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Superb 1995 broadcast recording from PAGE & PLANT Initial plans for a reunion of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were made in 1993, with discussions between the two of collaborating emerging from casual small talk and then an invitation to perform on MTV Unplugged. Music producer Bill Curbishley, who had been managing Plant since the 1980s and who assumed management of Page in 1994, was integral in the reuniting of the pair. Despite failed attempts by others to reunite Jimmy and Robert, Curbishley was able to persuade the previously reluctant Plant into working with Page again.

On 1st May 1995, Page and Plant performed at the Bradley Centre in Milwaukee for a show that was recorded for live FM Broadcast around the greater Wisconsin area, and which proved to be one of the finest on the tour. Featuring a sterling selection of Zeppelin classics, the odd solo-cut and even a cover of The Cure s Lullaby , the show was a roaring success which is available finally for fans to hear via this delightful  2 cd set, available now for the first time.

The gig itself contains many classics and some deep cuts and i’d love to know how Jimmy Page got Plant to agree to perform the Coverdale/Page track ‘Shake My Tree’.overall the sound quality as is with most of these releases average and you wont listen to it over and over again but it does highlight a missed opportunity from Page/Plant they should have had an official live album issued.

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Live at the Bradley Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA May 1st, 1995

Set: The Wanton Song Bring It On Home Ramble On Thank You Shake My Tree Lullaby No Quarter Gallows Pole Hurdy Gurdy Solo When The Levee Breaks Hey, Hey What Can I Do The Song Remains The Same Since I’ve Been Loving You Friends Calling To You (Break On Through/Dazed And Confused) Four Sticks In The Evening

After much anticipation, SAT. NITE DUETS‘ album, AIR GUITAR, is finally available! You’ve stuck with us through countless premieres of the singles, now listen to the album as a whole. It’s fantastic, we promise you.

The talented Milwaukee band who are putting out their new mini-album “Air Guitar” out this autumn uses the sad tale of Salieri as the jumping off point for their latest single, “TAFKA Salieri” (or, the artist formerly known as Salieri). Stephen Strupp — the member who takes on songwriting and singing duties for this one — talks of looking for inspiration and feeling overlooked and underachieved: “Great riffs that I stole and I don’t have much to show,” he sings. The forlorn, wistful-sounding track supports its failure narrative: “They used to call me Salieri/ Now it’s been a while.” Antonio Salieri was a classic composer who was overshadowed by the much more talented Mozart. His only claim-to-fame was an unsubstantiated rumor that he played a role in Mozart’s death, which served as the inspiration for his villainous depiction in the wildly popular play/movie Amadeus.

Sat. Nite Duets is Andrew Jambura, Ben Gucciardi, Stephen Strupp, Joe Guszkowski, Chris Frahm and John Anderson



GGOOLLDD’s sleek sound struck me back in 2014 with the track Younger Days, a solid blend of ’80s post-punk with more recent synth-pop infatuations (Frankie Rose was a good comparison at the time). The past year or so has found the Milwaukee-based group refining their sound even more, gravitating more toward the synth-pop spectrum and wonderfully dancing the fine line between ultimate radio-friendly accessibility and impressive stylistic ingenuity. Vocalist Margaret Butler is in command throughout their new EP’s 17 minutes, her impressive range and passion highlighting tracks from shimmering stunner “City Lights” to enthusiastic party-time opener “All Night”.

All four tracks on the For the Night EP are tops, though it’s particularly easy to marvel at the punchy magic of “All Night”. Synth stabs and Butler’s effect-laden vocals gently get things started, with a perfect storm of automated percussion and glitzy synths stomping forth at 00:39, topped off with a chilling guitar line. It’s an exhilarating peek at the group’s successful intent.



If there’s any possibility of finding a little gem hidden amongst fuzzed out hooks and fluttering melodies, then Milwaukee’s Filter Free Rodeo might be the treasure to find. The three piece are a primal, hard hitting post-punk outfit, who in the their own words create psychedelia-tinged scuzz pop.

Although things started back in 2011 a little more raw and angst-driven with the band’s first EP Filter Free Radio, it became something a little more refined with the sophomore release Parabolabola. EP number three Local Motives was given life in 2014, seeming to pick up a little more of the original rawness and upping the fuzz – check out Shag for proof, before a ripper of a tune in Wet Cigarette.

So after releasing a split cassette with the Rashita Joneses earlier in the year, Filter Free Rodeo have gone a little darker with their brand new track “Little Lord. The creative muse for this one comes from one of the longest unsolved murders in the US, and which is still being investigated in the band’s long time home of Waukesha, WI. Don’t let the creepy tale deter any intention of listening though, the tale has served its purpose well in sound.

Phil Hoge – Guitar, Vocals, Mix, Master
Evan Kotlowski – Bass
Jash Campbell – Drums
Matt Musil – Bass comp.


With a new album due on Partisan Records FIELD REPORT a band from Milwaukee fronted by Chris Porterfield began in 2012 this is their second album, The record is strewn with the toll of passages of time and being away from loved ones