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Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman describe the music in their band Diet Cig as “slop pop.” The self-coined genre nicely sums up the duo’s work, from their short-and-sweet songwriting to the fuzzy guitar jangles. But the best way to get acquainted with the two is through the video for “Dinner Date” in which Luciano plays an arm-wrestling champion. Her opponents are at least a head taller than her, but she knocks them out with ease. Likewise, her tendency to crank the music from a whisper suddenly to a gutsy scream can catch any casual listener who expected a soft, shy type by surprise.

“Dinner Date” is part of the duo’s single release 7”, Sleep Talk/Dinner Date, released in last year. Before the small single, though, Diet Cig first made their name through Over Easy. Luciano wrote the songs in the five-track EP in her bedroom, and the shut-in angst can be felt in the highlight track “Harvard”. “How’s your new Ivy League girlfriend,” she mockingly asks her ex-partner in the scrappy diss track. It ends with her singing “you know I was better” but not before dismissing her enemy’s college sweater.

“Dinner Date” also shares a similar just-over-it attitude. Over a simple, buzzing guitar riff, Luciano rolls her eyes at her mom, dad and a whole gang of friends who she no longer talks to. “And maybe if you took me out to dinner, I would like anything to last longer than a year,” she signs off the single, with an air of exhaustion.

Diet Cig’s total output is a bit slim, with seven songs spread over an EP and a 7” single, both out via Father/Daughter Records. But the duo doesn’t need much more when the songs already have a defined voice in Luciano’s raw songwriting. Their music already won over the fans and critics in the US.


When we first introduced Diet Cig at the beginning, they had barely played any shows and were just gearing up to release their debut. As 2015 closes, they’re poised on the edge of greatness. That’s due in large part to their boundless live energy, but also the strength of the jump-around-your-room joyous Over Easy, which only seems to get better with age. It’s a collection of fuck-you songs of incomparable measure, ones that never take themselves too seriously but still cut close to the heart. Sharp lyricism and an ambling forward momentum are sure to leave you, well,

On their debut LP Swear I’m Good at This, this New Paltz, N.Y., duo strike a winsome balance between sugary, sometimes plaintive vocals and serrated guitar riffage over galloping drums on catchy songs that sift through the tumult and confusion of young adulthood. Onstage, Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman add explosive energy: Luciano scarcely stands still, bouncing around the stage like she’s spring-loaded and pausing occasionally for leg kicks worthy of the Rockettes. The result is a communal catharsis that is upbeat, life-affirming and a hell of a lot of fun.

Diet Cig Debut New Song Written for Amazon's American Girl Special

Pop-punk duo Diet Cig have written a song for an Amazon original special  series, American Girl — Summer Camp, Friends for Life. “Together We Can Conquer Whatever” premiered today and is a positive, upbeat track that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of trust and friendship between young girls.

“We were so excited to write this song the moment we read about the episode!” explains Diet Cig singer and guitarist Alex Luciano. “We wanted to create a song that embodied the spirit of togetherness and empowerment that the characters exude. The lyrics were inspired by how the girls work together and use their individual strengths; it’s great to see young girls represented as smart, nuanced, curious characters and our song tries to capture that energy.”


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“Swear I’m Good at This” is almost like 21-year-old Alex Luciano’s coming-of-age story. It’s an engaging one at that, full of awkward moments, breaking hearts, insecurity and a discovery of power. The album begins in her past, but quickly moves to New York City, where we spend most of the rest of the story, listening to Luciano try to find her way around her beautiful, chaotic life to the tune of ravaging punk jams. Another major strength on “Swear” is Luciano’s singing, which has improved markedly since Diet Cig’s debut EP, “Over Easy”. She’s developed far more confidence, bringing her voice to the forefront and showcasing emotions beyond earnest teen angst and youthful rawness.

Diet Cig – Tummy Ache
Recorded Live: 3/16/2017 – Same Sky Productions – Austin, TX

Diet Cig – Barf Day
Recorded Live: 3/16/2017 – Same Sky Productions – Austin, TX

Diet Cig – Bath Bomb
Recorded Live: 3/16/2017 – Same Sky Productions – Austin, TX

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Diet Cig: <i>Swear I'm Good At This</i> Review

It’s been two years since Diet Cig first catured our hearts with their debut EP “Over Easy”. So their debut long player “Swear I’m Good At This” spans 12 tracks and with any luck it’ll be the making of the NY duo.

Diet Cig is a pop-punk/indie-pop/cuddlepunk duo from New Paltz, New York. They are Alex Luciano (guitar/vocals) and Noah Bowman (drums), and they’re one of my most favourite New York bands. You may remember that I’ve raved about them before .

