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Just Mustard are a 5 piece band from Dundalk, Ireland. Five friends from a mid-size town in Ireland Katie Ball, Shane Maguire, Mete Kalyoncuoglu, David Noonan, and Rob Clarke, from Dundalk—are pushing out what is quite possibly the most unexpected and exciting sound in rock ‘n’ roll today.

They are the five parts that make up Just Mustard (named for the colour and not the condiment), a band that has played with The Cure, toured with Fontaines DC, and is about to release their highly anticipated second album, “Heart Under”, on Partisan Records, on May 27th. Their first album, 2018’s “Wednesday”, gave us tracks like ‘Tennis’, ‘Pigs’, and ‘Deaf’ this last song packing a melody that sneaks into your eardrum oozing strife and release, with a crunchy, voided finish.

The record is brimming with hypnotism and Lynchian discomfort. It is an album that sounds like it knows you at your worst, and lets you be worse—a comforting sort of uncanny musical companion. 

Accolades don’t come higher than being hand-picked by Robert Smith himself to support The Cure. Just Mustard up next in tonight’s St. Paddy’s Day show with Jameson.

Just Mustard’s forthcoming album tilts its head, living somewhere slightly above and harder to find than its predecessor, indecipherable and undiscoverable in a midnight mist of fuzz and stalking pedal noise. ‘I Am You’ lumbers, throbs, and thrusts its momentum at you, as Katie’s voice tantalizes, raising you up to some strange blue height only to set you back down again. “Heart Under” pushes the band’s technical ability with bolder drum patterns and a more unexpected approach to guitar arrangement and effect implementation, while revealing thoughtful yet simple lyrical imagery. 

Just Mustard – “Deaf”, Taken from ‘Live In Dreams’ concert film.

Following the release of their stunning second album ‘Heart Under’, thrilling Irish quintet Just Mustard bring their genre-pushing soundscape to Nottingham on 21st September.


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“In Waiting” is Pillow Queens’ debut album, the result of four years of brotherly love in a sisterly unit from Ireland’s most urgent, yearning, rock band. Crafted from our lives, and honed in a studio in rural Donegal in the northwest of Ireland, this is a record by queens in waiting and kings in the making. It’s an album about love; self-love, queer love, the anxiety- inducing fault lines of romantic love, and the love for a city and a country that simultaneously has your back and is on your back. For fans of early PJ Harvey, Waxahatchee and Hop Along.

‘In Waiting’ couldn’t have come at a better time for the band. The album was mostly finished just before the pandemic hit. They were kept busy over lockdown with the final mastering and admin. Creating their own label meant spending lockdown doing a lot of paperwork to get their “ducks in a row”. I was very excited when the Pillow Queens announced their debut album last year. I think they really embody a message of female power and fun. Tracks from this record are always wiggling their way on to my playlists. Pillow Queens stand loud and proud on the shoulders of so many amazing female artists that have paved the way for women in music and so many artists that I love. Plus I just think they are so bloody cool. I’m psyched to catch them live at the next possible opportunity.

Pillow Queens have truly captured lightning in a bottle. All the magic and energy of their live performances is maintained in this recording, while softer and more intimate moments are spread throughout adding an intense range of emotions while maintaining their distinctive sound. In particular, the transition from “HowDoILook” into “Liffey” took my breath away on my first listen, and continues to give me chills to this day. Cannot recommend this album enough.

A year after same-sex marriage was made legal in Ireland, Sarah Corcoran, Pamela Connolly, Cathy McGuinness, and Rachel Lyons formed Pillow Queens: an all-queer DIY outfit named for a slang term referencing somebody who takes more than they give in bed. Unafraid to tackle thorny subjects like politics and religion, the quartet dropped its debut EP Calm Girls in 2016 and its debut album In Waiting last year. Cloaked in catchy choruses, both works are equally pugnacious and anthemic, as fun to blare with the windows rolled down as they are substantive. 

All songs written and performed by Pillow Queens.

Pillow Queens are a 4-piece from Dublin, Ireland. Their debut album ‘In Waiting’ the debut album was released September 25th

This is exciting sound. Dublin four-piece Sprints continue their burst out of the starter blocks with their debut EP, ’Manifesto’. Produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox, it is a thrilling ride that more than lives up to the band’s name and threatens to rip up the new punk landscape once again.

