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Iligan City alt-rock band Loop deliver a slow jam of epic proportions in their new music video for “Strangers”.

The indie rock track opens with a drum snap like heartstrings being broken. Quickly, the video takes us away with lead singer Kim Trinidad’s crystalline voice. “You always break my heart” she repeats, as the 4-piece band treads wonderfully through a sparse slow beat. As sentimental as Trinidad seems, the music video takes a quiet and gruesome twist at the end. Besides, Loop – who have been playing together for over six years – are never a band to simply do what’s expected.

“Strangers” is a track off their much-loved album Reality & Dreams. The music video for it comes as a nice surprise for fans who have been listening to the incongruous LP since its 2017 release. And who doesn’t love a good surprise?

Band Members
Kim Trinidad – Vocals, Guitars
JP Portado – Bass
JC Arkin – Drums
Mike Pacalioga – Guitars

LOOPLOOPLOOPNo automatic alt text available.Record Store Day Release 2017 limited to 1300 COPIES / 350 Transparent blue mixed into black vinyl .

All three LOOP “John Peel” sessions collated on one vinyl album from 1987 – 1990, these are some of the best recordings by LOOP. Remastered by Kevin Metcalf when the CDs were reissued in 2008, Reactor has decided to reissue the famed “Wolf Flow “ on a 2LP set for Record Store Day 2017. In a new / updated sleeve, with new printed innerbags. Wolf Flow captures LOOP in their ascendency in the the late 90s, featuring tracks from all three of their albums, a cover of Rocket USA and the track Sunburst (b-side of Arc Lite)…theres a 10 minute version of Straight To Your Heart! this is Essential!! Recorded live at BBC Maida Vale Studios.

A1-B1 broadcast 19/8/87: B2-C1 broadcast 14/6/88: C2-D2 broadcast 21/1/90.


A1 Soundhead
A2 Straight To Your Heart
B1 Rocket USA
B2 Pulse
B3 This Is Where You End
C1 Collision
C2 From Centre To Wave
D1 Afterglow
D2 Sunburst

Loop are an alternative rock band from South London, and it’s been 25 years since we’ve heard new material. That’s a long time to be gone, a bunch of you were probably born in that time, grew up, got a college degree, now you’re out in the big wide world, trying to figure it out. Their new EP Array 1 is a great way to come back and make up for lost time in a swoop. Track opener “Procession” has an insane amount of kick and uses vocal effects in a way to texture the rest of the music’s pound assault. With each proceeding track, the music loses a traditional shape and becomes something more noisy and intense, very reminiscent of the experimentation found on albums of the past like Heaven’s End.


They’ve been away for just the 25 years but have re-appeared as if nothing has happened. ‘Array 1’ is the first of three releases by the rejuvenated psych-sters. This is as good as you could ever have dared hope with their fuzzy, woozy sound perfectly intact. Grainy, distorted tunes with microscopic precision and hypnotic motion,


Check it out below, and order your copy from ATP Recordings , The veteran band led by Robert Hampson with a brand spanking new line-up featuring The Heads’ wonderful rhythm section of Hugo Morgan and Wayne Maskell plus guitarist Dan Boyd. Reinvigorated by the changes, ‘Array 1’ exhibits an urgency all too often missing from psyched-out rock. Just four songs and not a wasted note – these guys really know exactly how to play. Ideal festive fare.


London Rock band LOOP fronted and formed by Robert Hampson rely on 3 chord riffs and a passion for Krau