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“Woozily narcotic of tempo and bathed in reverb, minor chord-heavy songs…glide by in a melancholy swoon….there’s a bewitching aura of moonlight dappled languor.
“Packed with atmospheric, gentle psychedelic folk…this is a delicate and sublime mix of swooning melodies and haunting, intelligent arrangements.”

“It’s dark yet playful; ‘quintessentially English’ yet worldly and well- travelled as if part acid folk with hints of portentous balladry and filmic imagery as viewed through a gypsy campfire and all thoroughly delightful.” 
“Its ethereal folk and dreamy psychedelic songs have the power to hypnotise. Heartfelt, introspective Englishness has
never sounded so good.” 

The Left Outsides - The Shape Of Things To Come

This is a limited edition vinyl release of The Left Outsides: The Shape Of Things To Come album – 300 copies only in 140 gsm vinyl with a high-gloss artwork sleeve.including lyric sheet and album download code.

The Left Outsides, Mark Nicholas and Alison Cotton, are a husband and wife duo from the Midlands and Sunderland based in London, England whose atmospheric, hypnotic songs echo Nico’s icy European folk, pastoral psychedelia and chilly English fields at dawn.

Their new album is The Shape Of Things To Come, mixed by Martin Noble of British Sea Power and Graham Sutton of Bark Psychosis – 13 songs including modern-day murder ballads, 60s beat psychedelia and outsider folk, with music and lyrics inspired by memories, dreams and Gregorian chants.

Before The Left Outsides, Mark and Alison were in psych folk group The Eighteenth Day of May. Alison was also in Saloon, and over the past decade she’s played viola live with British Air Powers (an early version of British Sea Power), Cheval Sombre, Pete Astor and Mathew Sawyer. She plays with Plinth and her viola arrangements can be heard throughout Comet Gain’s latest album, Paperback Ghosts.

The Left Outsides have played across the UK, France, Germany and in the USA on their own, supported Dead Meadow, The Clientele, Mark Mulcahy and the Bevis Frond and also appeared at Phil McMullen’s Terrascope festival. They’ve recorded radio sessions for Stuart Maconie’s Freakzone, Tom Robinson’s show on BBC6 Music and Pete Paphides show for Soho Radio. 


Welcome to a historic Folkadelphia Session. Before this point, we have never recorded a repeat session with any artist. Sure, they always say that they will write or call, but bands get wrapped up in being in a band, hitting that dusty road. We’re just a transitory frequency on their dial en route to another city. Truly we’d like to think that we’re the “going steady” type, but thus far we have had only “one session stands.” That all changes today. Enter Boston-based psych-rockers Quilt, officially a trio of Shane Butler, Anna Rochinski, and John Andrews, but who tour as a quartet featuring Keven Lareau on bass. They finally got us to settle down – at least for an encore session. They told us they were going out for cigarettes and would be right back, and they actually came back! Less than a year passed between our sessions, but it’s obvious that the Quilt have grown into formidible and rightful torchbearers of the contemporary psychedelia genre. On their just-released second album, “Held In Splendor”, Quilt focuses on mastering the long playing record format as a singular sonic portrait instead of a collection of singles. The result is an intrepid effort where there is no designated start or stopping point, but a sunlight-bathed, ruby-gleaming swirl of musical materials. Get on the ride and get off the ride whenever you choose. Your friends in Quilt will always welcome you back for a new adventure.

On their recent Folkadelphia Session, the band gave us a taste of their new record, holding us in rapture. They couldn’t hear us through the soundproof glass of the studio, but we were applauding loudly. Bravo Quilt – don’t forget us on your cosmic journey down the river of life.

Recorded at WXPN’s Performance Studio on January 16th, 2013 by Clark Conner and Eric Sanderson. Mixed at their home studio location.

released 03rd February 2013Anna Rochinski– Vocals, Guitar
John Andrews– Vocals, Drums
Shane Butler– Vocals, Guitar

A Philadelphia-located folk music organization, WXPN radio show, airing Wednesdays 10-11 PM ET on 88.5 FM Folkadelphia Sessions are completely free, just enter $0 when prompted. That being said, any donation you give here on our Bandcamp site will be used to help us bring you more exciting projects & developments from Folkadelphia!


This is Quilt’s 2nd Folkadelphia appearance. The first was recorded on 1/16/2013 and is available

released 26 February 2014

Anna Rochinski– Vocals, Guitar
John Andrews– Vocals, Drums
Shane Butler– Vocals, Guitar
Keven Lareau – Vocals, Bass

A Séance at Syd’s is an Anthology of Modern Acid-Folk-Haunt-Psych-Prog-Space-Kraut-Radiophonic-Rock Etcetera Quotes features over thirty of today’s leading figures in the world of… well, Modern Acid-Folk-Haunt-Psych-Prog-Space-Kraut-Radiophonic-Rock.

A collection of words, with and wisdom from some eighty different bands, performers, artists and label heads, heralds of and spokesmen of the sprawling mass of musical notions that have made this decade so unexpectedly enthralling
Forget all the doom and gloom that surrounds the music industry of today; forget the epitaphs that are written almost every day; and forget the widespread insistence that we’ve never had it so bad. Behind all those words, the modern music scene is actually pretty darned healthy.
No longer the Anglo-American hegemony that once held all the cards, contemporary music now drip feeds its sonics from every corner of the globe. This book interviews musicians from Portugal, France, Germany, Finland, Spain, Italy and Sweden,releasing their music in a variety of formats and across a wealth of platforms.
Once, the major labels held all-consuming sway, swatting aside any upstart indies that might challenge their dominance as though they were less than gnats. Today, it’s the majors who are the endangered species, as bands prove they don’t even need record labels any more.

