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Image of JACOBITES - Old Scarlett LP - Out 7th July - PRE-ORDER NOW!

The Jacobites were an English rock band formed initally in Birmingham in 1982 by Nikki Sudden and Dave Kusworth, following the breakup of their respective previous bands, the Swell Maps and the Subterranean Hawks.

Sudden and Kusworth were both strongly influenced by The Faces, Dylanand Glam Rock, and, most vitally, The Rolling Stones their open worship of the group (Kusworth’s entire body of work would later be described as “A tear-stained meeting of Johnny Thunders meets, the Rolling Stones “Wild Horses” era and Neil Young’s “Down By The River” wrapped in scarves, and bound up in velvet jackets, leather pants, and shrouded by cigarette smoke while Sudden called the Stones “the best band there has ever been” and was working on a Ronnie Wood bio at the time of his death), The band combined velvet-and-scarves style of dressing and their girls-and-drugs style of living,

The Jacobites reissue of “Old Scarlett” (1995) is released for the first time on Vinyl format! The band featured Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth it is probably their greatest love & death songs collection. An essential band! The Release contains a poster (30 x 60 cm) Out 7th July on You Are The Cosmos Records.

Image of JACOBITES - Old Scarlett LP - Out 7th July - PRE-ORDER NOW!

• Limited edition of 500 copies on purple vinyl for Record Store Day 2017 • This e.p was originally issued in 1984 and has been out of print since 1986 over 30 years ago • The tracks on this record remained exclusive to this e.p and were never included in the ‘Jacobites ‘ 2 albums • This version has been re mastered for vinyl only and is issued in the original sleeve artwork by Dave Twist

Side One: 1. Shame for The Angels 2. Fortune of Fame Side Two: 1.Heart of Hearts 2.Ratcliffe Highway

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one of the many (and always brilliant) sides of Nikki Sudden with this first single of what will next become The Jacobites.

Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth – Shame for the Angels EP (Pawn Hearts Records, 1984)

It was released on Pawn Hearts, a tiny label that only did one other single – AED’s Infer Ships Sink – and one of the reasons it was such a tiny label is because Nikki nicked the tapes and gave them to Dave Barker,

First 7″ release of Jacobites..a little treasure…whith a classic themes: Shame for the Angels, a first version of Fortune of Fame (original theme from Rag Dolls), etc… Epic on drums, maracas, organ, tambourine, backing vocals, feedback…

The complete session recorded by Swell Maps on 16th October 1978 for the John Peel show on BBC Radio 1 and first broadcast on the 27th of that month. Swell Maps were an experimental DIY rock group of the 1970s from Birmingham, that foreshadowed the birth of post punk movement.

Consisting of brothers Epic Soundtracks (real name Kevin Paul Godfrey) and  Nikki Sudden (real name Adrian Nicholas Godfrey) two teenagers from Solihull, plus Biggles Books (Richard Earl), Phones Sportsman (David Barrington), John “Golden” Cockrill and  Jowe Head (Stephen Bird), the band cut the single “Read About Seymour” as their debut in 1977, soon after the brothers left Solihull school. It is widely considered  to be one of the classic punk era singles, 

After recording their first John Peel session Swell Maps went into WMRS studio to record their first album A Trip to Marineville, which was released in 1979. It featured hard rocking punk numbers like “H.S. Art” interspersed with ambient styled instrumentals and other experimental sound interludes like “Gunboats”. The album went No. 1 on the new Independent chart at the time.


1. Another Song (0:07)
2. Full Moon In My Pocket / Blam!! / Full Moon etc (1:51)
3. Harmony In Your Bathroom (8:00)
4. International Rescue (12:01)
5. Read About Seymour (14:17)

NIKKI SUDDEN & BOBBY BONES “Almost Perfect” 7 single vinyl,

A couple of wonderful songs and one of the last recordings of Mr. Nikki Sudden. Recorded in LA, ‘Almost Perfect’ and ‘Is it Over’ are written by Bobby Bones and both sung in duet. A hidden diamond for Nikki fans all over the world. In Sudden own words : ‘One day the phone rang, it was Johnny Thunders, he said: ”C’mon over Nikki,there’s some I’d like you to meet. Don’t bring anyone with you, just come on your own.” I did as requested and ended up on Whitley,just North Franklin with Johnny and someone who would become a good friend. Mr Bobby Bones, Rock & Roll confidant extraordinaire”