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In a world full of change, last year  was the one Brighton/London band Foundlings got in a pickle with some music bigwigs in the USA, subsequently forcing them to change their name to Hadda Be (taken from Allen Ginsberg’s poem ‘Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebox’).

First new track ‘Another Life’ under their new moniker comes along with recent introduction of Ben on bass, who, with his love of all things electronica, has enabled Hadda Be to combine their previous work with new energy and a punchier sound. 

Recorded last year at the Brighton Road Studio, the track starts with a flourish of Matthew’s guitar licks combined with generous helping of Olly’s drums. The song is straight out the gate sonically, but combine that with innocence of Amber’s vocals and some under the shelf bass-notes, creates a great tune about how we see ourselves in rose-tinted glasses compared to the hard reality of the ‘real’ you. Propelled by scuzzy riffs and thrashing racing beats, ‘Wait In The Dark’ shows us a heavier side to Hadda Be than what we might be used to, proving them as a band who are able to constantly hone their sound, reluctant to be pigeon-holed into any one genre.

With a gritty, frenzied energy and shades of the whirring splendour of Sonic Youth, it builds with a frenetic tension to a magnificent, swirling cacophony. Oozing a riotous, grunge-infused spirit, it offers all the fuzzed-out, angst-driven power we need to motivate us through the next few months, when hopefully brighter things – and the possibility of live music – will be on the horizon.

(FKA Foundlings) Post-punk inflected stomps and melancholic indie-pop • Based in Brighton & SE London • Debut album, “Another Life“, arriving April 2021, It’s the second single to be taken from our forthcoming debut album ‘Another Life’.

Here’s what they say about it:
“Hi, Hope you’re doing well.  “’Wait In The Dark’ is a direct and visceral reaction to the turbulent political and cultural times we find ourselves in. There’s a lot of anger and passion in this song. It felt liberating to have a moment on the album where we really let loose, not allowing ourselves to be wrapped up in analytical posturing. Like with our first ever single, ‘Misery’, the track started off with a bass line and everything else was built up from there. We’re particularly excited about getting this one out on the road.”

We released our new single Wait in the Dark today. Would love to hear what you think! , Our forthcoming debut album ‘Another Life’ is available to pre-order on four different colours of vinyl and CD via our label Last Night From Glasgow’s 

Released March 26th, 2021


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Glasgow four-piece Lemon Drink are preparing to release their latest track, following on from the success of last year’s EP. The band released Better Run in 2020, complete with singles in the shape of Manic, Gomez and A Song for You. Lemon Drink are a 4-piece indie outfit exploring the sometimes challenging and often humorous aspects of modern life as a 20-something woman.

And they will be kicking off 2021 with the new song Demon Child, which will be released through Last Night From Glasgow.

“Demon Child” was recorded at La Chunky Studio and mixed by the very lovely Andy Monaghan (Frightened Rabbit). Big love to Last Night From Glasgow for unleashing “Demon Child” into the world, as well as pressing it on a beauty of a  7” vinyl,

Lemon Drink are Kirstie Cunningham, Vocals Lauren Peters Bass Guitar: Drums: Harry Smith Guitar: Sophie Bartholomew Guitar:

The single will be available from Friday, February 12th,

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Slow Weather is the new project of Chris McCrory and Annie Booth, of Catholic Action and Last Night From Glasgow fame. The collaboration came about when Chris and Annie worked together in recording sessions for a track by wojtek the bear, followed by Chris providing production on Annie’s ‘Spectral’ EP which was released in 2019. Slow Weather is an exciting partnership of two hidden gems of the Scottish music scene; one that on their debut EP showcases two truly great songwriters combining to deliver a very cohesive set of luscious yet varied songs packed with character and nuance.

‘Lisbon’ is a particular highlight, where shimmering guitar glistens over a sleepy rhythm section that brings to mind the dying breaths of day as the sun fades. Annie Booth’s melancholic vocals guide the listener through a series of poetic musings that feel nostalgic in their whispered delivery. The latter parts of the song really begin to take flight and it’s easy to bear resemblances to Beach House, with reverby guitars wash through a circling stream of consciousness. It really is a captivating piece of dream pop and a clear point where the production really shines in giving the songs space to open up and breathe.