Self releasing through Bandcamp, spotlighting on the Active Listener, financing via Kickstarter… those three sites (and they are by no means alone) could keep you discovering new music for the rest of your life.

The 300 page hardback edition containing two CDs that soundtrack the book with tracks Limited edition (100 copies) of Dave Thompson’s A Séance at Syd’s. 8-inch x 8-inch hardback book, matte laminated, 286 pages, two CDs plus bonus downloads.

Released 11 July 2015


Quilt “Held in Splendor” released on the label Mexican Summer,
American folk music is often held as sacred, bound by hallowed traditions both acoustic and spiritual. So it seems almost too easy to name your ragtag, 21st-century folk band Quilt, but it’s difficult to describe this Boston-bred trio any other way, their cloth cut from equal parts the Byrds, Mazzy Star, and the Mamas and the Papas, though the stitches threading their follow up record together are far from linear. Alternating psych-pop textures, radiant Eastern rhythms, and acoustic licks, “Held in Splendor” defies what we typically talk about when we talk about “folk” music. 

Maybe when Quilt named the album, they were describing its sound. More mature – and significantly better – that their self-titled debut, “Held in Splendor” is more ornate, more psych, more 1967 than 1966. Though the psych-folk tossback trend of the last few years leaves mixed results , Quilt has more firmly established their sound within the genre.  Following thier 2011 self-titled debut on Mexican Summer, Its full of cascading harmonies and billowing textures, punchy rhythms and snarled guitars, wonderful depth and resplendent peaks. Mary Mountain takes hazy Summer of Love memories on a mid-summer road trip in a gleaming muscle car. Tired & Buttered invites Booker T over for an energy-addled jam in the garage. The Hollow twinkles like Fleetwood Mac and Galaxie 500, with sweet singing backed by the lap steel sighs of young acoustic guitar . Held in Splendor is an album of personal poetry , confessions and aspirations”really, these 13 tracks are their own playground, brimming with the sort of unapologetic energy and wonder that turns simple songs into absolute anthems. This has been one of my most played records this last year,


Borrowing the name of the building they were living in, Elstow was born out of an appreciation for the melodic folk stylings of sixties heroes Simon & Garfunkel and The Mamas & The Papas. Initially a duo, Jared Shaw and Chel Browne played Peats Ridge Festival in 2012 on the back of a few rough demos before taking some time off to travel and come to grips with their wider musical influences.
In 2013 Elstow expanded to incorporate five members. Drawing on the west coast psychedelic sounds of bands such as Jefferson Airplane and Peanut Butter Conspiracy, as well as nineties alt-psych idols Brian Jonestown Massacre and Mazzy Star, Elstow started work on their debut EP.
To be released in 2014, the result is a five track EP comprised of dreamy psychedelic landscapes fused with a unique folk sensibility. Combining surreal and at times haunting atmospherics with a subtle, personal approach, it’s their own variety of neo-psychedelic-folk pop.
please just listen to the track “Elderflower Bloom” .

Quilt’s second album, is Fuelled with a misty eyed adoration of classic influences, deeply rooted in the psych and folk of the 60′s / 70′s,  The Boston outfit Quilt’s latest album “Held In Splendor” has been met with mass critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. And rightly so. fuelled with a knowing understanding of ‘the classics’, Held In Splendor is a never ending source of discovery – This has been my favourite album for the last few months its full to the brim of quirky chord progressions, off kilter harmonies and fantastic song writing and great production

Quilt have been one of my favourite listens these last few months, taken from the second album ” Held In Splendour” Quilt are a three-piece psychedelic indie-rock band from Boston consisting of Anna Fox Rochinski, Shane Butler, and John Andrews. They have released through Mexican Summer two albums, an EP, and a handful of singles.


Immigrant Union are a psychedelic folk band from Melbourne Australia featuring Brent DeBoer from The Dandy Warhols. Like Spiritualized being baptised in a river of Creedence Clearwater.

Immigrant Union’s started with a few drinks. And… maybe a few dozen more drinks. The story got a little more interesting when the duo started turning simple chords and melodies into completed songs. And then polished recordings of those songs.
In the summer of 2004 when Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols was killing some time in Australia and had a chance meeting with Melbourne’s Bob Harrow. They acquired the talented vocalist and keyboard player, Peter Lubulwa, and the band quickly planted its roots in alt-country-folk, bound by a communal love for classic rock and roll.
Countless shows later, Immigrant Union have now supported Noel Gallagher, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dead Meadow and toured their own headline shows, the band have naturally progressed into the next chapter of their story: realising their second album, and keeping their eyes fixed on the international touring circuit ahead.
Immigrant Union’s upcoming album is a shift from previous recordings – moving away from the country end of the sound spectrum, they approached their second record with a desire to produce a more layered, trippier sound,  the band went literally to the farthest reaches of the earth: to Brent’s hometown in Portland, Oregon and to Altona on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.
With singles coming out in the US from June, Immigrant Union will be releasing ‘Anyway’ in September 2014 followed by appearances at The Americana Music Festival in Nashville in September and a national tour of the USA in October.





Amen Dunes aka Damon McMahon and his fourth album entitled “LOVE”, the sound evokes past times of the Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter period, influenced by the sounds of Velvet Underground  his rough and raspy vocal with some superb songs. the album “Love” is on Sacred Bones Records out now.


Quilt are a psychedelic Folk Rock Indie three piece band members are Anna Fox Rochinski, Shane Butler and John Andrews  so far they have released two albums an EP and a handful of Singles through Mexican Summer. The band writes Collaboratively and share vocals duties




from the excellent KEXP are Quilt recorded live at Pickathon Festival, they will be at the Liverpool Psychedelia Festival next weekend