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Kitty Kat Fan Club feature members of San Jose punk bands Hard Girls and Shinobu alongside the owner of Asian Man Records Mike Park. However punk rock this is not and is instead indiepop at it’s finest. I must admit I don’t care that much for cats but I do care for these fun inducing tracks! Opener Talk About Love is the standout for me simply because I got grabbed by the excellent vocals and the cat-chy music.

Songs About Cats is available on limited edition coloured vinyl through Asian Man Records.

Friends playing music and having fun. members include:
Mike Huguenor-Guitar
Casey Jones-Keys/Lead Vox
Mike Park-Guitar/Vox
Jon McMaster-Bass
Justin Amans-Drums
Originally released August 5th, 2016



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“I Love You Always Forever” has been covered time and time again, usually to convincing effect. Betty Who’s 2016 take captured its ethereality, and Baths’ take, eases into the calm of it all. It ebbs and flows with a sense of purpose, like the one that comes with new love. Will Wiesenfeld (aka Baths)’s voice brims with desire, tender and true. “I’ve adored this song from the moment I heard it when I was very young,” he tells us. “In attempting a cover, it was difficult to strike a balance between retaining the spirit of the original and still putting my own spin on it, but I’m very happy with where it ended up. It’s a gesture of my appreciation for one of the most important songs in my life.”

“I Love You Always Forever” will appear on one of Amazon Music’s two Amazon Originals Valentine’s Day-themed playlists dropping February 9th. Since this song is happier, it’s falling under the Love Me playlist, while broken hearts will find comfort in the Love Me Not playlist.


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Eli Pearl is the man behind the music of Eli & The Itches. A native on the Los Angeles music scene, Pearl grew up in Venice Beach and put in his time honing his chops in the city’s venues before he decided to focus on his own sound. Eli & The Itches is the result of that effort. Pearl assumes a gender-bending persona in the glamrock ballad “At Least Not Yet”. There is an air of drama on this track that Pearl really pulls off without sounding trite. And the music has a supercool swagger to it. Check out “At Least Not Yet” from Eli & The Itches below…

From the self-titled debut album by Eli & The Itches out now

William Wesley II
Jay Rudolph
Isaac Tamburino
Dylan Rodrigue
Sam Kauffman-Skloff

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Los Angeles based singer songwriter Jesse Jo Stark releases the new video for Deadly Doll. Combining vintage horror with rockabilly, the sensual crooner is turning heads. The latest track was produced by Jason Lytle (Grandaddy, Band of Horses) and co-written with Chris Garcia (Lana Del Rey, Demi Lovato). Moreover, she kicked off the new year opening for Jane’s Addiction at Belly Up in LA.

Vocals: Jesse Jo Stark Guitar: Thomas Hunter Guitar, Keys & Theremin: Kirk Hellie Bass Guitar: Julio Tavarez Keys: Nick White & Kirk Hellie Drums & Percussion: Dan Gluszak Strings: Paul Cartwright, Artyom Manukyan, Marta Sofia Honer


Have you Listened to the propulsive indie-rock of Cool Ghouls, and their wonderfully wholesome Animal Races LP (Melodic Records). It’s actually been eighteen months since its summer 2016 release, and, as such, the band have a new track “CCR Bootleg” is both a perfectly-timed return, and an energetic reminder of their craft.

Taken from a new Post Trash’s new compilation – Volume 3 – this gleaming new cut will sit alongside tracks from the likes of Pardoner, Christina Schneider, Bad History Month, and many others, while all benefits will be donated to Puerto Rico hurricane relief. Rowdy and rambunctious, CCR Bootleg is a skittering four-minutes, showcasing the punkier side of the band, that boisterous lead-vocal backing up a suitably solid-but-slack backline that adds a distinct and palpable air of city living, from the he daily clamour, to the surrounding hedonism of such a thing.

Listen to the track below right now; it precedes a full European tour which starts in mid-February



WAND – ” Plum “

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It’s hard to believe that the band who came flailing headlong out of the gate with Golem just two short years ago is the same band behind Plum, one of the most thoughtfully dynamic albums to come out in 2017. The creative arch of the Los Angeles band is rooted in the grime-y sonic sludge of the Ty Segall/Meatbodies/Mikal Cronin set. It would have been fine to have regarded Wand as yet another good band living under the punk-y parasol of the neo-psych-garage revolution. But Plum has separated them completely from the fray. Plum runs like a playlist of rock ‘n’ roll offshoots, with experimentations in Led Zep riffage and Spoon-like piano-rock only the tip of the iceberg

Wand is a band from Los Angeles, California. Recordings available from Drag City Records.

