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The Oscillation have shared the stunning video for the title track of their sixth album, Wasted Space, which is out today (21 September) . Having proved themselves as one of the UK’s most durable and adventurous psychedelic outifts, The Oscillation have avoided falling into a slough of kaleidoscopic predictability with an album of muscle-flexing grooves and sounds that sets them aside from so many of their peers. This is psychedelia for troubled times and is brown acid for the 21st century.

Not that this is to suggest a bad trip. This is music that confronts the trevails of the here and now. Conceived and directed by Antonio Curcetti, who has previously made videos for UUUU and Tomaga among others, the video for ‘Wasted Life’ is an incisive look at the overload of today’s technology.

“The concept behind the video is about the idea of losing yourself in technology and merging with it,” The Oscillation’s Demian Castellanos sats. “It definitely pursues my previous themes of alienation and feeds them through Antonio’s vision and third eye.”

“‘Wasted Space’ comes from a technological journey, the same each of us go through since technology has changed our daily lives,” adds Antonio Curcetti. ”As in David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, where the main character becomes part of the interface and machinery he is investigating, in ‘Wasted Space’ Demian discovers his multi-self through the monitors.”

The Oscillation are taking to the road in the autumn and winter. They play NOVEMBER29th – Nottingham, Metronome ‘Wasted Space’ is the title-track from The Oscillations sixth LP which is out now on Fuzz Club.


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Lumerians long-overdue new LP, Call Of The Void, is officially unleashed into the world this Friday. Four years in the making it see’s the Oakland band return on top form, a face-melting combination of synth-heavy dancefloor grooves, oddball prog wig-outs and exploratory psych.


Oakland, CA outfit Lumerians are a prodigious force in the extra-terrestrial realms of modern psychedelia. Since forming in San Francisco back in 2006, Lumerians have traversed their way through multiple different genres – offering mind-bending adventures into everything from space rock, kraut and noise to zamrock, free jazz, drone and dub. Drawing from a range of influences, both familiar and esoteric, past and present, Lumerians conjure up sounds from far into the future. In their twelve years as a band they’ve toured with everyone from My Bloody Valentine to Killing Joke and Black Moth Super Rainbow, putting out a number of critically-acclaimed releases including two ‘official’ albums and two collections of improvised compositions called Transmission from Tellos III & IV. On June 22nd the band will be returning with their third album, Call of the Void, on London-label Fuzz Club after four years under the radar. The album is dedicated to the memory of Barrett Clark, Lumerians’ long-time friend, sound engineer and collaborator who passed away in the tragic Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland 2016.

It may have taken the band four long years to put their latest album together but it was definitely worth the wait, their mystical exploratory soundscapes at their finest. Eclectic and vastly multifaceted, the album is further proof – if you needed it – that Lumerians are a singular force in contemporary psychedelia. Talking about Call of the Void, vocalist Jason Miller explains: “If ‘Transmalinnia’ represented the exploration of an alien world and ‘The High Frontier’ a voyage through space, ‘Call of the Void’ is a penetrative exploration of Earth through an alien gaze gone native – the weight of gravity, the build-up of pollution and sediment, experiences of ecstatic revelry and tragedy.”

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The Third Sound is the solo project of Icelandic singer-songwriter Hákon Aðalsteinsson, formerly of Singapore Sling and currently touring in Brian Jonestown Massacre. Now residing in Berlin with a fleshed-out live line-up, The Third Sound are gearing up for the release of their fourth album ‘All Tomorrow’s Shadows’ – arriving via Fuzz Club Records on May 11th. Recorded by the band themselves over the harsh Berlin winter, the new record is their most refined yet – offering an expansive exploration into krautrock-tainted post-punk and dark psychedelia.

Following on from their 2016 LP ‘Gospels of Degeneration’, the new album takes a much more sparse and rhythmic approach than we’ve seen before, combining hypnotic guitar drones, motorik rhythms and haunting vocals – the last track boasting a guest feature from Anton Newcombe, who released the band’s debut album on his own imprint A Recordings.

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New Candys - Bleeding Magenta

New Candys have shared the mesmerising visuals for ‘Tempera’ from their third LP ‘Bleeding Magenta‘, out now on Fuzz Club Records.

New Candys hail from Venice, Italy and formed back in 2008.  After recently reissuing their highly-praised first two LPs ‘As Medicine’ and ‘Stars Reach The Abyss’, the four-piece are teaming up with Fuzz Club for the release of their third album, ‘Bleeding Magentas’.

Their latest effort is a seriously impressive collection of dark, swirling psych-rock – atmospheric yet overdriven, pacing but ethereal, brooding at times but always wallowing in a dazed pop sensibility, ‘Bleeding Magenta’ see’s New Candys’ songwriting at its best.

