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Slothrust is a trio who incorporate grunge, blues and jazz into a volatile rock combination. Their unpredictable tone and experimental song construction yields a serendipitous and often very pleasing listen even when approaching difficult lyrical content. The band has been working together since 2010 and this time spent together is clear in both a unified stage presence and effortless musical harmony.
Band Members
Leah Wellbaum – Electric Guitar and Vocals
Kyle Bann – Bass
Will Gorin – Drums

Slothrust perform on Audiotree Live, March 10th, 2017.

00:42 – Mud
05:14 – Rotten Pumpkin
09:25 – Like A Child Hiding Behind Your Tombstone
16:32 – Sleep Eater
22:59 – Horseshoe Crab
27:34 – Pigpen

Half Waif is the 80’s influenced indie electronic project of Nandi Rose Plunkett. She refers to the material as a “search for a sense of place” and that search is reflected in her confessional lyrical content. Rose Plunkett uses echoing synth modifiers and pelagic keyboard tones to amplify the emotion revealed by her arresting delivery of these intrapersonal tunes. “Half Waif brims over with sounds: underwater echoes of Celtic melodies; mossy, blinking electronic soundscapes; the ultra- sad chord changes of 19th-century art music; and eternal, unending bhajans. A finely crafted glass menagerie of song…”


Band Members
Nandi Rose Plunkett – Vocals, Nord Electro 5D Keyboard and Korg Minilogue Synth
Adan Carlo – Bass and Vocals
Zack Levine – Drums, Roland SPD-SX and Vocals

Vagabon finds various ways to flood the senses. It’ll either come in a harrowing lyric that sticks in the conscience, or it’ll arrive from a soft drone that gradually envelops.

“Infinite Worlds” released February 24th via Father Daughter Records.

Laetitia Tamko writes poetic indie rock that centers around her life. Under the moniker of Vagabon, she crafts insular tales that defy traditional indie structures and incorporate elements from across the spectrum of r&b, spoken word, traditional rock and bedroom pop.


Band Members
Laetitia Tamko – Vocals and Guitar
Elise Okusami – Drummer
Maggie Toth – Bassist

From the first moments of Trevor Sensor’s debut EP for Jagjaguwar, “Texas Girls and Jesus Christ”, the Illinois-born 22-year-old singer/songwriter’s distinctive burr of a voice sounds aged decades beyond his years. The rest of the young talent’s music follows suit, too, with timeless-sounding melodies and a sense of songwriting that exudes maturity while still feeling fresh.

Sensor wrote the music featured on Texas Girls and Jesus Christ on a borrowed acoustic guitar that he has yet to return, composing songs that sound deeply felt and from a place of truth and honesty. “If I’m trying to do anything, it’s to be sincere,” he says about his songwriting approach.”A lot of singer/songwriters today are oriented in irony. It’s cooler to be lackadaisical rather than to try to be compelling.” And Sensor’s music, above all else, is compelling the proclamatory howls that close out the piano-ed “Pacing the Cage,” the dark desolation of “Satan’s Man”, and the dynamic blowout of the EP’s title track grab your attention and refuse to let go. “I think it’s very boring when people choose one dynamic and go with it,” Sensor opines on the full-band jolt that takes place in the thrilling back half of “Texas Girls and Jesus Christ. “It’s more interesting to me when people try to mix things up and treat every song as if it were its own person.”

“Songs are gateways into little worlds, and different worlds do different things,” Sensor states regarding his approach to songwriting.

Trevor Sensor performs on Audiotree Live, May 16th, 2016.

American Indie Rock band from Brooklyn New York City , Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman met while college students in New Jersey after moving to Portland, Oregon after playing in the band Vetiver, with an EP released for Father Daughter Records produced by Richard Swift, and then an album “Moon Tides” released the following year.