CULT OF DOM KELLER – ” Paradiso is on Fire “(LIVE)

Posted: March 28, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Since 2007 these DIY sonic alchemists from Nottingham have been creating whacked out soundscapes and songs that appear to have been born from another universe, all from the confines of their sonic bunker.

Captured live as they toured their latest LP “Goodbye To The Light” (on Fuzz Club Records) at the at Het Bos, Antwerp 17/11/16 and Paradiso, Amsterdam 19/11/16. Capturing the raw blown out power and the tangible energy of the group’s infamous live shows as you listen in to the band laying waste to tracks from all three of their long-player albums, where tracks are stretched out and played to within an inch of their lives. So please sit back and enjoy – over four sides of vinyl – The Cult of Dom Keller, live from the confines of your stereo.”


Released March 28th, 2021

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