On the video, the Venice band explain: “We were interested in giving life to the imaginary of the album artwork, playing with natural and surreal elements, balancing what is real and what is artificial.”

“Tempera” from the album “Bleeding Magenta” out 6th October 2017 on Fuzz Club Records.

Little Cloud Records was founded in October 2016 by Mike Nesbitt, Josiah Webb and Mike’s twin brother, Joe. What started as a way to release Magic Shoppe records has become a vehicle for releasing vinyl for other bands we dig. This includes releases from Pete International Airport (Pete Holmström of Dandy Warhols), New Candys (dark psych rockers from Venice, Italy), The Orange Kyte (tripped-out Irish transplants living in Vancouver, BC), Firefriend (São Paulo psych warlords) , Heaven (Brooklyn based psych rock) and Arizona’s Wiccan Godesses, Burning Palms. 
We’re partnering with a Portland, OR vinyl based plant and Joe runs a Chicago based printing facility. This allows us to produce all records, printing jacket design / printing and vinyl pressing in-house. We have been established by Cobraside in the United States and Fuzz Club Records in the UK. For digital distribution we use our own department to plaster your bit Across the usual suspects … like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and many more.

The album title can be read as a cinematographic reference, where there’s fiction there’s no real pain. During the writing process we kept in mind the release format of a 12” vinyl and treated it as an extra influential element. The first side at 33 rpm with most of the songs written meticulously, the second side (tracks 8-11) we acted the opposite way, no limits, one long medley without overthinking, at 45 rpm. Visually inspired by Refn’s last movies and Argento’s early movies.

Written, performed and produced by New Candys. 
Stefano Bidoggia: bass.
Dario Lucchesi: drums, percussion.
Diego Menegaldo: guitars, vocals.
Fernando Nuti: vocals, guitars, sitar.

Guest vocals on “Sermon” by Julia Hummer (


Fuzz Club Record’s new Reverb Conspiracy compilation is available soon. As usual it a lovingly curated, peerless 16 track collection of some of the best fuzzed up and freaked out tunes released in the last 12 months from all around the world and other planets. Featuring a mix of Fuzz Club Records signings and tracks from bands on other cool, psychedelically inclined Indie labels, these compilations have been likened to a modern-day Nuggets series and hailed by The Vinyl Factory as “a time-capsule-like documentation of modern Psych”.  it’s previous four volumes have included music from GOAT, Anton Newcombe, The KVB, The Cosmic Dead, Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation and Ulrika Spacek to name just a few. Psychedelia is a broad church………..whether it be Psych Rock, Garage Rock, Post Punk, Shoegaze, Krautrock or just straight up Psychedelic Rock’n’Roll, the Reverb Conspiracy collections hold a mirror up to the Psych Underground and pulls together some of the best bands currently melting minds, reflecting where Psychedelia is heading at this point in time and also providing an introduction to hot new bands you really need to check out, with Volume 5 including tracks from TRAAMS and their biting motorik Post Punk, cult Italian Psych rockers Julie’s Haircut, the harrowing psychedelic snarl of Portsmouth upstarts Melt Dunes and many, many more.


From Fuzz Club’s very own impressive international collection of bands, Reverb Conspiracy: Volume 5 includes contributions from Dead VibrationsJuJuHelicon,10000 RussosNONNSekelThe Gluts and Spirit Valley which even as a label sampler alone would be pretty special. Newly signed to Fuzz Club and with their debut album for the label imminent, Swedish Shoegazers Dead Vibrations open side one of Reverb Conspiracy: Volume 5 with their epic single ‘Swirl’ which first appeared on the tiny Lazy Octopus Records label last May……..channeling classic early 90s Shoegaze but tempered with an hard edged modern Psych snarl it’s pretty obvious why Fuzz Club wanted to sign this band. Also newish to Fuzz Club are Glasgow Psych Heads Helicon and JuJu (the solo project of Italian multi-instrumentalist Gioele Valenti) with Helicon’s contribution ‘The Bold Yin’ coming from their recently released debut album that has left a trail of blown minds in it’s wake while the JuJu track ‘Bring ‘Em War is a little older, taken from the stunning debut album that first appeared early last year via Sunrise Ocean Bender.


Fans of Fuzz Club’s most recent releases should be familiar with NONN, Sekel, The Gluts and, of course, the mighty 10000 Russo’s who’s devastating Distress Distress LP made you realize that everything you thought you knew about Psych Rock is wrong. Slightly falling through the cracks last year was Negatives by Amsterdam based Aussies Spirit Valley and ‘TNNLVSSN’ taken from that record will make you want to do some serious back tracking.

