QUILT – ” Folkadelphia Sessions “

Posted: July 3, 2015 in MUSIC
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Welcome to a historic Folkadelphia Session. Before this point, we have never recorded a repeat session with any artist. Sure, they always say that they will write or call, but bands get wrapped up in being in a band, hitting that dusty road. We’re just a transitory frequency on their dial en route to another city. Truly we’d like to think that we’re the “going steady” type, but thus far we have had only “one session stands.” That all changes today. Enter Boston-based psych-rockers Quilt, officially a trio of Shane Butler, Anna Rochinski, and John Andrews, but who tour as a quartet featuring Keven Lareau on bass. They finally got us to settle down – at least for an encore session. They told us they were going out for cigarettes and would be right back, and they actually came back! Less than a year passed between our sessions, but it’s obvious that the Quilt have grown into formidible and rightful torchbearers of the contemporary psychedelia genre. On their just-released second album, “Held In Splendor”, Quilt focuses on mastering the long playing record format as a singular sonic portrait instead of a collection of singles. The result is an intrepid effort where there is no designated start or stopping point, but a sunlight-bathed, ruby-gleaming swirl of musical materials. Get on the ride and get off the ride whenever you choose. Your friends in Quilt will always welcome you back for a new adventure.

On their recent Folkadelphia Session, the band gave us a taste of their new record, holding us in rapture. They couldn’t hear us through the soundproof glass of the studio, but we were applauding loudly. Bravo Quilt – don’t forget us on your cosmic journey down the river of life.

Recorded at WXPN’s Performance Studio on January 16th, 2013 by Clark Conner and Eric Sanderson. Mixed at their home studio location.

released 03rd February 2013Anna Rochinski– Vocals, Guitar
John Andrews– Vocals, Drums
Shane Butler– Vocals, Guitar

A Philadelphia-located folk music organization, WXPN radio show, airing Wednesdays 10-11 PM ET on 88.5 FM orxpn.org Folkadelphia Sessions are completely free, just enter $0 when prompted. That being said, any donation you give here on our Bandcamp site will be used to help us bring you more exciting projects & developments from Folkadelphia!


This is Quilt’s 2nd Folkadelphia appearance. The first was recorded on 1/16/2013 and is available here:folkadelphia.bandcamp.com/album/quilt-folkadelphia-session-1-16-2013.

released 26 February 2014

Anna Rochinski– Vocals, Guitar
John Andrews– Vocals, Drums
Shane Butler– Vocals, Guitar
Keven Lareau – Vocals, Bass

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