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Here’s a small EP of old demos we’ve put together for your listening pleasure. The EP will be up for a limited time only.

All money received from “Woh Nelly Demo” purchases will go to The Irish Cancer Society, who had to make the difficult decision to cancel all Daffodil Day events for 2020 amid the coronavirus outbreak.
Bandcamp are doing a great thing in supporting independent artists and musicians and we’re big fans of everything they do. Please go support your local bands and artists in this difficult time for everyone.

released March 20th, 2020

All music written and recorded by Silverbacks.

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Dublin art-punks Silverbacks stomp back into action in 2018 with the release of their new single “Dunkirk” on June 15th through their own PK Miami Records.
Underpinned by an insistent, nagging bassline and creepy crawly guitar lines, it provides the ideal vehicle for frontman Daniel O’Kelly’s stream of consciousness ramblings about martial strife, the perfect sandcastle and spotting a con artist when he sees one.Produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox, the track lurches forth, pressure building from the undulating backbeat and layers of skronking guitars accenting Daniel’s increasingly frazzled yelps before finally collapsing into a sugar sweet coda. Indie kids no more, Silverbacks mean business and ‘Dunkirk’ is a powerful first move.



Originally released June 15th, 2018
Written by Silverbacks


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Dublin-based five-piece Silverbacks have slowly been releasing songs throughout the last three years. This past May, they shared the utterly infectious “Pink Tide,” and in 2018 shared further two singles: “Just In The Band,” and “Dunkirk.” These plus 2017’s “Just For A Better View” were produced by fellow Dubliner and Girl Band’s bass player Daniel Fox.

Although they promised their debut album would be out by the end of this year, we still don’t have any news on that front yet. But Silverbacks are ready to share another single, and they’re doing so with another Fox collaboration called “Sirens.” This one proves just as irresistible as the other tracks, and in the way this one utilizes a propelling bass-line, it feels like a grittier take on the B-52’s deep-cut “Give Me Back My Man.” In theory, the use of three different guitars could be a bit overwhelming, however this seamless execution just proves that Silverbacks are focused and ready for bigger things.



Silverbacks are so indebted to LCD Soundsystem that James Murphy just took their TV away. In fairness, the Irish band acknowledge their influences here, and even ask the band not to sue.

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Our video for the album version of “Liberty Belle” is out today. The Dublin punk outfit, who released their acclaimed debut album ‘Dogrel’ last April, take stock of their hugely successful 2019 in the new visuals. Following the group out on the road, the video intersperses shots of backstage antics with ferocious live performances from the past year – including last month’s sold-out Dublin homecoming. The crowd is also captured on 35mm film.

We wanted to make this video as so much has changed and it’s been so long since we made the original one. “Liberty Belle is a lament to the death of old Dublin, written by people who couldn’t afford the new one,” says frontman Grain Chatten of the track.

This new release comes after Fontaines D.C. confirmed that they’ve finished recording their second album, which they’ve said was inspired by The Beach Boys. “We did it all in October. That’s been my real favourite moment of 2019, making the new record,” said guitarist Carlos O’Connell.

The musician went on to reveal that the upcoming LP would be “very different, both musically and lyrically” to its predecessor.

The debut album from The Murder Capital in a the rather nice looking rust marbles vinyl pressing. ‘When I Have Fears’ .There’s a whole raft of very decent bands heading over from Ireland at the moment who are, we hate to pun ‘gonna be big’. Dublin’s The Murder Capital are, at the moment in the same whisper as Fontaine’s DCJust MustardThumper and Inhaler.

But they’re by no means all the same in sound. We first saw The Murder Capital on a very cold night at The End Of The Road Festival in September, not knowing what the band were about. They instantly resonated, coming on to sirens blaring and the audience didn’t know what hit them. Live, their sound is big, it’s captivating and it stays with you. And we weren’t disappointed

We eagerly looked forward to their debut “When I Have Fears”. Even though we’d discovered them in January, by August there were still only a couple of songs on Spotify to listen to so an air of mystery remained.

