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Vagabon finds various ways to flood the senses. It’ll either come in a harrowing lyric that sticks in the conscience, or it’ll arrive from a soft drone that gradually envelops.

“Infinite Worlds” released February 24th via Father Daughter Records.

Laetitia Tamko writes poetic indie rock that centers around her life. Under the moniker of Vagabon, she crafts insular tales that defy traditional indie structures and incorporate elements from across the spectrum of r&b, spoken word, traditional rock and bedroom pop.


Band Members
Laetitia Tamko – Vocals and Guitar
Elise Okusami – Drummer
Maggie Toth – Bassist

Diet Cig: <i>Swear I'm Good At This</i> Review

It’s been two years since Diet Cig first catured our hearts with their debut EP “Over Easy”. So their debut long player “Swear I’m Good At This” spans 12 tracks and with any luck it’ll be the making of the NY duo.

Diet Cig is a pop-punk/indie-pop/cuddlepunk duo from New Paltz, New York. They are Alex Luciano (guitar/vocals) and Noah Bowman (drums), and they’re one of my most favourite New York bands. You may remember that I’ve raved about them before .

A few months ago, I was delighted to see their debut album on the list of new releases for 2017. The album “Swear I’m Good at This”— comes out on Friday via the magnificent label Father Daughter Records. That label is home to so many of the bands that have made my year-end lists over the past couple of years. there’s a few Father/Daughter albums this year that have already secured spots in my 2017 year-end list.

I’ve managed to get my ears on Swear I’m Good at This a couple of days early, and I absolutely love it. It’s got everything that I loved about the Over Easy EP, but it’s even better.

“Bath Bomb”, is a great track its one of those songs to keep playing the song again and again. And again. It’s got the quiet/loud/quiet/louder thing going on. It’s got all the bounciness and sheer joy that I’ve come to expect from Diet Cig. And it’s about lying in the bath for a long time until your fingers prune.

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If you’re a fan of Waxahatchee or Adia Victoria, Vagabon will be your new favorite artist. Cameroon-born New York-based singer-songwrtier Lætitia Tamko makes music that sounds like nostalgia itself, with fuzzy guitar riffs, hazy vocals and ambient choruses. Her debut album Infinite Worlds is out in February.

“In my country, and in a lot of countries, people still go to the well to get their water,” Vagabon’s Laetitia Tamko explains to me as she begins to reveal the metaphorical crux of one of her new songs. Tamko grew up in Cameroon before moving to New York in the early 2000s, and she instinctually refers back to her personal history to make this central point. Choosing her words extra-carefully, Tamko describes the ritual of going to a well in detail: “You walk it back to your house, you use the water or put it in a container, and then you do the same trip back,” she continues. “People don’t always check to see if there’s any more left after they’ve taken what they need”.


‘Sleep Talk / Dinner Date’ is a Father/Daughter (US) and Art Is Hard (EU) co-release. Like the Over Easy EP, it was recorded with Christopher Daly at Salvation Recording Company in New Paltz, NY and mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music.

After beginning as a casual project between Alex Luciano (guitar) and Noah Bowman (drums), New Paltz, New York’s Diet Cig have made a big statement out of five highly infectious pop songs. The pair met under rather unusual circumstances: Luciano, desperate for a lighter, interrupted the set of Bowman’s other band, Earl Boykins. No lighter was to be found, but a friendship was sparked and Diet Cig was born. The duo’s February 2015 debut EP, Over Easy, consists of lyrics written by Luciano in her bedroom. While recalling the sound of speedy twee-pop groups like Tiger Trap and All Girl Summer Fun Band, the record explores “the innocence of adolescence and infatuation.” With Bowman’s crashing drum kit offering stationary support, Luciano becomes an onstage tornado as lines between band and audience blur into a massive dance party.


After much anticipation, SAT. NITE DUETS‘ album, AIR GUITAR, is finally available! You’ve stuck with us through countless premieres of the singles, now listen to the album as a whole. It’s fantastic, we promise you.

