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Away From The Water by Lola Colt  on Fuzz Club This is an album which has a lot of different ingredients which meld together beautifully to create a very distinct sound. Add to this a production that, for me, gives the right balance of raw fuzzy power and smooth harmonies and you get a set whose expansive vision is redolent with big skies, huge expanses of desert and endless vistas, It’s an album that gives you room to breath. Yet it is also a album that is intense and claustrophobic, causing the listener to pause and think. It encourages a psychedelic inner journey and yet pulls you towards the horizon, and I find that to be a very potent mixture.

London Based psych Rock band Lola Colt, the title track from the debut album after some succesfull EP’s.check out the track “Driving Mr Johnny” its a great listen could be an album of the year for sure

Lola Colt and their brand of Psych Rock with western noir overtones, Lola Colt was a spaghetti western from 1967 with predictable cliches something this band are definitely not check out their current single “Driving Johnny” and the album “Away from The Water” due out 27th October. You must catch them live see dates,