A few months ago, I was delighted to see their debut album on the list of new releases for 2017. The album “Swear I’m Good at This”— comes out on Friday via the magnificent label Father Daughter Records. That label is home to so many of the bands that have made my year-end lists over the past couple of years. there’s a few Father/Daughter albums this year that have already secured spots in my 2017 year-end list.

I’ve managed to get my ears on Swear I’m Good at This a couple of days early, and I absolutely love it. It’s got everything that I loved about the Over Easy EP, but it’s even better.

“Bath Bomb”, is a great track its one of those songs to keep playing the song again and again. And again. It’s got the quiet/loud/quiet/louder thing going on. It’s got all the bounciness and sheer joy that I’ve come to expect from Diet Cig. And it’s about lying in the bath for a long time until your fingers prune.


The New York-based wild punk duo lifted up the spirits of every room they played in at SXSW. Diet Cig were the only band who are a much-needed shot in the arm every time I hear them, singer Alex Luciano bounces around on stage, singing and pushing her guitar to the limits. Drummer Noah Bowman was breaking sticks left and right and it was like we’d stepped into a page out of Where The Wild Things Are, the indie rock edition. Luciano is never not smiling ear to ear . Their set punctuates with the catchy single “Harvard”, where both band members are at their finest. I dare you to see Diet Cig play live and not totally fall for their happy-go-lucky energy.


Taken from the debut album “Swear I’m Good At This” out April 7th, 2017 on French kiss Records. Preorder the album NOW and get this track along with “Tummy Ache” & “Barf Day” immediately!


Sleep Talk / Dinner Date is a Father/Daughter (US) and Art Is Hard (UK) co-release. The 7″ is limited to 1000 copies on white frosted clear vinyl. The songs with be available digitally — “Sleep Talk” and “Dinner Date”  later both will be released on vinyl 18th September. Like previous release  “Over Easy”  it was recorded with Christopher Daly at Salvation Recording Company in New Paltz, NY and mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music.

After beginning as a casual project between Alex Luciano (guitar) and Noah Bowman (drums), New Paltz, New York’s Diet Cig have made a big statement out of five highly infectious pop songs. The pair met under rather unusual circumstances: Luciano, desperate for a lighter, interrupted the set of Bowman’s other band, Earl Boykins. No lighter was to be found, but a friendship was sparked and Diet Cig was born.

Catch Diet Cig on tour throughout the US this fall



Upstate New York duo Diet Cig, Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman signed up to Father/Daughter Records home to the band Pure Bathing Culture to release their debut EP “Over Easy”.

The EP is five-tracks of fun and melodic lo-fi pop punk music and the video for the track ‘Scene Sick’, a song which addresses the self-importance of musicians in a band matches that visually in the opposite way, with Alex dancing along in cute fashion that trivialises all other music further.


Diet Cig,  are the rising New Paltz, New York duo who tell it like it is. Whereas the jangly indie poppers called out shitty bands and DIY-hypocrisy on debut single “Scene Sick”, their newest song, “Harvard”, finds them taking hoity-toity Ivy Leaguers to task.

Atop explosive guitars and ramshackle drums, Alex Luciano acerbically sings to her ex, “How’s your new Ivy League girlfriend? Is she boring too in the way I couldn’t stand to be?” It’s a biting, angry, and ultimately charming dose of pop punk. Along with “Scene Sick”, “Harvard” will appear on the band’s debut EP, “Over Easy”, which is out February 24th via Father/Daughter Records.



Outside of a handful of shows, Diet Cig have virtually no footprint; the song we’re premiering below, “Scene Sick,” is the first track they’ve ever released to the public. So I’m going to have to get a little personal to get my point across that you have to listen to this band. Their heart-stopping debut EP (which is out next month via Father/Daughter Records, I’ve been playing it non-stop it helped me get through a particularly depressing winter season with a smile. So who are they, Diet Cig are a duo made up of Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman, based out of the fertile ground that is SUNY New Paltz. Their clean-cut, driving punk isn’t treading any new sonic ground, but they have five stone-cold classics on their debut “Over Easy” EP, which is brimming with an intense and undeniable energy. They’re instantly likable, effortlessly anthemic, and delightfully easygoing — and they inspire a boundless enthusiasm in me that feels like I’m rabidly foaming at the mouth.

The EP plays like a greatest hits record, even though the band only came together this past summer. Luciano’s lyrics are incisive, endlessly quotable, and beg to be dissected and taken to heart. Noah Bowman injects these songs with a gooey and lived-in freneticism; his drumming is like oxygen fanning the flame. “Scene Sick” .