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Taken from their recently released debut album ‘Feel Something’, Southern California alt-rock foursome Movements share the video to emotive track ‘Daylily’.

Frontman Patrick Miranda explains how the song evolved from his girlfriend’s battle with depression. “She went through a really tough few years when she was a teenager, dealing with mental illness and an eating disorder, and still struggles with anxiety and depression today. An important part of her recovery, much like anyone else with a mental illness, was working with a therapist. Her therapist described her recovery as an up and down process. Basically, there would be a lot of bad days, but there would also be good days. She called the good ones her ‘pink cloud days’ and the goal was to eventually have those outnumber the bad ones. When she was going through another tough time last year I wrote this song for her.”

The Kurt Duffy-directed clip is set in a wooded area of autumnal hues as we follow Hannah, one of the band’s fans, at the centre of the story.

“Adding that little touch of colour into the concept of the video was really important for us,” adds Miranda. “We wanted to really drive home the ethereal, dream like state that Hannah would be acting out. A few full memory cards, two cans of paint, and four hours later we had what we needed to make the video. It was stressful, it was crazy, and it was harder than it needed to be, but it was a blast and our work paid off.”

Band Members
Patrick Miranda – Vocals
Ira George – Guitar
Spencer York – Drums
Austin Cressey – Bass

The band head to the UK next month on tour.


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The Regrettes are Lydia Night’s latest project with friends Genessa Gariano (guitar), Sage Chavis (bass) and drummer Maxx Morando. The Regrettes have been tearing up the LA club scene playing with Kate Nash, Peaches, Bleached, Deap Vally, PINS, La Luz and Summer Twins leaving L.A.’s jaded rock critics to write such things as “Everybody was Floored by The Regrettes—the new poster children for local teen garage rock.” and “The Regrettes rocked with a ferocity and penchant for hooks that schools most indie rockers twice their age. They will surely run an empire in ten years tops.”

Listen to Seashore on the latest album “Feel Your Feelings Fool”

The Band , Maxx (drums, live shows), Lydia (guitar, vocals), Sage (bass, vocals), Genessa (guitar, vocals)

The Doors Postcard

Another split-venue offering, the Doors and Procol Harum play at this hot-hits, cool music offering personified in the cool blue and hot-to-the-touch figures. At the height of the Fillmore’s popularity in the Summer of Love 1967, Bill Graham chose artist Jim Blashfield to design a number of posters. Bold and colorful, his few designs have become highly collectible.

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The Florida band Hundred Waters debuted the first song from their third record which they are currently finishing up as a trio. ‘Particle’ is typical of the band to meld electronic textures with more earthly tones. They say it’s “a deeply personal song that reflects a period of profound change within the band wherein the relationships of the members have shifted into unfamiliar territory, reflected in the song’s rapidly morphing textures.

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We have been fans of Day Wave since day one. Jackson Phillips (AKA Day Wave) debut LP The Days We Had, the albums is full of dream-pop, sunshine sound, emotional and honest,  Jackson Phillips has been making music for a long time, the Oakland based musician came to our attention in 2014 when his dream-pop sound captured our imaginations and made us a little queasy with idea of butterfly sunshine, and candy floss love. It felt like a first date in many a confusing way. Phillip’s displayed on several occasions with tracks such as ‘Drag’, ‘Total Zombie’ and ‘Come Home Now’ his incredible ability to write piercing hooks and simplistic, heartfelt pop songs. They all felt like love letters ‘To Jackson, From Jackson’. There was something special in the simplicity, but this debut LP, released via Fiction Records and out now, was his next big step.

The ethereal pop bliss he brings is what dreams are intricately sewn up with and the lyrics tend to paint the skies of them.

He has now released ‘Untitled’ another alt-pop gem and perfect for a beautiful day like today. The track is released alongside the new LP The Days We Had which is out now on Fiction Records.


