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Jacco Gardner is a neo-psych/baroque pop artist from the Netherlands. Like his debut album. 2013’s underground favourite “Cabinet of Curiosities”, Jacco Gardner’s new full-length was recorded at his home studio in a quiet village 40 minutes north of Amsterdam. Handling nearly all of the instruments (including vintage Wurlitzer and mellotron) himself, Gardner creates a collection of “catchy, baroque-psych concoctions” that “plays like a daydream twisted through Joe Meek-esque production”
Jacco Gardner will be playing the Bodega social later this year

The Warlocks started because of the their mutual love of all things Rock and Roll. We love a lot of the 60s, 70s and some 80s inspired music. We are not a retro band though. We all always try new stuff and from time to time hit something great.

After forming in America during 1999, the ever-changing personnel of The Warlocks meant that the band had already featured nineteen different members before it was slimmed to the seven-piece outfit that they are today. Consisting of Bobby Hecksher (Vocals/Guitar), JC Rees (Guitar), Corey Lee Granet (Guitar), Bobby Martinez (Bass), Laura Grigsby (Tambourine/Keys), Danny Hole (Drums) and Jason Anchondo (Drums) – their two drummers with four guitarists formation produces a relentless, hypnotic wall of sound that suggests a collision between classic psychedelia, Krautrock and Velvet Underground style rock and roll. It’s just what the head doctor orders if you wish to be an underground stateside phenomenon and that’s exactly what The Warlocks became.

Front man Bobby Hecksher grew up in the swamps of Tampa Bay, Florida where he was practically raised at a radio station owned his Grandfather and where his mum also worked as a secretary. As a result Bobby was soon eating and breathing rock’n’roll on a daily basis.

Bobby recalls, “My granddad was an inspiration. He created the radio station out of thin air. And from it all these nuggets of rock’n’roll came toward me”.

At sixteen his family left the swamps and moved to LA where Bobby soon found kindred spirits. He jammed with Beck playing bass on “Stereopathetic Soul Manure”; he hung out in the in the decadent atmosphere of the ‘Mad Hatter’ club and moonlighted in the Brian Jonestown Massacre whilst also attending parties with legendary acid guru Timothy Leary, a potent cultural and creative mix that led to the formation of The Warlocks.

Interstellar Overdrive's photo.


Their debut album ”Rise & Fall’ (Bomp 2000) set out their template allowing The Warlocks to build upon their reputation as a forceful live act but it was the band’s signing of a worldwide deal with Mute (in conjunction with City Rockers in the UK and with Birdman in America) that led to the release of “Phoenix” (2003) a record that raised their profile significantly. The album’s varying moods and atmospheres range from the driving power of “Shake the Dope Out” to the 14-minute, hallucinogenic opus “Oh Shadie”. “Baby Blue”, the pretty and deliciously retro 7″ and CD single taken from the LP arrived awash with sitars, a touch of feedback and a melody that sounded like it had blown in from the West Coast of pop. The single’s extra tracks featured two songs from the album recorded on their British tour, “Hurricane Heart Attack” boasting a guest appearance from ex-Spaceman 3 front man Sonic Boom that together with “Inside Outside” successfully conveyed a sense of the band’s gigantic live sound.

Having left those who have experienced the sheer power of The Warlocks hungry for more, “Phoenix” is sure to be the first step on a ladder that could escalate the band to some lofty heights, a fact that Bobby Hecksher seems highly aware of.

“All that concerns me is making The Warlocks the best I can possibly make it. I want to move people. If they walk away from a show feeling something, or just experience a feeling that they didn’t feel before then we’ve achieved something. We’ve been through chaos and now, finally our destiny is whatever we want it to be…”
Genre Psychedelic
Members Bobby Hecksher
JC Rees
George Serrano
Earl Miller
Chris DiPino

Here is a partial List of the Musicians that have played in The Warlocks over the years. We will update this thing as we go along.