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Every once in a while I find a songwriter who is so unlike anything I’ve ever heard that it just stops me in my tracks. Grace Freeman is that kind of songwriter and singer. Her voice… wow… is worth a write up all in its own. She has this gorgeous articulation that reminds me of an old fashioned singer from the 1930s or something, while yet having a powerhouse independence in her vocal that feels very much modern.


The title track “Shadow” features prominent piano work and the stunning delivery thoughtful and moving lyrics. If you were worried that real music is dead, please listen to Grace Freeman and return your faith in music today. If you only have time for one, make it “God Forbid” or “Shadow.”

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The Luxembourg Signal’s ode to Twin Peaks has just the right amount of sad and mysterious. “Laura Palmer” just sort of drifts into the room and lingers. Their cover of the Close Lobsters’ Let’s Make Some Plans on the flip side is nice added insurance.

With the release of their first single and debut album on Shelflife Records in 2014, The Luxembourg Signal quickly found a loyal following among fans of dream pop/indie pop music, and received enthusiastic reviews for their pop sensibilities, angelic vocals and lush soundscapes.

Since the debut release, the band’s lineup of Beth Arzy & Betsy Moyer (vocals), Johnny Joyner (guitars), Brian Espinosa (drums) and Ginny Pitchford (keyboards) has been expanded with the addition of Kelly Davis (guitars) and Daniel Kumiega (bass).

The seven-piece played a handful of shows in the UK and Europe in the summer of 2015 to promote their debut album, including a Sunday evening performance at Indietracks that many cited as one of the highlights of the weekend. 2015 also saw the release of a split 7″ single with Soft Science (Test Pattern Records), which featured a remix of Dying Star by Robert Hampson (Loop/Main).

The band returned to the studio in 2016 to complete their second full length Blue Field coming out this fall on Shelflife and Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten. “Laura Palmer” is the first single from the album and one of our favorite tracks of the year. The b-side is a special cover version of “Let’s Make Some Plans” by the Close Lobsters.


Band Members
Johnny, Beth, Brian, Ginny, Daniel, Betsy & Kelly

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Taken from their recently released debut album ‘Feel Something’, Southern California alt-rock foursome Movements share the video to emotive track ‘Daylily’.

Frontman Patrick Miranda explains how the song evolved from his girlfriend’s battle with depression. “She went through a really tough few years when she was a teenager, dealing with mental illness and an eating disorder, and still struggles with anxiety and depression today. An important part of her recovery, much like anyone else with a mental illness, was working with a therapist. Her therapist described her recovery as an up and down process. Basically, there would be a lot of bad days, but there would also be good days. She called the good ones her ‘pink cloud days’ and the goal was to eventually have those outnumber the bad ones. When she was going through another tough time last year I wrote this song for her.”

The Kurt Duffy-directed clip is set in a wooded area of autumnal hues as we follow Hannah, one of the band’s fans, at the centre of the story.

“Adding that little touch of colour into the concept of the video was really important for us,” adds Miranda. “We wanted to really drive home the ethereal, dream like state that Hannah would be acting out. A few full memory cards, two cans of paint, and four hours later we had what we needed to make the video. It was stressful, it was crazy, and it was harder than it needed to be, but it was a blast and our work paid off.”

Band Members
Patrick Miranda – Vocals
Ira George – Guitar
Spencer York – Drums
Austin Cressey – Bass

The band head to the UK next month on tour.

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The Regrettes are Lydia Night’s latest project with friends Genessa Gariano (guitar), Sage Chavis (bass) and drummer Maxx Morando. The Regrettes have been tearing up the LA club scene playing with Kate Nash, Peaches, Bleached, Deap Vally, PINS, La Luz and Summer Twins leaving L.A.’s jaded rock critics to write such things as “Everybody was Floored by The Regrettes—the new poster children for local teen garage rock.” and “The Regrettes rocked with a ferocity and penchant for hooks that schools most indie rockers twice their age. They will surely run an empire in ten years tops.”

Listen to Seashore on the latest album “Feel Your Feelings Fool”

The Band , Maxx (drums, live shows), Lydia (guitar, vocals), Sage (bass, vocals), Genessa (guitar, vocals)