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Lumerians’ “Fuzz Club Session” LP is out today and to mark the release, the Oakland-based band are sharing another video from the session. Up until disbanding last year – announced via a social media post saying they “were off to get some smokes” – Oakland cosmonauts Lumerians were one of the most prolific and genre-bending bands to reside on the outer edges of contemporary psychedelia. Since their formation 2006 they went on to tour around the world and share the stage with everyone from My Bloody Valentine to Killing Joke and Black Moth Super Rainbow. Constantly evolving, their sound has been known to journey from synthesised ambient excursions to far-out space-rock and kosmische post-punk, often dabbling with touches of dub, free jazz and the works.

What might very well be the final Lumerians LP comes in the shape of a new live session recorded for Fuzz Club Records when the band stopped off in London as part of a European tour in 2019.

This one’s for the face-melting ‘Corkscrew Trepanation’ – a song originally taken from their self-titled debut EP released back in 2008 but continually evolving ever since. “This song had mutated into a different animal over the years and we wanted to document that transformation”, the band said.


Recorded live at Love Buzz Productions and pressed to 180gm vinyl, Lumerians’ Fuzz Club Session LP  due for release January 29th  is comprised of four tracks, new and old. ‘Longwave’ and ‘Corkscrew Trepanation’ are lifted from the band’s 2011 Partisan Records-released ‘Transmalinna’ LP and their 2008 self-titled debut EP, respectively. On this record, though, we hear the songs take on a whole new life: “Both of these songs had mutated into different animals over the years and were frequently played together as a finale during our live shows. We wanted to document their transformation since we really liked what they had become”, the band reflect.

As well as those reimagined Lumerians cuts, the Fuzz Club Session also features two previously unreleased jams. They describe ‘Light The Beacon’ as “a snapshot of a piece of music we had been using to open our shows for tours in 2018 and 2019. It started as a simple oscillator drone that would lead into the first song but eventually became a song in and of itself. The song never really had a name, but since we used it as a way to signal the show was beginning and draw people towards the stage, ‘Light the Beacon’ seemed appropriate for this version.” ‘Transmission Overture’, on the other hand, was a spontaneous composition that they’d never played before and haven’t since: “This is basically the process by which we wrote all of our songs. We’d record our improvisations, listen back and then select the parts that stood out most and learn how to play it again. Some seemed so fully formed out of the gate that we’d call them “transmissions” as documented on our ‘Transmissions from Telos’ EP series.”

Fuzz Club Eindhoven 2019: Kikagaku Moyo + The Soft Moon + Iceage e.a.

Fuzz Club, organised by the label of the same name in partnership with Eindhoven Psych Lab, in that city’s imperious Effenaar venue, is ostensibly a ‘psych fest’. It’s a little steelier than most, perhaps – there is more psychedelia of the skull-crushing, motoric and guitar-based variety than there are whacked-out interdimensional synth voyages – but psychedelia it remains.

In the wider world, psych is somewhat on the wane in 2018, having hit a soaring high four or five years ago. In Liverpool, the annual International Festival of Psychedelia – one of Europe’s largest – was the undisputed daddy of the Scouse music calendar, a cosmic celebration imbued with a sense of starry-eyed optimism, a friendliness and community spirit.

After last year’s Fuzz Club Eindhoven, and before our ears had even stopped ringing, The Fuzz Club promoters began working on round two. Today we’re unbelievably excited to share the first seventeen bands who are set to play at FCE19 – taking place once again at the Effenaar over August 23rd-24th. You can find the line-up as it stands as well as a link to early-bird tickets below.

So, topping the bill will be everyone’s favourite Japanese mavericks Kikagaku Moyo, who will be bringing their transcendental blend of minimalist psychedelia, Eastern folk and krautrock. Also joining them will be Iceage and their twisted post-punk drawl and The Soft Moon, whose pounding cocktail of industrial, EBM and darkwave will be shaking floors in the early hours.

On top that there will be The KVB’s icy synth-pop, the shadowy drone-rock of Tess Parks and shoegazing legends The Warlocks and The Telescopes. Plus further Japanese hypnosis courtesy of Minami Deutsch, synth-punk workouts from Rendez-Vous and droning garage-psych from Alan Vega proteges The Vacant Lots. Oakland cosmonauts Lumerians, Chilean heavyweights Vuelveteloca and South African noise-pop duo Medicine Boy. We’ll also be bringing back Berlin post-punk outfit The Underground Youth and Porto krautrockers 10 000 Russos.

Bands for 2019 + more to be announced
Kikagaku Moyo, The Soft Moon, Iceage, The KVB, Tess Parks, The Underground Youth, The Warlocks, The Telescopes, The Vacant Lots, Lumerians , Whispering Sons, Rendez-Vous, Iguana Death Cult, Minami Deutsch, 10 000 Russos, Medicine Boy en Vuelveteloca.