The more the opening track ‘Drones’ builds and builds in rage and self-doubt, the more it is inescapable. Packed full of interesting textures, the Girl Band influence is strong with clangs and yes, drones dropped in throughout but that is to take nothing away from Sprints themselves. “You’re getting better and I’m getting bitter” spits Karla Chubb from the depths of imposter syndrome. Pumped up and bristling with rage at a world where pleasure pursuits are prioritised for funding over critical social issues, ‘Swimming’ flirts with IDLES’ thunderstorm style before soaring off in a different direction while the previously unheard ‘Ashley’ roars along an untethered Marmozets. It’s a thrilling, exciting glimpse into the future.

Every time it feels like saturation point has been reached within the scene, someone new comes along to tear all that up. Sure, we’ve heard three-quarters of this EP already but when you slot it together like this, Sprints feel like they could very well be the next band that reshapes the landscape.


Released March 26th, 2021

Released via Nice Swan Records.

Sprints are another band leading the charge of thrilling post-punk originating from Dublin. Sprints are a four-piece alternative rock group. Combining emotive honest lyricism with raw and raucous guitars, their unique rock sound takes influences from post-punk and beyond.

Led by frontwoman Karla Chubb, their ferocious brand of punk is packed with hooks and tonnes of attitude, while recent release Drones suggests they’re about to take a darker direction. Check out these rising Stars Sprints

They’re signed to Nice Swan Records, home to Sports Team, Malady, Pip Blom, Courting and Hotel Lux. Great company indeed! Give me some Sprints tracks.

I can’t wait for their first album. In a landscape filled with weedy posers it’s such a relief to hear such perfect brilliance – the video alone is sensational but the music and lyrics give you that rare feeling nowadays, that you are watching genius in its formation. The band are so tight, too – wonderful rhythm and terrific dynamics hold the song together, a song that’s just bursting out of itself in its potential. Just how did she do it, become as good if not better than Chrissy Hynde and Deborah Harry in a bare single or two? – this band has few current equals – thanks guys for helping us to remember what passion and guts and brilliance sound like.

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Inhaler’s debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ a record that sees Elijah Hewson, Josh Jenkinson, Robert Keating and Ryan McMahon turn their early promise into something special, an album teeming with expansive indie-rock grooves and soaring anthems.

The announcement comes after the band previously shared the video for new single “Cheer Up Baby” the lead track captures the essence of their sound.

“It’s always been a cornerstone song for us and our fans are always talking about it. It’s a love letter to our fans and that’s why we wanted to choose it to open up the album,” frontman Eli Hewson explained. “Lyrically, a lot of young people in these times are dealing with mental health issues and they can get stuck in their own heads. I think that’s what this song is, it’s loosely based on a conversation between two people and a lyric that goes ‘when I think of all the things I didn’t do, I can’t help but blame it on you””

The album includes the single Cheer Up Baby, a swooping, epic singalong alongside newly recorded versions of early fan favourites “My Honest Face” and title track “It Won’t Always Be Like This”, the album is released July 16th 2021.

Cheer Up Baby is out now, and we’re also pleased to announce our debut album, It Won’t Always Be Like This, will be out on 16th July. We’ve poured our heart and soul into this record, pulled songs apart and put them back together again but we couldn’t be prouder with the result and we can’t wait for you to hear it.

Pre-order a copy of the new album from the official store by 5pm on Tuesday 23rd March to qualify for an exclusive ticket pre-sale for the band’s new UK & Ireland tour dates (rearranged + 2 additional Irish shows) which will be announced at 9am on Friday 19th March. 

The Dublin band – who recently announced that their debut album It Won’t Always Be Like This will be out on July 16th via Polydor Records 

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The SPRINTS – ” Swimming “

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The riff to this track is EXPLOSIVE! Here we have the awesome post-punk band Sprints from Dublin, offering us an action packed and mighty single, which also includes some really well put together lyrics. Sprints sound tight but incredibly wild, which allows this song to be so much fun but still filled with punk attitude. This is a wicked live version of the song, that shows off their worth as the performance is incredibly impressive and fun!.

Sprints embody our favourite sounds right now. Brimming with presence and intention, “Swimming” is a raucous introduction to one of the most intriguing post punk acts active. Their energy reminds us how much we miss live music. We covered them before, and they only seem to get sharper, grittier, and tighter with each track we hear. In genres like these, it is easy to coast – losing your edge along the way. But if the past twelve months have given us anything, it is plenty of reasons to smoulder intensely. Sprints knows the time in which they live and they capture it beautifully and with precision.

Sprints blew the roof off the Button Factory when they played TiLT a few months ago. Here is their track ‘Swimming’! Massive thanks to Sprints & all involved! Tilt Dublin, Sound Training Productions, Totally Irish 98FM Button Factory. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for many, many more!