We were worried that Day Wave would never match up to their earlier efforts as they had a lo-fi veracity that is hard to do twice, but tracks such as ‘Gone’ and ‘Drag’ are now a golden memory, while ‘Untitled’ and ‘Something Here’ are the present. Phillips and co have made another powerful step into the limelight.



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This band falls into the category of California rock&roll with a 60’s tone. A true pearl pulled from the depths of a psychedelic time warp. powered by a mixture of psychedelia, garage and R&b. Fueled and fronted by a wild mans haunted soul


The SHELTERS – ” Birdwatching

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Directed by Andy Tennille. Additional footage by Claire Vogel. The Shelters EP is available now

Rock missionaries, testifying for the earthy pleasure and purpose of music delivered with full heart and zero subterfuge. The Shelters make one feel something, a propulsive beginning that testifies to rock’s enduring power. -Jambase

The Shelters are:
Chase Simpson
Josh Jove
Sebastian Harris
Jacob Pillot


Isaac Rother & The Phantoms call back to an era where rock n’ roll was simple and dangerous. The voodoo magic of early rock n’ rollers such as Bo Diddley and Screaming Jay Hawkins is seamlessly fused with tough 60’s groups like the Animals and the tongue in cheek humor of classic novelty hits like Wooly Bully and Surfin’ Bird. Today, with the world of music literally at our fingertips, the camp and ritual of rock n’ roll has almost been forgotten, residing mainly in the stories and recordings of the past. Isaac Rother and the Phantoms bring back the golden mystic of this past. They do so with top notch musicianship and hard rockin’ original material, rendering them a cut above the rest. Behold… The Unspeakable Horror of Isaac Rother & The Phantoms!


Isaac Rother is an imposing figure. On stage, he commands a unique and mystifying attention from the audience as the Phantom and his band revive the sounds of rock n roll’s nativity in a majestic and awe-inspiring sonic assault. With all the intensity of punk rock and the heart and soul of what first made rock n roll such an exciting movement, Issac Rother & The Phantoms are here to frighten mere mortals with a formidable groove and terrifying ferocity, reminding us all that rock will never die – like the host of the undead,

Music video by Best Coast performing “Heaven Sent”.  2015 Harvest Records. An American rock duo formed in 2009, Best Coast are globally celebrated for their retro vibe that none of us can get enough of. Hailing from LA, their songs are drenched in the sunlight of the American West Coast, whilst flawlessly tapping into the laid-back, nostalgic energy of lo-fi surf-rock from the 60s.

Best Coast – singer/songwriter/guitarist Bethany Cosentino and guitarist Bobb Bruno – will release their third full-length album, entitled California Nights, out now on Harvest Records.

California Nights is a brighter, more sparkly, more sophisticated, more psychedelic Best Coast album across the board, embodying the rich lightness and stinging darkness of a California state of mind. The love stories Bethany spins on California Nights all detail the highs and the lows of relationships, similar to the juxtaposition of a the band’s native Los Angeles – a place tinted by candy-colored palm trees and pale blue skies while existing within the loneliness and desperation of waterless place. More than that, there is a literal meaning to the record’s title – Cosentino is a well-documented insomniac whose creativity spirals out in the early hours of the morning, allowing her to write, undisturbed, the finest album Best Coast has made to date.


The Maheekats belong to the self prescribed “Edgy Haunting Dream Pop“. Clara Bell (guitar/vocal), Craig Casey Camp (bass/drums). Colourful, surreal lyrics, mystical ethos, free yet tight rhythms. The group is currently based in Santa Barbara, CA. The sound of haunting dream rock. The group’s sound is characterized by its surreal lyrics, lush vocals, edgy post–punk, psychedelic and progressive influences and use of sonic experimentation.

Established in 1999, Craig plays drums and bass. Clara plays guitar and sings. They both are dedicated to writing ethereal melodies and poetic lyrics which give the music its unique foundation and soundscape.