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Lumerians’ “Fuzz Club Session” LP is out today and to mark the release, the Oakland-based band are sharing another video from the session. Up until disbanding last year – announced via a social media post saying they “were off to get some smokes” – Oakland cosmonauts Lumerians were one of the most prolific and genre-bending bands to reside on the outer edges of contemporary psychedelia. Since their formation 2006 they went on to tour around the world and share the stage with everyone from My Bloody Valentine to Killing Joke and Black Moth Super Rainbow. Constantly evolving, their sound has been known to journey from synthesised ambient excursions to far-out space-rock and kosmische post-punk, often dabbling with touches of dub, free jazz and the works.

What might very well be the final Lumerians LP comes in the shape of a new live session recorded for Fuzz Club Records when the band stopped off in London as part of a European tour in 2019.

This one’s for the face-melting ‘Corkscrew Trepanation’ – a song originally taken from their self-titled debut EP released back in 2008 but continually evolving ever since. “This song had mutated into a different animal over the years and we wanted to document that transformation”, the band said.


Recorded live at Love Buzz Productions and pressed to 180gm vinyl, Lumerians’ Fuzz Club Session LP  due for release January 29th  is comprised of four tracks, new and old. ‘Longwave’ and ‘Corkscrew Trepanation’ are lifted from the band’s 2011 Partisan Records-released ‘Transmalinna’ LP and their 2008 self-titled debut EP, respectively. On this record, though, we hear the songs take on a whole new life: “Both of these songs had mutated into different animals over the years and were frequently played together as a finale during our live shows. We wanted to document their transformation since we really liked what they had become”, the band reflect.

As well as those reimagined Lumerians cuts, the Fuzz Club Session also features two previously unreleased jams. They describe ‘Light The Beacon’ as “a snapshot of a piece of music we had been using to open our shows for tours in 2018 and 2019. It started as a simple oscillator drone that would lead into the first song but eventually became a song in and of itself. The song never really had a name, but since we used it as a way to signal the show was beginning and draw people towards the stage, ‘Light the Beacon’ seemed appropriate for this version.” ‘Transmission Overture’, on the other hand, was a spontaneous composition that they’d never played before and haven’t since: “This is basically the process by which we wrote all of our songs. We’d record our improvisations, listen back and then select the parts that stood out most and learn how to play it again. Some seemed so fully formed out of the gate that we’d call them “transmissions” as documented on our ‘Transmissions from Telos’ EP series.”

On December 18th, Glasgow’s Helicon will release their long-overdue Fuzz Club Session. Following the release of the video for ‘The Sun Also Rises’ last week, the band are now sharing the video for a brand new, previously-unreleased track called ‘Permo’, the second original track to be releases as part of the session after they announce the session LP with ‘Il Bacio Di Guida’. With more still to come, you can stream the video for ‘Permo’ – as well as all the other videos from the session released so far.

Recorded live at Dystopia Studios with their trusted producer Luigi Pasquini (Trembling Bells, The Cosmic Dead) and released on 180gm vinyl alongside a series of videos, the incoming Fuzz Club Session LP captures the band’s heady psych-rock sound at its finest: a far-out amalgamation of strung-out sitars, riotous walls of fuzzy feedback and cosmic synths that’s all bolstered by the live energy that the band are renowned for and has been impossible to justly capture on wax, until now.

Talking about the session, guitarist and vocalist John-Paul Hughes says: “It was good fun teaming up with Luigi, Omar and Melanie again having worked with them at a different studio for our second album. Their new Dystopia studio in Partick, Glasgow, is in the process of being turned into a full multimedia venue. It’s a cool space and you can really see the potential it has in the big live room we used to record the session.”

He continues: “We shot the live session in one day, playing a mixture of songs from the ‘Chaos’ album and a couple of new, unreleased tracks: ‘Il Bacio Di Giuda’ and  ‘Permo’. Our old friend Billy Docherty (Filth Spector) joined us on bass as our usual bass player Mark couldn’t commit having just become a Dad for the first time. He was still there for the session and played that haunting little piano intro in the first track and video teaser. Look closely and you can see his new baby boy’s shoes on top of the piano as he’s playing, next to a satanic goat head right enough so make of that what you will.

“Another mate of ours, Mark O’Donnell (Tomorrow Syndicate), also joined us for this performance on synths, freeing Graham up for a bit of sitar action. Harrison Reid and the Tape Rituals team did a great job capturing the mood of the music on film. Big thanks to all the guys at Dystopia, Tape Rituals and Casper and the team at Fuzz Club. We’re a lucky bunch of buggers to get to make music with you all. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Helicon’s Fuzz Club Session is due for release December 18th

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With their European tour now kicking off, we’re so excited to reveal the second video from Heaters’ Fuzz Club Session – this time it’s a raw and scuzzy rendition of ‘Cap Gun’ from their 2015 LP “Holy Water Pool”.

‘Cap Gun’ is just under five minutes of hazy, sun-soaked garage-rock that oozes with a lysergic optimism. The reverb-coated vocals float effortlessly over jangling surf rock guitars and a spaced out psychedelic groove – it’s like an utterly cosmic take on Nuggets-era rock’n’roll. The live analogue recording of the Fuzz Club Sessions allow the track to transform into a completely insatiable new being.
The session is officially out now and the rest of the videos will be available over the next couple of week. Standard edition pre-orders have been shipped and the deluxe box-sets should be dispatched by the end of the week.

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