The result has been just as huge as the hype surrounding Fontaine’s DC’s Dogrel. But this isn’t about all these Irish bands sounding the same.  The Murder Capital have made something much more dark, harrowing and passionate. More Is Less begins like Sonic Youth’s Tom Violence.Not a bad thing indeed.

A similarly distorted guitar, dripping with sadness and chilling. Pounding the lyrics ‘more more more, more is less’ give vibes like a protest song but with more amped up romance. Always the song that stood out in live shows, Green and Blue makes an apocalyptic sound of romantic devastation and destruction with Interpol style guitars bass and drums, but darker and more post-punk -if you can imagine that.

It’s as if everything is going on around us but somehow it’ll all be ok. The haunting ‘I failed you’ makes us imagine a camera drawing out of an unlit room as someone is left alone and devastated in the darkness. It all builds up to Slowdance I and Slowdance II. The meat of the album and a duo of songs to get completely lost in. In a live setting these two songs play as one single entity; one half with lyrics (Slowdance I) and one
half instrumental (Slowdance II).

Slowdance II is where it really kicks in. Dark and dreamy, this is the fulcrum where you immerse yourself in layers of sound. The most melancholic memory of romantic fuzz. It’s dramatic and hazy and seductive and epic and takes your breath away. You wonder how on earth they can top it.

Feeling Fades is a track that’s been available to listen to since we first discovered them. It ends with a dry shouted la la la la la la la la la and seems to poke fun at the song as it disintegrates, like light falling into a black star. Final track Love Love Love is already a personal favourite. Dark and moody, lurking and devastating, alarms sirens, cinematic and lush. ‘In the rain the romance lay, maybe in the rain, the romance will say goodbye’

When I Have Fears is such a raw record, both emotionally and sonically that we don’t want to be controversial or opinionated or seen as rooting for the underdog but it’s just knocked Dogrel from among our Album of the Year spot. It really is that good.

With When I Have Fears sees The Murder Capital have released an insane debut album which will only open doors for the band. The Dublin post punks are seriously a band to keep a close eye on, as with the release of their debut album it’s almost certain that 2020 is going to be massive for them.

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Originally from rural Galway, Maija Sofia is a now Dublin-based songwriter who’s quietly been making waves with her brand of DIY-folk. After the success of her break-out single Flowers, Maija began work on her ambitious debut album, Bath Time. Lifting its name from where most of the album’s lyrics were written, Bath Time is a re-imagining of traditional folk ballads, taking women’s voices, often left unrepresented in historical retellings, and giving them a chance to speak back. Throughout Bath Time, Maija strives to retell the stories of misunderstood muses, displaced authors and murdered wives, and shine a light that previously only passed them by.


As well as a lyrical reinterpretation of the classic folk blue-print, Bath Time is also something of a musical makeover. Throughout, Maija and her electric guitar take the front of stage, and then sounds are built around them, whether that’s wistful Lap Steel or the orchestral flourish of harp. Never lost into the mix though are Maija’s words, often tumbling out, desperate to be spoken, whether telling the tale of Bridget Cleary, killed by a husband who thought she’d been abducted by fairies and replaced by a changeling, looking at the doomed love affair between Elizabeth Siddal and Rossetti or interrogating the Catholic Church. A fascinating collection of tracks that has something to say and demands that its listeners take the time to listen, Bath Time is a perfect tribute and timely reminder that the battle to be heard still rumbles on.



Following the success of lo-fi dream-pop single ‘Flowers’, Maija Sofia releases her debut album ‘Bath Time’ via Trapped Animal Records & Cargo Records and is out on 15th November 2019.

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Dublin’s Silverbacks have dropped their new single, ‘Sirens’, out via Nice Swan Records, with the limited edition AA 7″ dropping on January 31st 2020.