The talented Milwaukee band who are putting out their new mini-album “Air Guitar” out this autumn uses the sad tale of Salieri as the jumping off point for their latest single, “TAFKA Salieri” (or, the artist formerly known as Salieri). Stephen Strupp — the member who takes on songwriting and singing duties for this one — talks of looking for inspiration and feeling overlooked and underachieved: “Great riffs that I stole and I don’t have much to show,” he sings. The forlorn, wistful-sounding track supports its failure narrative: “They used to call me Salieri/ Now it’s been a while.” Antonio Salieri was a classic composer who was overshadowed by the much more talented Mozart. His only claim-to-fame was an unsubstantiated rumor that he played a role in Mozart’s death, which served as the inspiration for his villainous depiction in the wildly popular play/movie Amadeus.

Sat. Nite Duets is Andrew Jambura, Ben Gucciardi, Stephen Strupp, Joe Guszkowski, Chris Frahm and John Anderson


New Jersey’s own Forth Wanderers graces us yet again with the lead single from their upcoming EP, SLOP.

In what should be the surefire song to get the band known a whole lot more taken from the new EP Slop Forth Wanderers  song ‘Slop’ establishes their place in the underground grunge-esque pop world. Vocalist Ava Trilling refuses to take her own advice on this collection of tunes. Check out ‘Know Better‘ which sets the tone for the rest of the EP, which we know you’re sure to love. Slop is out November, 11th on Father Daughter Records.


This group of Montclair, New Jersey kids (all of whom were teens when they released their placid debut full-length “Tough Love” at the tail end of last year) have a knack for nailing the misty-eyed mysticism of Built to Spill’s early LPs. No wonder Lorde shouted them out even before they released that debut.

Why They’re Not Higher: They’re in school and even a year ago they were hinting at the end of their band, so they could just as easily break up as release another heartbreaking record.

Finest Moment: The entirety of Tough Love

Forth Wanderers are five, very young and very talented friends from Montclair in New Jersey. also the home of the band Pinegrove, Formed initially because the bands main songwriter Ben Guterl had a crush on singer Ava Trilling and sent her a demo tape to try and impress her , thankfully the music is better than the flirting. The band are set to release their debut EP next month, and this week shared the latest track from it, Know Better.

Vocalist Ava Trilling refuses to take her own advice, singing “I need to feel loved, no, I need to be tough, no, I need to grow up”. ‘Know Better‘ sets the tone for the rest of the EP, which we know you’re sure to love.

Following hot on the heels of the EP’s excellent title track, Slop, Know Better is arguably even the better track. Know Better tells a tale of learning from your mistakes and becoming a better person, the chiming chorus repeatedly noting, “I can’t be this naive anymore.” The track flows into a bruising outro of chiming guitars and muscular drum hits, Ava concluding, “I need to grow up.” Early days but for a band now even all out of their teenage years,

Slop EP is out November 11th via Father/Daughter Records .



Adult Teen out now on Father/Daughter Records & Miscreant Records. Lisa Prank drops a new video for her song “Starting Again” (premiered by the goddesses at She Shreds!) Reminiscent of both a 1980s workout video and that time when your mom caught you singing into a hairbrush, Lisa Prank works together with director Faye Orlove to put together some seriously cool visuals.

How’s summer been treating you?,  Father/Daughter Records have a lot coming to you this week. Check it out, in here you’ll hear a new PWR BTTM single. Fresh out of the tour van, Brooklyn shredders PWR BTTM bring their brand new single, “Projection” to the world. Whether your skin is made for the weather or not, this track is going to blow your socks off. Check out “Projection” below with an animated illustration from our pal Laurent Hrybyk! Both PWR BTTM and Lisa Prank are rocking around the US together beginning in October. And just when you thought a tour couldn’t get any better, Bellows and Vundabar will be tagging along for some shows, too! Grab your tickets soon, you’re not going to want to miss it. The Spook School joins PWR BTTM throughout Europe in December — their first ever trip overseas!

“Projection is a song about feeling unqualified to be the way you see yourself because of the way other people see you, and how other people’s perception of your identity can warp your sense of self. It’s about being exhausted with the pressure of fitting in and throwing a shiny, glorious middle finger to those who doubt you.” – Ben Hopkins, PWR BTTM