumps to the year 2009 and that fertile time between The Shepherd’s Dog and Kiss Each Other Clean. Volumes 1 and 2 explored the home spun recordings from The Creek Drank the Cradle-era, while these two tracks have a fuller and richer sound of those two recordings. “A Stranger Lays Besides Me” has been performed live a number of times and become a fan favorite. “Miss Bottom of the Hill” has never been heard in either a live or recorded format. This package may contain one of FIVE GOLDEN TICKETS, granting free admission worldwide for you (+ guest) to every Iron & Wine performance.

Pressed on translucent blue vinyl and limited to 2000 copies worldwide.

As part of an ongoing set of releases featuring material recorded at various points from Iron and Wine’s career, the Iron and Wine ‘Archive Series’ returns with ‘Volume No. 3’.

This third instalment in the series jumps almost ten years forward to 2009 and showcases two songs that could have easily found themselves on either ‘The Shepherd’s Dog’ or ‘Kiss Each Other Clean’.

The A-side track and a fan favorite ‘A Stranger Lay Beside Me’ has turned up on tour and been performed in a live setting a number of times over the years. The flip side features the track ‘Miss Bottom of the Hill’ (which, until earlier this year, was believed to have been erased in the great Sam Beam computer crash of 2010) is a sleeper of a track.

In total the 12” clocks in at just over 13 minutes.

But wait Black Cricket is proud to offer FIVE Golden Tickets – each of which guarantee the finder to a lifetime of entry to live performances by Iron and Wine.* The Golden Tickets will be inserted by the record plant and then packaged and sent blindly worldwide. So whether it’s your home town, Seattle, Dublin, Sydney or Des Moines Black Cricket have you covered (* certain restrictions apply. For entry, see label website for full details).

LOOPLOOPLOOPNo automatic alt text available.Record Store Day Release 2017 limited to 1300 COPIES / 350 Transparent blue mixed into black vinyl .

All three LOOP “John Peel” sessions collated on one vinyl album from 1987 – 1990, these are some of the best recordings by LOOP. Remastered by Kevin Metcalf when the CDs were reissued in 2008, Reactor has decided to reissue the famed “Wolf Flow “ on a 2LP set for Record Store Day 2017. In a new / updated sleeve, with new printed innerbags. Wolf Flow captures LOOP in their ascendency in the the late 90s, featuring tracks from all three of their albums, a cover of Rocket USA and the track Sunburst (b-side of Arc Lite)…theres a 10 minute version of Straight To Your Heart! this is Essential!! Recorded live at BBC Maida Vale Studios.

A1-B1 broadcast 19/8/87: B2-C1 broadcast 14/6/88: C2-D2 broadcast 21/1/90.


A1 Soundhead
A2 Straight To Your Heart
B1 Rocket USA
B2 Pulse
B3 This Is Where You End
C1 Collision
C2 From Centre To Wave
D1 Afterglow
D2 Sunburst