IRON AND WIRE – ” Archives Volume 3 ” Record Store Day Release 2017

Posted: April 22, 2017 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Iron & Wine is excited to participate in Record Store Day 2017 with this blue vinyl release of Archives Volume 3. This entry in the ongoing series jumps to the year 2009 and that fertile time between The Shepherd’s Dog and Kiss Each Other Clean. Volumes 1 and 2 explored the home spun recordings from The Creek Drank the Cradle-era, while these two tracks have a fuller and richer sound of those two recordings. “A Stranger Lays Besides Me” has been performed live a number of times and become a fan favorite. “Miss Bottom of the Hill” has never been heard in either a live or recorded format. This package may contain one of FIVE GOLDEN TICKETS, granting free admission worldwide for you (+ guest) to every Iron & Wine performance.

Pressed on translucent blue vinyl and limited to 2000 copies worldwide.

As part of an ongoing set of releases featuring material recorded at various points from Iron and Wine’s career, the Iron and Wine ‘Archive Series’ returns with ‘Volume No. 3’.

This third instalment in the series jumps almost ten years forward to 2009 and showcases two songs that could have easily found themselves on either ‘The Shepherd’s Dog’ or ‘Kiss Each Other Clean’.

The A-side track and a fan favorite ‘A Stranger Lay Beside Me’ has turned up on tour and been performed in a live setting a number of times over the years. The flip side features the track ‘Miss Bottom of the Hill’ (which, until earlier this year, was believed to have been erased in the great Sam Beam computer crash of 2010) is a sleeper of a track.

In total the 12” clocks in at just over 13 minutes.

But wait Black Cricket is proud to offer FIVE Golden Tickets – each of which guarantee the finder to a lifetime of entry to live performances by Iron and Wine.* The Golden Tickets will be inserted by the record plant and then packaged and sent blindly worldwide. So whether it’s your home town, Seattle, Dublin, Sydney or Des Moines Black Cricket have you covered (* certain restrictions apply. For entry, see label website for full details).

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