FRANKIE and the WITCH FINGERS – ” Reaper “

Posted: December 12, 2020 in MUSIC
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Surprise! We’ve got a brand new Spaghetti Jesus video for you, perfectly claymated for Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters. crusher ‘Reaper’, head over to youtube (link below) to check it out and bask in the apocalyptic glory” Reaper acts as a narrative precursor to Sweet Freak, providing further exploration into the realm of neon kaiju established prior. It tackles the swift inevitability of death and the fear of decay, all while the Head Collector lurks in the background, as we explore his past and future. It’s inspired by the cinematic style and substance of horror auteurs such as George Romero, David Cronenberg, and Clive Barker.” – Spaghetti Jesus

After a stretch on Chicago/LA flagship Permanent Records the band landed at yet another fabled enclave of garage and psychedelia – Brooklyn’s Greenway Records, now working in tandem with psych powerhouse LEVITATION and their label The Reverberation Appreciation Society, the group’s latest effort is dually supported by a RAS / Greenway co-release.

Off the new album Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters…

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