The title track ‘Clean Living’ sets off with gentle plucked guitars and lullaby-like keys, which don’t even begin to prepare the listener for this expansive musing on the comedown from a failed relationship. Lines like ‘I’m an optimist’ being met with ‘I’m a realist’ shows the duo’s musical chemistry and interplay as they cohesively weave a sense of narrative that ebbs and flows alongside the instrumentation so elegantly. In the latter half of the track, Chris and Anna deliver a spiralling ‘How did I let this happen to us?’ refrain which repeats over and over, as the keys gently build and layer to drive home the sense of circling thoughts and regret over what has been lost. It’s an emotionally captivating moment that frequently threatens to spill over, yet stays restrained and understated, almost as the character tries to keep their emotions intact. It’s such a powerful finishing statement that leaves a lasting impact.

Slow Weather’s debut is the affirming sound of two artists maturing in their craft and exploring the possibilities offered by collaboration. This clever, emotionally compelling yet often playful set of songs provides an experience more akin to an album than just five songs.

‘Clean Living’ is out now on 12” vinyl, available from Last Night From Glasgow in the UK.

Hadda Be, ‘Another Life’ some very top quality indie pop, and a great Single of the Week. The single is the title from from forthcoming album, recorded between national lockdowns and due to release in April.

Hadda Be of London and Brighton are previously loved as Foundlings, led by the multi-tasking NHS hero Amber Oliver. The band had a ‘very 2020’ year last year – a line-up change, a new baby, and a trademark dispute on top of the global chaos. From the Allen Ginsberg poem Hadda Be Playing on the Radio, the new name reflects their fresh start, and purposeful intent. If this fab single is anything to go by, they’ll be playing on all the radio in no time!, With a new bass-player, debut album on the way and US trademark dispute looming, the band made the decision to switch to Hadda Be, lifted from the Allen Ginsberg poem, Hadda Be Playing on the Radio. 

Recorded at Brighton Road Studios over just five days last summer, “Another Life” was an album created with a desire to capture all of the energy and intensity that make Foundlings such an exciting live band. The immediacy channelled through a recording approach that saw the band largely laying everything down live in just a few takes, with minimal overdubs added afterwards. Listening to the title track, that sense of urgency and energy is immediately clear, it is a track that eschews some of their dreamier tendencies in favour of cutting straight to the point, with clattering guitars, visceral drum hits and yelp along vocals, perfectly suited to sweaty venue sing-alongs, and who isn’t missing those right now?

It is upon us! Our new single Another Life is available everywhere right now. Released via Last Night From Glasgow,Another Life” is the first single from our forthcoming debut album.



Foundlings are a London / Brighton based band who play melodic, guitar-driven, indie-rock. In support of their debut release – double a-side single, ‘Misery’ / ‘Your Sister’ – the band embarked on their successful first U.K. tour, with performances in London, Brighton, Glasgow, Manchester and Sheffield. ‘Misery’ was selected by Steve Lamacq for his 6Music Recommends playlist and by Tom Robinson for the BBC Introducing Mixtape. The track received nationwide airplay on BBC 6Music, Amazing Radio and various other stations; Lamacq described the band’s sound as, “breathless indie pop.” The tracks have an insistent, guitar-driven energy across which the vocals are lifted, setting the tone somewhere between urban style and sweet nostalgia.

Foundlings’ eponymous debut EP is the band’s first release on Scottish label Last Night From Glasgow.


Band Members
Amber, Bryan, Matthew and Oliver

released March 1, 2019

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Scottish Fiction and Last Night From Glasgow are proud to present ‘Magic 8’, the lead single from Annie Booth’s new EP ‘Spectral’.

Lead single ‘Magic 8’ showcases perfectly Booth’s lyrical frankness as she concedes “This is all I have to give to you and it’s nothing”, atop elegant acoustic guitar playing and building instrumentation; exposing herself and her shortcomings to the listener with a touching sincerity. It is a song which freely admits the writer does not have the answers; delving into the feeling of hopelessness and melancholy which permeates in all our lives, whether we admit it or not.


‘Spectral’, the EP from which ‘Magic 8’ is taken from, follows on from 2017’s triumphant debut album ‘An Unforgiving Light’, and is a far more intimate collection of songs. Working with acclaimed producer Chris McCrory (Catholic Action, Siobhan Wilson) ‘Spectral’ showcases bittersweet notions set against sparse and creeping instrumentation. Affecting and dense in subject matter, ‘Spectral’ traces Booth’s maturing development as a songwriter both musically and lyrically.

Released March 29th, 2019
Composed and arranged by Annie Booth.Vocals, acoustic guitar, keys, synths and additional electric guitar performed by Annie Booth. 
Electric guitar, synths and monotron performed by Chris McCrory.