Sprawling over four sides of vinyl, Reverb Conspiracy: Volume 5 has plenty of space for a wide spectrum of Psychedelic hues………………the aforementioned Psych Noiseniks Melt Dunes take Nuggety Garage Rock influences from 60s bands such as the Seeds and ? And The Mysterions and beat the shit out of them with a ton of Punk attitude while Julie’s Haircut follow in the grand tradition of European psychedelic strangeness sounding a bit like Van Der Graaf Generator gone very wrong. Elsewhere the brilliant Dreamweapon contribute the pulsing Krautrock track ‘Monte da Virgem’ and Psychedelic Trips To Death provide menacing discordant Post Punk growl with ‘The Flesh’. With the rest of the record made up with tracks by Avenue ZBlack Heart Death Cult and You Said Strange, Volume 5 is another fantastic addition to the annual Reverb Conspiracy compilations…………………totally accessible, it’s a collection of tracks that is possibly tailored more towards the curious Indie Kid as you don’t need to be a complete Psych Rock obsessive to “get it” and like the previous compilations, Reverb Conspiracy: Volume 5 works as a gateway to a wider Psychedelic Universe.

Due for release 19/01/2018, Reverb Conspiracy: Volume 5 is available as 2 x LP on coloured 180g vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, limited to 600 copies

1. Dead Vibrations – Swirl
2. Melt Dunes – Flesh
3. JuJu – Bring ‘Em War
4. Helicon – The Bold Yin
5. 10 000 Russos – ISM
6. Dreamweapon – Monte da Virgem
7. NONN – Time
8. Julie’s Haircut – Burning Tree
9. Sekel – Bergamot
10. TRAAMS – A House On Fire
11. Psychedelic Trips To Death – The Flesh
12. The Gluts – Squirrel
13. Avenue Z – ZeÌ tron Libre
14. Black Heart Death Cult – Black Rainbow
15. You Said Strange – Yuri’s Night
16. Spirit Valley – TNNLVSSN

Sonic Jesus

Italy’s Sonic Jesus are one of the most revered outputs in the modern psych-rock scene. Following a split-single with Austin heavyweights The Black Angels, in 2015 the band released the hypnotic, droning psych-rock of their debut album release “Neither Virtue Nor Anger” to international acclaim. Earlier this year they released LP2, titled “Grace” it saw the band reinvent themselves, delving into more melodic, synth-driven horizons and channelling an expansive 80s-indebted new wave/post-punk sound.

Following a deep creative frenzy on the road during the European tour in support of Grace, Sonic Jesus are back already with two new songs  pushing past previous boundaries once again and reappearing with a new-found direction. The impassioned, introspective post-punk of Grace and take it down a sinister path. Whilst the reverb-drenched vocals, 80s synths and drum machines are still there, this is a far darker affair – the haunting, motorik psych-rock of their early material coming back with a vengeance.

Sonic Jesus is helmed by multi-instrumentalist Tiziano Veronese who handles vocals and all songwriting and recording duties, lyrics are composed by Marco Barzetti. The project was formed in Doganella di Ninfa, Italy in 2012 and has since gone on to tour relentlessly, sharing the stage with Damo Suzuki, Dead Skeletons, A Place To Bury Strangers and Singapore Sling along the way.

Pre-Order: The Vacant Lots - Departure

Alan Vega protégés The Vacant Lots are a NYC-via-Vermont duo comprised of Jared Artaud and Brian MacFadyen. Their minimalist-yet-primitive rock’n’roll and sprawling psychedelic drones have seen them pick up international acclaim and go on to collaborate with an impressive roster of underground music royalty such as Vega, Anton Newcombe, Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3/Spectrum and Dean Wareham of Galaxie 500. 

Their 2014 debut ‘Departure’, originally released by Sonic Cathedral, (produced by Sonic Boom) was what kick-started it all and London imprint Fuzz Club are delighted to be reissuing the record, following a previous partnership with the band for a split 10” with Vega himself. On their debut, The Vacant Lots deliver a primal hit of darkly hypnotic rock’n’roll with a repetitive and utterly formidable proto-punk gusto – reflecting back on the album it’s pretty easy to see why the duo went on to become so revered.

Fuzz Club Records will be reissuing the album as a double LP and the D-side includes two amazing remixes from Alan Vega and Anton Newcombe.

The New Candys will release their next album "Bleeding Magenta" on October 6th

“Bleeding Magenta” is the third album of New Candys, coming out on October 6th for the Fuzz Club Records.

The Venetian band, one of the most international realities that exist in Italy (judging also from the coming dates, between Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark, England, Austria …).

The record will be released in vinyl, a media that is also served on the artistic side: “When we started writing Bleeding Magenta we considered vinyl support 12 as a creative stimulus,” the band says. “The limited minute that gives the first 33-lap side has forced us to skim the songs.”



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