Pre-Order: Lumerians - Call Of The Void,Vinyl,Fuzz Club - Fuzz Club

Lumerians long-overdue new LP, Call Of The Void, is officially unleashed into the world this Friday. Four years in the making it see’s the Oakland band return on top form, a face-melting combination of synth-heavy dancefloor grooves, oddball prog wig-outs and exploratory psych.


Oakland, CA outfit Lumerians are a prodigious force in the extra-terrestrial realms of modern psychedelia. Since forming in San Francisco back in 2006, Lumerians have traversed their way through multiple different genres – offering mind-bending adventures into everything from space rock, kraut and noise to zamrock, free jazz, drone and dub. Drawing from a range of influences, both familiar and esoteric, past and present, Lumerians conjure up sounds from far into the future. In their twelve years as a band they’ve toured with everyone from My Bloody Valentine to Killing Joke and Black Moth Super Rainbow, putting out a number of critically-acclaimed releases including two ‘official’ albums and two collections of improvised compositions called Transmission from Tellos III & IV. On June 22nd the band will be returning with their third album, Call of the Void, on London-label Fuzz Club after four years under the radar. The album is dedicated to the memory of Barrett Clark, Lumerians’ long-time friend, sound engineer and collaborator who passed away in the tragic Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland 2016.

It may have taken the band four long years to put their latest album together but it was definitely worth the wait, their mystical exploratory soundscapes at their finest. Eclectic and vastly multifaceted, the album is further proof – if you needed it – that Lumerians are a singular force in contemporary psychedelia. Talking about Call of the Void, vocalist Jason Miller explains: “If ‘Transmalinnia’ represented the exploration of an alien world and ‘The High Frontier’ a voyage through space, ‘Call of the Void’ is a penetrative exploration of Earth through an alien gaze gone native – the weight of gravity, the build-up of pollution and sediment, experiences of ecstatic revelry and tragedy.”

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Lumerians, those psychedelic druids of the trans-dimensional extra-terrestrial motorik realms are returning. The genre-hopping mind-benders of uninhabited deep space are known for incorporating anything and everything into their futuristic sonic gumbo pulsating krautrock, noise, free jazz, drone and dub. It will come as no surprise that after a four year hiatus they’re still experimenting sonically on their upcoming album, Call of the Void.

Vocalist Jason Miller explains: “If Transmalinnia represented the exploration of an alien world and The High Frontier a voyage through space, Call of the Void is a penetrative exploration of Earth through an alien gaze gone native.

Their third “official” album—not counting two collections of improvised compositions called Transmission from Tellos III & IV—Call of the Void, will be released on June 22nd on the London-based indie label Fuzz Club Records. The album is dedicated to the memory of Barrett Clark, Lumerians’ long-time friend, sound engineer and collaborator who passed away in 2016 during the tragic Ghost Ship warehouse fire. Recorded mostly at their own New Telos Sound studio built in the site of a former church in Oakland, California and at Hyde Street Studios—formerly known as Wally Heider Studios.


To announce the album the band have shared the lead single “Silver Trash” a song about both “a very memorable camping trip us and some friends took in Big Sur or an encounter with inter-dimensional beings in the Redwoods of the Pacific Northwest.”


The core founding members of Lumerians are Chris Musgrave (drums/percussion), Jason Miller (vocals, synth, organ, guitar), Marc Melzer (vocals, bass, synth) and Tyler Green (guitar, synth). The intensely interlocked rhythm section of Musgrave and bassist Melzer undergirds what the rest of them do, putting me in mind of Can, Hawkwind, Neu! and Soft Machine at once, but I still can’t help thinking of them as The Ventures of this era.

Transmissions From Planet Telos Vol. iii by Lumerians (Cardinal Fuzz)

This albums represents a great return to form for a band who seem to have been around forever and have developed an impressive back catalogue. In many ways “Transmission from Planet Telos iii” represents a return to the kosmische Krautrock mutterschiff with its epic space journeys and introspective allusions. This is one of those albums that takes to both without and within, leaving you covered with space dusk , an album that is a must for it to be listenend to the whole way through,

The new Lumerians is paced with the menace of a slow-motion fever dream. It smolders to the rhythms of experience The opening track “Murder Dubbs,” the lead track from “Transmissions from Telos Vol. III”, sets forth with strains of Curtis Mayfield’s Hell Below within the thick, cracking bass line. playing along like rolling thunder. Their sound here is improvised, instrumental, and raw, thoughout. It’s richly layered with cryptic analog swells and plenty of headspace. A band to see definitely . thanks to Aquarium Drunkard for turning my head towards this band.

00:07 Murder Dubbs
07:57 Turiya
16:19 Hook For An Eye
23:50 Impossible Windows / Caballero Futuro