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By Summer 1966, the Animals were ready to call it a day. John Steele had bailed out back in February and Nashville Teens drummer Barry Jenkins was drafted in as his replacement. The band had decided to break up in May, but they were contracted to do a lengthy American tour along with teen stars Herman’s Hermits, so the reluctant five-piece dragged themselves over to the States to fulfil the commitment. But it turned out to be a pretty eventful tour, culminating in a trip to San Francisco where Eric Burdon saw the light.

There, R&B was out but Psychedelia was very definitely in. The group cut a couple of tracks in Los Angeles with Frank Zappa, one of which, The Other Side of This Life, came out as a US 45 in November after the break up. Over on the East Coast, they played a gig at New York’s Wollman Rink Central Park on August 3rd and later on that evening, Chas Chandler had a Damascene moment after seeing an obscure, unsigned guitarist by the name of Jimi Hendrix. Chandler’s days of playing bass were over.

The group’s last gig was on September 5th at the Steel Pier Resort in Atlantic City and that was it for the Animals – at least, until Eric Burdon and The New Animals made their appearance.


Side One: 1. Inside Looking Out (Lomax / Burdon / Chandler) 2. Sweet Little Sixteen (Berry) 3. In The Wee Wee Hours (Turner) 4. Maudie (Hooker) 5. She´ll Return It (Rowberry/Burdon) 6. John Steel (Interview) 7. One Monkey Don´t Stop No Show (Tex)

Side Two: 1. Shake* (Cooke) 2. Don´t Bring Me Down* (Goffin/King) 3. Inside Looking Out* (Lomax / Burdon / Chandler) 4. That´s All I Am To You* (Blackwell / Scott) 5. One Monkey Don´t Stop No Show* (Tex) 6. It´s My Life* (Atkins/Enrico) Work Song (Adderly/Brown)

A1. Goatfuzz (Single Version) B1. Goatfizz. Goat release an unreleased edit of the track Goatfuzz – one of the stand out tracks off their latest album ‘Requiem’ as a special ltd edition 7″ for Record Store Day. The Bside of the 7″ is a brand new track, entitled Goatfizz which once again shows another side to the bands take on ‘world music’. The 2 colour ‘splatter vinyl’ 7″ is ltd to 2,000 copies and will only be available on Record Store Day – these tracks will not be made available on digital formats.


Two years after announcing work on a new The The album, Matt Johnson is releasing his first full-band music under that moniker.

Etched one sided 7″ vinyl limited to 2000 copies. THE THE will release their first single in 15 years with ‘You Can’t Stop What’s Coming’. Featuring Matt Johnson’s distinctive vocals and lyrics as well as a stellar cast of musicians. Former THE THE members involved include Zeke Manyika on percussion (Soul Mining / Infected), James Eller on bass (Mind Bomb /Dusk) plus long-time friend and collaborator Johnny Marr on guitar. Also featured are Meja Kullersten (Swedish composer & singer) on backing vocals, Chris Whitten (Johnny Cash, The Waterboys) on drums and Iain Berryman (Florence & The Machine) on keyboards

In January 2015, Johnson told U.K. magazine Uncut that work was underway on the song based The The album  since NakedSelf. He said:

“The important thing is getting yourself in the frame of mind for it. Everything else follows from that. Having been away for so long, I have almost forgotten who I used to be. I almost forgot I was a songwriter in the first place, which is a horrible thing to say. But if it all goes to plan, the album will have freshness to it. It’ll be a new start for my career.”

No other details are yet known about the project.

Following his debut solo album Burning Blue Soul in 1981, Johnson recorded and released six The The studio albums between 1983 and 2000, and recorded several others — including The Pornography of Despair and Gun Sluts — that were never released.

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Portland, OR’s Eyelids (current and ex-members of Guided By Voices, The Decemberists, Malkmus/Jicks) have collaborated with Gary Jarman of The Cribs to make two rare and unforgettable record store exclusive tracks! Turning in what might be world’s shortest concept album– the 2 songs were written with a fictitious 17-year old in mind and his submissions to all things of flight. With Gary singing lead vocals on both songs the single conjures up jealous hazes of Wire & Pere Ubu. An amazing collaboration made exclusively for UK Record Store day. Be sure to catch Eyelids on their UK tour with Drive By Truckers in 2017.