Ryan McBride: Guitar
Bob Mustachio: Drums
Jana Risher: Bass
Mimi Sato: Bass
Corey Lee Granet: Guitar, Piano
Jeff Levitz: Guitar
Jen Chiba: Bass
Caleb Sweazy: Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Laura Grigsby: Tambourine
Hunter Crowley: Drums
Bobby Tamkin : Drums
Anton Newcombe: Drums
Theresa Saso: Drums
Danny Hole: Drums
Tanya Hayden plays cello on Whips of Mercy
Rachel Hayden sings backing vocals on Cocaine Blues
Julie Hermelin plays violin on Dilauded
Ileen Goldsmith sings on Dope Feels Good

With his fourth album, “Written In Scars”, to be released next Monday (February 9th), Watch these clips of the singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen for an acoustic session featuring two of the tracks from his forthcoming LP.

Jack Savoretti  performs his newest single ‘Home’, plus another track from the new album called ‘The Other Side Of Love’. Jack will be performing live and signing copies of his new album at a selection of  HMV stores next week, including Portsmouth, Cardiff and London’s 363 Oxford Street.

He will also be touring the UK and Ireland throughout February and performing at the  Bodega Social Rooms on Saturday 14th February 2015


More melodic grunge comes along from Darlia ‘I’ve never been to Ohio’ Darlia has moved on to their latest release from ‘Candyman’ EP and its another crowd pleasing song, I really love this band and frontman Nathan Day is so charasmatic


Away From The Water by Lola Colt  on Fuzz Club This is an album which has a lot of different ingredients which meld together beautifully to create a very distinct sound. Add to this a production that, for me, gives the right balance of raw fuzzy power and smooth harmonies and you get a set whose expansive vision is redolent with big skies, huge expanses of desert and endless vistas, It’s an album that gives you room to breath. Yet it is also a album that is intense and claustrophobic, causing the listener to pause and think. It encourages a psychedelic inner journey and yet pulls you towards the horizon, and I find that to be a very potent mixture.

Having formed just over a year ago in the suburban decay of Chesham, South Bucks, Big Sixes are an exciting new force in music. Their innovative take on indie pop is a breath of fresh air in the stagnant alternative music scene



King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizzard:  these Australians probably played the most shows during CMJ in New York. The band played every venue and every day they could, there was the ‘Gizzard’s knocking people’s socks off, sometimes through sheer momentum and frenetic energy. With  three guitarists, two drummers, two singers and the occasional flute (some of these duties overlapped), they were a psych-garage semi with no brakes down a steep incline. Was there more than one song or just one really long insane one? I can’t remember but it’s an awesome blur.The band are playing the Bodega Social on Wednesday 26th November catch them now before they return to Oz.

New York’s Public Access TV are Radar Band Of The Week in this week’s NME, and for good reason. Since emerging at the beginning of this year with debut track ‘Monaco’, they’ve slowly but surely set out their stall as the most exciting thing to step out of Gotham in recent memory. ‘In The Mirror’ follows the buoyant garage-pop of this summer’s ‘Rebounder’ EP, showing that they’ve still got plenty left in the tank with a Costello strut and Strokes-esque loucheness. Listen below and catch the band when they head over to the UK in November to support Circa Waves who will be at the Bodega Social In Nottingham on the 11th November.


Billy’s slick guitar and key work, paired with a sincere, soulful vocal initially uploaded his first recorded track to the BBC Introducing Uploader; winning support from the likes of Fearne Cotton, Greg James and Huw Stephens. After being added to the BBC Radio 1 Introducing playlist twice and working with Andy Green on his most recent tracks, Billy became noted for his upbeat, festival-esque performances; honed in intimate church-like venues. .. and you thought Northampton only made good shoes?, catch Billy Lockett at the Bodega Social 2nd November 2014



Jack Garratt will be at the Bodega Social later this year, please try to catch him, he really crafts each song before your eyes playing all the instruments, looping it all together with guitars and keys