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From the Dead Horse One album “WITHOUT LOVE WE PERISH” Produced by Ride’s Mark Gardener, I previewed Dead Horse One‘s debut album ‘Without Love We Perish’ which came out last April via A Quick One Records. The French quintet formed in 2011 and released their first EP Heavenly Choir Of Jet Engines the following year. Inspired by Ride, The Telescopes and Swervedriver, it’s fitting that Ride‘s Mark Gardener jumped on board to produce the record. Lead single ‘I Love My Man’ is an example of the rock n’ roll swagger you should expect. It’s predominantly a psych rock experience, combined with loveable slacker rock balladry. I had a chance to preview early cuts of the album many months ago, it’s clear that a lot of work has gone into putting this record together and it’s paid off. For fans of The Black Angels, Sleepy Sun and Brian Jonestown Massacre.


Mt Mountain 5 track EP from this Perth, Australian based, psychedelic rock band, “Heavy winding psychedelics Mt. Mountain formed in mid 2012 in Perth, Western Australia.
The release of a well-received demo ‘Omed’ in 2013 and their debut self- produced EP “EP”
in 2014 has led to the winning of the 2014 WAM “Breakthrough Artist” award and
international/national support shows and tours with the likes of Om, Bardo Pond, King Gizzard
& The Wizard Lizard, Stonefield and Earthless.”

Straight off the back of our mid 2014 EP release, We’ve spent the later half of the year
back in the studio writing and recording our debut full-length album. December brings a brand
new single “Chantry” from the upcoming album recorded by Broderick Madden-Scott & Jeremy
Beste at Fremantle Recording Studios. The new single will also be the second vinyl release from
the band pressed alongside another new track on a very limited edition 7 Inch that will be launched
on December 19 at Mojos Bar Fremantle.

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete’s third album was released in March.

What’s Holding You? comes exploding out my wireless. The opening track from “Chambers” is a fusion of psychedelic rock, the Velvets and Isn’t Anything era My Bloody Valentine. Quite possibly the best opening track of any album released this year. Released on the wonderful Sonic Cathedral label, “Chambers” is a full on aural rollercoaster. I Can’t Feel The Outside slows the pace down. It has a real bluesy feel to it. The Nuggets influenced Sealed Scene is another highlight. Third Wave has touches of Joy Division. A really diverse LP.”

Key tracks – What’s Holding You?, I Can’t Feel The Outside, Sealed Scene


Landmarks is a psychedelic rock band from Chicago, and they released their debut EP on November 18th, 2014. Bringing the classic psychedelic sound from previous decades and mixing it with modern innovations is what makes this band a must listen. Everything sounds traditional, but with the perfect touch of more recent ideas the songs come alive. One song you will hear a definite late 60’s psychedelic rock sound, and the next a 90’s indie rock guitar riff. You can tell you’re in for a journey as soon as the EP begins, with “Mason Hill” being a short introduction of looping ambient synths. Right after, the second track kicks in.


Landmarks’ debut EP is the perfect example of the iconic psychedelic rock sound, and even though it is blended with modern influences, it never loses the integrity that the genre has. The guitar plays smooth throughout the album, which is something I love to hear from psychedelic rock bands, especially if they’re more guitar driven. Some bands go a more electronic route, but what I like about Landmarks is that they only use effects to heighten the songs. They play true rock by the books, but they venture out when it is needed. The rock scene needs more innovative bands like Landmarks to light a spark on traditional music and augment what’s already there to create their own true style. For this reason, among others, is why their EP is such a solid release, it truly is a breath of fresh air.


Away From The Water by Lola Colt  on Fuzz Club This is an album which has a lot of different ingredients which meld together beautifully to create a very distinct sound. Add to this a production that, for me, gives the right balance of raw fuzzy power and smooth harmonies and you get a set whose expansive vision is redolent with big skies, huge expanses of desert and endless vistas, It’s an album that gives you room to breath. Yet it is also a album that is intense and claustrophobic, causing the listener to pause and think. It encourages a psychedelic inner journey and yet pulls you towards the horizon, and I find that to be a very potent mixture.


Australian Band The Babe Rainbow, are supporting King Gizzard and the Wizzard Lizard The Babe Rainbow backed it up with an equally organic and environmentally inspired video clip – which seems to channel the style of multiple 60′s television comedies simultaneously, as if you were watching them on LSD. The psychedelic VHS trip was filmed in Murwillumbah, NSW and edited by the band, the enigmatic Dr. D Foothead and Malane – and depicts the members of the band run around the town and it’s green pastures and hills, before colours change and spirals fill the screen to really trip you out.

great band name, Taken from the album “Chambers”

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete have announced their eagerly awaited return to Europe and the UK for a lengthy tour, which begins in Italy next month, immediately after the release of their third album Chambers which is out now on Sonic Cathedral Records since March .

The Mexican psych duo of Lorelle (aka Lorena Quintanilla) and The Obsolete (aka Alberto González) will be joined by the rhythm section from Italian band The New Candys”for the tour, which will also take in shows in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and a slot on the French festival Les Femmes S’en Melent .




HOLY WAVE from El Paso in  Texas sonic textures that makes their sound pierce through the haze that engulfs most Psych Bands.

With new single, ‘Where The Lightning Strikes’, this cinematic psych-outfit make blues-stomping, dirty rock n roll with psychedelic organs, screaming guitars and haunting harmonica. “This is Tarantino/Lynch style, warped, twisted psychedelic Western inspired music.. warped twisted psychedelica sounds from a member of the band Lola Colt in her offshoot band Saint Agnes new single double A side Where The Lighting Strikes/A Beautiful Day For Murder on Energy Snake Records. 

Saint Agnes Kitty Austin Jon Tufnell




Carlilse Psych Rock Band The Lucid Dream, One of the leading lights in the UK scene, listen to the reverb drenched new album “Songs Of lies and Deceit “