RSD 2017 UK exclusive. Features Gary Jarman from The Cribs on vocals. Eyelids includes members of the Decemberists & Guided By Voices. This one time pressing will be on yellow vinyl (download included) and is limited to 500 copies. All tracks exclusive to this release.

SIDE A (Go On) The First Flight / 3:54 SIDE B We Will Not Apologize / 0:56

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Priests’ Early Recordings combines the band’s first two cassette-only tape releases, originally recorded in 2011 and 2013. The small run cassette releases were originally intended to be for purchase only at the band’s live shows. “We didn’t want everybody to hear it,” said drummer Daniele Daniele. “We were still learning our instruments, so these tapes were not intended to impress the world, just document where we were for our own sake.” Daniele met vocalist Katie Alice Greer the same week she arrived in Washington, DC to complete a fellowship at Georgetown University, and the two decided to start a band. Guitarist GL Jaguar joined soon after, and bassist Taylor Mulitz completed the lineup the following year.

Tape 1 was recorded by Jaguar in his parent’s basement in Maryland. The band had existed for one week, and the trio had written four songs. “I was very eager to have evidence of the band exist for myself, because I didn’t know how long it would last, and I wanted to make music more than anything,” said Greer. “Diet Coke”, the band’s first song, is a hundred second blast of pummeling energy and what would become Jaguar’s signature riffage. A winking nod to advertising that sneaks into culture, the tune is followed by the more contemplative “Talking”, a song on which both Greer and Jaguar play guitar. Greer’s lyrics speak to US public school systems “rewarding complicity” and children being “being socialized by reality TV”. “The World”, perhaps foreshadowing the band’s krautrock-inspired penchant for repetition, is a jubilant intermission before “Cobra”,  a playfully minimal stop-start closer inspired by cult favorite rock group She (also known as “The Hairem”).


On Tape Two the band was eager to showcase their fuller sound as a newly expanded quartet. The tape’s seven songs were recorded by Kevin Erickson and Hugh McElroy, who had already recorded the band’s first single “Radiation/Personal Planes” a year earlier and would go on to produced half of Priests’ Bodies and Control and Money and Power EP and all of Nothing Feels Natural. “Leave Me Alone” nods to the Priests’s affinity for inverting the cool funk of a song like Bush Tetras’ “Too Many Creeps” (“I see you when I’m out on the street/ I think you look like a creep”) while exploring more melodic territory on tracks like “Twelve”, hinting to material that would later surface on Nothing Feels Natural. Lyrically, Priests continued to explore themes that center women’s lives (“Lillian Hellman”), critique social perception of female celebrity (“Lana”), interrogate assumptions of US history (“Incantations”), and invert the male gaze on the Daniele Daniele-penned closer “Watch You”. Priests was already interested in expanding their musical palette, as evidenced by metallic clangs and a purring drum machine on “Watch You” and creeping mellotron weaving in and out of a few different tracks throughout.


Early Recordings lays the groundwork for Priests longer releases in the following three years and provides context for the band’s evolving sound.

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Our official Record Store Day champions Slaves will be releasing an exclusive version of ‘Take Control’ on white vinyl with a 35mm photo diary. To kick off the 10th birthday of Record Store Day, they’re playing a secret gig next week. Head over to NME who are giving away 100 free tickets HERE >

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U2 have previewed their 2017 version of their track “Red Hill Mining Town” which is to be released as a picture disc for this year’s Record Store Day on April 22nd .

The remix version which will also appear on the about to be reissued 30th Anniversary edition of “The Joshua Tree” was mixed by Steve Lillywhite and features all-new vocals by Bono , along with greater focus on brass instrumentation by the Arklow Shipping Silver Band.

“Red Hill Mining Town” was devised as a literal illustration of the controversial and divisive British miners’ strike of 1984-85, placed within the terms of a marriage that’s breaking down under the stresses of the times. Bono admitted that some people would “beat me with a stick” for his take on a classic American protest song.

But he added: “What I’m interested in is seeing that another thousand people have lost their jobs. What you don’t read about is that those people go home, and they have families and they’re trying to bring up children.” In another interview he said: “A cold statistic about a pit closure and redundancies that follow is drastic enough – but it never tells the full human story. I wanted to follow the miner home and write about that situation.”