Produced by Girl Band basssist Daniel Fox, the lushly recorded propulsive rhythm section prompts a visceral response from the three guitarists who weave fuzz-laden riffs, and spindly post-punk riffs into the mix, while vocally switching from semi-spoken nonchalance to unabashedly catchy glam punk melodies.


In ‘Sirens’, the narrator misses riots and important protests taking place in his city because he’s too preoccupied with writing the perfect soundtrack for what is happening,” says singer Daniel O’Kelly. “He’s equally distracted by his relationship issues, tennis, and his obsession with his favourite band.”

Fresh off the back of a Europe wide tour in support of Soak, Dublin indie-punks Pillow Queens are on a lap of the Irish festival circuit. Blending punk leaning instrumentation and raw vocals with melodic pop chops, Pillow Queens’ catchy anthems are the perfect mosh-along festival fare and their always charismatic and engaging stage presence is a live treat.

With Irish bands having a serious moment, with acts like Soak and Fontaines DC making their mark on the global stage. Pillow Queens are a four piece band – made up of vocalist, guitarist and bassist Sarah Corcoran, from Dublin, fellow vocalist , guitarist and bassist Pamela Connolly, guitarist Cathy McGuinness and drummer Rachel Lyons have been together for two years, but in that short time, have rocketed to become one of the most exciting bands not only on the Irish scene, but the indie scene at large. Taking inspo from US DIY indie and punk, Pillow Queens have a lot of ways of describing themselves. Sarah told us ‘We’re a four-piece from Ireland, half of us from Dublin, half from the outside of Dublin. We make music that’s been described, rather delicately by Blindboy, as a mix between Sonic Youth and Dolores O’Riordan’, with Pamela adding in: ‘We’re serious musicians.’ ‘I was trying to fill out a grant proposal earlier on and I was trying to describe our music, and I wrote, people describe us as lo-fi.’

Gay Girls. Their breakthrough hit, an infectious indie track with a killer chorus, was accompanied by a video showing Irish schoolgirls running riot in their Communion dresses which brought the song to a whole new audience and gained critical acclaim.

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Called out by the Irish Times as “Ireland’s best new rock band” and named as an one of nme’s “100 essential new artists for 2019,” when i have fears is the debut album from Dublin, Ireland’s the Murder Capital.

Produced by Flood (pj harvey, new order, foals) the album features both singles from the band so far, “Feeling Fades” and “Green & Blue”, as well as the first studio recording of breakthrough track “More is Less”. an exercise in both darkness and light, “When I Have Fears” only serves to highlight the early ambition in the band’s sound. from the post-rock build and breakdowns of the two-part “Slowdance”, to the tender, bruised confessional of “On Twisted Ground” and industrial pulse of closer “Love, Love, Love”, there’s a consistent intensity throughout that marks out the Murder Capital as a band arriving fully formed on their debut album. “surging like waves and creating the same nervous, edge-of-your-seat atmosphere that their live shows have been so well spoken of for…

beautiful chaos.” – neu pick of the day, diy “a brooding beat and a menacing bassline, the Murder Capital have delivered the goods.” – gigwise “not just a band primed to rip your head off, but to make you throw shapes.” – dork hype 2019 “furious, bellowing Irish punks who would beat you in a staring contest.”

Our debut album ‘When I Have Fears’ is out August 16th.

From the beginning of making this record together, the poem ‘When I Have Fears’ served not only as a structural pillar, but quickly became a set of ideals for us to live by.

Pre-order the album on Limited Edition Marbled Rust 12” Vinyl


The Dublin band Inhaler has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Fronted by Bono’s son Eli Hewson, the band has just released a slobberknocker of a new single called “My Honest Face”. Noel Gallagher has described the band as a mix between Echo And The Bunnymen with old U2, which seems appropriate given their lineage.

Formed in 2016, Inhaler is a four piece Rock and Roll Band from Dublin, Ryan McMahon, Robert Keating, Josh Jenkinson and Elijah Hewson.

Currently touring through the United Kingdom with Fuzzy Sun and will join ranks with Blossoms and Courteeners for their festival warm-up dates.

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