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From a commune in southeastern France, something weird, innovative, and probably somewhat illicit is going on. The region is ground zero for Dead Horse One, a band that formed in 2011 playing music that blended overdriven guitars with psychedelic overtones, quickly attracting the attention of some major players. Creation Records pioneer Joe Foster sang Dead Horse One’s praises after they released the first of three 2012 EPs. A couple of years later, Ride frontman Mark Gardener produced their wistful, imagistic debut full-length Without Love We Perish. The band’s followup, this year’s Season of Mist was produced by Fleeting Joys’ John Loring, and ups the ante with louder compositions, more radical sound excursions, and better vocal harmonies. Clearly influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Dead Horse One also inject elements of Swervedriver, and, of course, Ride into their swirly concoctions.


Releases November 22, 2019

Ludovic Naud – Bass, Vocals
Olivier Debard – Guitar, Vocals
Antoine Pinet – Drums, Guitar
Ivan Tziboulsky – Guitar, Keyboards

John Loring – Additional Guitar
Rorika Loring – Vocals on Saudade

All songs written by Dead Horse One

Shoegaze en Francais from Dead Horse One, presenting their second full-length album of richly-hazed psych-pop songs. Season Of Mist doesn’t mark out any new territory, but sometimes sinking back into a gorgeously-textured and richly melodic shoegaze bath is just the right thing to do isn’t it? CD and LP editions available, via the Requiem Pour Un Twister label.


The Band

Olivier Debard – Guitar / Vocals
Ludovic Naud – Bass / Vocals
Ivan Tziboulsky – Keyboards / 12 strings / guitar
Maxime Garcia – Guitar
Antoine Pinet – Drums

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Dead Horse One is the wonderful French band led by singer/guitarist Olivier Debard. Hailing from the southern French town of Valence, they formed in 2012 and released the well-received EP “Heavenly Choir Of Jet Engines” In 2014, they released the marvelous “Without Love We Perish”, produced by Mark Gardener of Ride. The band cites influences ranging from The Telescopes to John Barry soundtracks, and it’s somewhat evident in the grooves of this new release. The band has always favored the poppier end of the psych gaze spectrum, and seem less involved with regurgitating the same old tired MBV effects. With a high focus on swooning psychedelia and heavenly layers of sound, Dead Horse One have another winner on their hands.

The album was mixed and produced by John Loring from Fleeting Joys,  and also features musical contributions from John and Rorika Loring (also from Fleeting Joys). John also co-wrote two songs (“Disconnected” and “Today”).

Opening track “Insight” is truly stunning, and I really dig the somewhat warped sounding keyboard that starts it off. It morphs quickly into a full blown psych stomp with gauzy textures, the perfect synthesis between shoegaze and psychedelia. And before I expound further, let me state for the record that I have always considered shoegaze to be a sub-genre of psych, so the two fit together neatly. The vocals are wonderful here too, as are the guitars soaring into the stratosphere.

“Season of Mist” is equally gorgeous, and it reminds me the most of A Storm in Heaven era Verve. Especially with the curls of feedback surrounding the entire mix. If ever a song deserved to be a hit, it’s this one.  “Mesmerise Me” is a graceful and sublimely trippy slice of decadent psych, and is truly swoonworthy. You will find yourself floating on golden clouds, raised up by the grandeur of this music.  The guitar work by Olivier Debard is fantastic here, but that is the case throughout the record.

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From the Dead Horse One album “WITHOUT LOVE WE PERISH” Produced by Ride’s Mark Gardener, I previewed Dead Horse One‘s debut album ‘Without Love We Perish’ which came out last April via A Quick One Records. The French quintet formed in 2011 and released their first EP Heavenly Choir Of Jet Engines the following year. Inspired by Ride, The Telescopes and Swervedriver, it’s fitting that Ride‘s Mark Gardener jumped on board to produce the record. Lead single ‘I Love My Man’ is an example of the rock n’ roll swagger you should expect. It’s predominantly a psych rock experience, combined with loveable slacker rock balladry. I had a chance to preview early cuts of the album many months ago, it’s clear that a lot of work has gone into putting this record together and it’s paid off. For fans of The Black Angels, Sleepy Sun and Brian Jonestown Massacre.


DEAD HORSE ONE is a band founded by Olivier Debard, Luðóvík Naud, Jerome Simonian and Antoine Pinet in 2011. Their music spans multiple genres including Shoegaze and psychedelia.
Dead Horse One hit the ground running in 2012 with the phenomenal Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines EP, which leaned somewhat towards the dark and heavy and immediately established a highly realized sound for the band. The group has performed at the Liverpool psych fest 2013 and has shared the stage with The Telescopes, The Veldt, and French compatriots H-Burns and Sound Sweet Sound.

Dead Horse One’s debut full-length, “Without Love We Perish”, produced by Mark Gardener of Ride,
Hailing from southern France,the quintet released the superbly titled ‘Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines’ EP
Inspired by Ride, The Telescopes, Swervedriver and John Barry soundtracks, the group formed in the town of Valence and have won appreciation Stateside with The Austin Town Hall website praising the band’s “early shoegaze” guitar textures. Focusing on the poppier end of the psych spectrum away from thunderous grooves the five-piece create swooning psych pop gems.
‘Their avowed aim is to be a ”Heavenly choir of jet engines” filling the soundscape of the world with an endless extended note, wistful and melancholic….macabre and beautiful…from which will emerge pop songs…and they do.’ – Joe Foster – co-founder of CREATION RECORDS

Dead Horse One and a cover of the Love and Rockets track “The Light” and here is the original, This is the promotional video for “The Light,” by Love and Rockets. The song is available on the album, “Earth – Sun- Moon,” and the video can be found on the DVD, “Sorted! The Best of Love and Rockets.”

The Fat Angel Sings

French band Dead Horse One and their Psychedelia/Shoegaze sounds have released a superb sounding album produced by Ride’s Mark Gardener.

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I Really Love this band and their Psychedlia soundscapes, They are a French band  founded by Oliveir Debard, Jerome Simonian and Antione Pinet in 2011 in Valence, Their music spans different genres shoegaze and Psychedelia wistful and Melancholic macabre and beautiful.


French Shoegaze/Psychedelica band inspired by bands like Ride, The Telescopes and Swervedriver the band released their Ep “Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines” and now the debut album “Without Love We Perish” formed in the town of Valen, France

DEAD HORSE ONE from the southern area of France, are a shoegaze, psychedelica band with their debut album released in early 2014 produced by Mark Gardener from the band RIDE also check out the EP released in 2012 Jet Engines,