U2 reported in an announcement that “Red Hill Mining Town,’ originally inspired by Bono’s reading of Red Hill: A Mining Community by Tony Parker‘Red Hill Mining Town’ is famously “the single that never was”, originally discussed as the second single from The Joshua Tree but then put to one side at the last minute in favour of ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’. To coincide with the 30th anniversary of U2​’s iconic album, The Joshua Tree, Island Records will release a 2017 mix of ‘Red Hill Mining Town’ on limited edition 12″ picture disc .


Elton John will reissue his personal pick for his favorite concert recording, 17-11-70, on Record Store Day 2017, with the gig’s entire performance available on vinyl for the first time. The reissue, dubbed 17.11.70+, comes as Elton John was anointed as the first Worldwide Record Store Day Legend to mark the annual celebration’s 10th anniversary.

“Happy 10th birthday to Record Store Day,” Elton John said of the honor. “I love record stores, I can go to the record store in [Las] Vegas and spend three hours in there. Just the smell of it, the looking at it, the wonder of it, the memories.” In a video recorded for Record Store Day, the singer talked about his love of vinyl and his most recent purchase, a bootleg copy of Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo that “cost a fortune.” John also admitted that he cried when Tower Records closed, but he’s heartened by the surge of vinyl sales and the support of independent record stores.

“I love vinyl so much,” John said. “The tactile nature, the ritual of it, looking at the sleeve … especially with the old albums and the liner notes – who played on them, the process of putting it on, the needle going on and the sound coming out. And it does sound better, I know it does. I’ve been around long enough to know, I’ve been in so many studios … It does sound better. So it’s just the wonder of having vinyl.”

John added that he sold his massive record collection in 1990 at auction for $250,000, which he donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Two years ago, the singer decided to start a new collection and “slowly” began amassing records; fast-forward to today and his new vinyl collection contains over 7,000 pieces.

17-11-70, was originally released in 1971 after the live radio broadcast of the performance was widely bootlegged, initially only included six tracks, including an 18-minute medley featuring Elton John’s take on the Beatles’ “Get Back.”

A subsequent CD reissue tacked an additional song – “Amoreena” back onto the track list, but the 2-LP Record Store Day version marks the first time the entire 13-song recording has been officially released.

“The album 17-11-70 was not meant to be a live one at all; we did one of the first-ever stereo radio broadcasts live at A&R Recording Studios in New York City in 1970 on the 17th of November,” John said of the live LP. “It was Phil Ramone’s studio, one of the greatest producers of all time, and we just went in the booth and played it as a three-piece: Nigel Olsson on drums and vocals, Dee Murray on bass and vocals, and myself.”

John continued, “There was a studio audience of about 100 sitting outside the booth, hearing it coming through the loud speakers, and we just played. I’m astonished by how good we were, listening to this record a lot of it was improvised, and you can do that when you’re a three-piece band because I’m really the lead instrument, and Dee and Nigel were so brilliant at following what I did. There’s a 16-minute track on it that was completely improvised, more or less, and I’m very proud of it: I think it’s one of the greatest live albums ever made. It wasn’t initially coming out as a live album, but there were so many bootlegs in those days that the record company put it out. I’m glad they did because it really is something I’m very, very proud of.”

17.11.70+ will be released as a 2-LP set on 180-gram vinyl, with all the recordings remastered by mastering engineer extraordinaire Bob Ludwig. Additionally, the version of “Amoreena” features a different mix than the controversial take that appeared on the 17-11-70 reissue.

17.11.70+ Track List

A1 “Take Me To The Pilot”
A2 “Honky Tonk Women”
A3 “Sixty Years On”
A4 “Can’t Put You On”

B1 “Bad Side Of The Moon”
B2 “Burn Down The Mission” (Incl. “My Baby Left Me” / “Get Back”)

C1 “Indian Sunset” *
C2 “Amoreena” (Newly remixed bonus track)
C3 “Your Song” *

D1 “Country Comfort” *
D2 “I Need You To Turn To” *
D3 “Border Song” *


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Marking the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest singles by the Beatles and indeed by anyone of all time “Penny Lane/ Strawberry Fields Forever” is coming out on Record Store Day 2017.

The song was written by John Lennon  and credited to the Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership. It was inspired by Lennon’s memories of playing in the garden of Strawberry Field a salvation Army children’s home near where he grew up in Liverpool.

The song was the first track recorded during the sessions for the BeatlesSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album and was intended for inclusion on the album. Instead, with the group under record-company pressure to release a single, it was issued in February 1967 as a double A side with the song  “Penny Lane” . The combination reached number two in the UK singles chart .

