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We’re super excited to announce our exclusive Fuzz Club Edition of the second entry to the ‘Live at Levitation’ series with festival founders, The Black Angels. Our version comes on transparent black ice vinyl with heavy tangerine splatter. From deep in the heart of Texas, armed with the home-grown mantra “Turn On, Tune In, Drone Out,” The Black Angels ring real and rugged like a crimson full moon-lit night. Formed in May of 2004, the band’s sanctified holy racket was breech-born out of life-long friendships drawn up in blood and sealed with a kiss.  


The artists and sets showcased on Live at Levitation have been chosen from over a decade of recordings at the world-renowned event, and documents key artists in the scene performing for a crowd of their peers and fans who gather at Levitation annually from all over the world. The LP captures a slice of the early days of the festival, with tracks from The Black Angels’ first two LPs – with 6 tracks recorded in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The Black Angels – Live at Levitation has been given deluxe treatment on mind melting vinyl.

The Reverberation Appreciation Society is proud to launch a brand new live series, “Live at Levitation”. Recorded over the history of the world renowned event, professionally mixed and mastered, this series captures key moments in modern rock and roll history, and live music in Austin, Texas. The artists and sets showcased here are the apex of modern psychedelia, performing for a crowd of their peers and fans who gather at Levitation Festival annually from all over the world.

The first LP in this series features Japanese psych heavyweights Kikagaku Moyo. This particular record is as strong as it is meaningful in the band’s story. It showcases one of the bands very first US show in 2014 on the A-side and their triumphant return in 2019 on the B-side with them firing on all cylinders amid a sold out US tour.

Kikagaku Moyo have come a long way –both literally and metaphorically– since their humble beginnings busking on the streets of Tokyo back in 2012. A tight-knit group of five friends who bonded over the desire to play freely, and explore music associated with space and psychedelica, their initial ambitions were modest semi-regular slots in the cramped clubs of the city’s insular music scene. Yet the band’s progressive, folk-influenced take on psychedelica marked them out from their peers and re-started Japan’s psych rock scene, and soon brought them international acclaim. Fast forward a few years, and you find the band crushing headline sets at festivals, embarking on sprawling international tours, and a dedicated fanbase for their music and record label Guruguru Brain – all while steadfastly maintaining their creative freedom and DIY allure.

Kikagaku Moyo are the real deal: masterful musicians, a powerful creative force, and one of key bands in the psychedelic rock movement and we are thrilled to have them kick off the LIve at Levitation series with this incredible record.

Formed in Japan in 2013 with Tomo Katsurada and Go Kurosawa at the helm, Kikagaku Moyo quickly and confidently hurtled to the forefront of the psychedelic scene upon the arrival of their debut full-length. Riding high on a broad spectrum of influences, Kikagaku Moyo were naturals at integrating these many elements into their own voice, from Indian traditionals to krautrock to jazz to chamber folk to riff-heavy acid freak-outs. It’s all in there, but it’s 100% a singular sound they’ve finessed with every new record and every tour.

Their live show is not to be missed and an essential experience for any psych fan or active listener. If you’ve indeed never witnessed a happening of this calibre, The ‘buy’ link takes you to LEVITATION where two gorgeous variants await you, the ‘Dripping Sun’ version and ‘Exploding Star’ colorway limited to 500 copies each.