Lennon considered the song his greatest accomplishment.  The track incorporates reverse-recorded instrumentation and tape loops, and was created from the editing together of two separate versions of the song – each one entirely different in tempo, mood and key. The song was later included on the US released album “Magical Mystery Tour”  (although not on the British double EP package of the same name).

“Strawberry Fields Forever” is one of the defining works of the psychedelic rock genre . The Beatles made a promotional film clip for the song that is similarly recognised for its influence in the medium of music video.

At the time of its release most people did not know the backstory, hearing the songs as psychedelic messages from the all mysterious Beatles, when in fact, most Beatle songs were deeply rooted in reality and real places, though for those of us traveling the mystic highway of fascination, we were all more than willing to listen to the rumors, even making up some of our own, and dive headlong down the rabbit hole. Of course all these years later, and with countless books having been written, exploring every nuance of the of all things Beatle, I so wish that I could return to those cherished fabricated underground memories from so long ago.

Both of the songs were artistically different, lush, layered, hypnotic, yet with their dream laden musical construction and surreal lyrics, this back to back adventure made for a contextually complete image, one that made it impossible for one song to exist without the other. I remember hearing both songs on Top Of the Pops and thinking these songs were singular moments in time, they were defining points on the map of life, the numbers became even more alive, more magical, filled with divine purpose and provenance, Both “Strawberry Fields and “Penny Lane” were musical scripts being played out.

With both songs being recorded in late 1966, and released as a single due to pressure from their record company, neither of these tracks would find their way onto Sgt. Pepper, though it was Lennon’s intention that “Strawberry Fields” should be the opening track for Sgt. Pepper’s, where if one considers the sublime nature of these two numbers, they would have completely redefined that album as we know it, without a doubt making it much stronger and influential.

Penny Lane is where Lennon used to live before moving in with his Aunt Mimi. As such, Strawberry Fields was also a factual place, a Salvation Army home in Liverpool where John Lennon used to go. He had fond memories of the place that inspired this. In 1984, Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono donated $375,000 to the home. One of the buildings has been named Lennon Hall.

John’s aunt Mimi did not like John going to Strawberry Fields, as it was basically an orphanage and she thought they would lead John astray. John liked going there because having lost his father and later his mother he felt a kinship to the lads. When John and his aunt would argue about his going he would often reply, “What are they going to do, hang me?” Thus the line “Nothing to get hung about.” In America, to be “hung up” is to worry about something, so many US listeners thought the line meant that it was nothing to get “hung up about.”

A distorted voice at the end sounds like “I buried Paul,” which fueled rumors that Paul McCartney was dead. The voice is actually Lennon saying, “Cranberry sauce.”

It turns out Strawberry Fields is not forever. In 2005, Britain’s Salvation Army closed the Strawberry Field children’s home in Liverpool, stating that it’s preferable for children to be raised in a foster or small group home instead of a large orphanage. The home opened in 1936.Image may contain: text

Heavyweight vinyl linked to the “Send Away The Tigers” 10th anniversary reissue. Includes Nina Persson vocal version & x3 demos. “Your Love Alone Is Not Enough” is a single by Welsh rock band the Manic Street Preachers , it was the lead single that was taken from that album .

The song is a duet featuring the vocals of lead singer James Dean Bradfield and Nina Persson of the band The Cardigans, as well as additional vocals from the bands bass guitarist Nicky Wire . It was originally released on 23rd April 2007. According to the band they always had a duet in mind, seeing that the lyrics have a question reply style to them , According to lead singer Bradfield the title was the last line of a suicide note left by the friend of someone close to the group.

According to Nicky Wire the song is in part concerned with the disappearance of Richey Edwards... while I was writing those words addressed to him, on Your Love Alone…something touched me at my desk when I wrote “I could have shown you how to cry”

Like with all “Send Away the Tigers”-related material, the cover image is taken from the photography book Monika Monster Future First Woman on Mars by Valerie Phillips .

The song’s lyrics reference past classic British rock songs:

The Manics very limited edition 12″ ‘Your Love Alone Is Not Enough’ vinyl for Record Store Day.

This exclusive numbered vinyl includes the original track featuring Nina Persson, the 60’s Jangle demo recorded at Faster Studios, James Dean Bradfield’s solo home acoustic demo and Nicky Wire’s home acoustic demo.

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