Sprints (Karla, Colm, Jack and Sam) from Dublin in Ireland.

Ireland’s music scene is thriving right now, especially in the post-punk pocket. Like Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital, Dublin’s TV People are another band destined to breakthrough. Their brooding, claustrophobic sound is reminiscent of early Interpol, with a lyrical, relatable rawness as frontman Paul Donohoe sings of life’s uncertainty. 2020 has been a strange year to be in a band. We have really missed being able to play in front of a live audience and being able to create together as often as we would have liked, but we’re extremely grateful for all of the support and opportunities that we’ve gotten throughout the year. At the start of the year, we were gigging constantly and building great momentum. We had lots of plans for the year and were really excited about what could come from it.

Singles Kitchen Sinking and Time Eats Up were recorded by Dan Doherty at Dublin’s Darklands Audio, the same studio where Fontaines D.C laid down their early tracks.

Our normal style of writing had always been to meet up in our rehearsal room and improvise ideas until something stuck. Because lockdown forced us apart, we became more reliant on putting demos together by sending ideas back and forth to each other. Writing like this forced us to be creative in a new way. Every member of the band has stepped outside of their own instrument and we’re all collaborating at a level that we never did before. Our music has benefitted from this and we’re extremely excited to release some of it next year.

We wrote ‘Nothing More’ at the start of lockdown and it was the first proper demo we made outside of the rehearsal room. I think everyone was in a heightened state of emotion with everything that was going on. Paul wrote the lyrics about his experiences with existential anxiety which was definitely something that we could all resonate with at the time. We were extremely proud of the unusual form and style of the tune and it definitely represents an intense time and place in our lives. We got to eventually record the tune in Darklands after the first lockdown and it was amazing to see the demo come to life in a live setting when we heard the final mix.

Sprints are another band leading the charge of thrilling post-punk originating from Dublin. Led by frontwoman Karla Chubb, their ferocious brand of punk is packed with hooks and tonnes of attitude, while recent release Drones suggests they’re about to take a darker direction.

Dublin-based four piece, Sprints are the latest new act to emerge from the city fast becoming one of the most prolific places for hot new bands. Similarly with the recent success of other locals Fontaines DC, Girl Band & Silverbacks – Sprints are set to be the latest in line ready to burst out of the city.

Their creative process is very much rooted to the everyday goings on around them. And just like a true garage band, write and rehearse in their village home’s back garden shed. Taking things to the next level, they were quick to team up with Girl Band’s Daniel Fox who has been producing them in his studio. Drawing influence from the likes of Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, The Strokes and LCD Soundsystem. There is a fun, energetic and retro feel to what they do. But very much sounding as fresh and exciting as their local peers.

Sprints’ singer Karla Chubb sounds like she’s about to give someone a black eye on thunderous anthem ‘The Cheek’ – this is venomous and versatile rock’n’roll. Much like their fellow Dubliners Girl Band and Silverbacks, Sprints are also fully committed to their craft through their blood, sweat and tears approach. ‘The Cheek’ attacks dated attitudes around sexuality while ‘Drones’ looks inwardly at feelings of imposter syndrome. The constant is that they continue to deliver pure and riveting statements, setting them well on course towards future raucous, beer-soaked headline festival sets.

They’re signed to Nice Swan Records, home to some other great bands Sports Team, Malady, Pip Blom, Courting and Hotel Lux. Great company indeed! Give me some Sprints tracks like “Drones”, “The Cheek”

There’s a lot of effective rock music on Bitch Falcon’s long-awaited debut album “Staring At Clocks” moving between atmospheric guitar pedal-assisted sounds and ripping low-end. ‘Turned To Gold’ is my favourite previously-unheard song from the Dublin band’s record.  Bitch Falcon; is a name you won’t forget and a band who won’t let you forget them. This trio from the vibrant, much-hyped music scene of Dublin was formed by front-woman Lizzie Fitzpatrick with her friends in a small kitchen in the city in 2014. Since these freshman days, the line-up has galvanised around the rhythm section of Barry O’Sullivan on Bass and Nigel Kenny on Drums. This is a band that is growing in stature with every release and I want to be part of it. The song writing is very interesting. Very nice bass sound!

BITCH FALCON are a name you will not forget, and a band who will not let you forget them. The acclaimed dream-grunge three-piece have announced their debut LP, “Staring At Clocks”, to be released 6th November via Small Pond Records


Released November 6th, 2020

Image of Sprints  - Manifesto EP - Pre Order

Today Sprints’ return with the second single to be lifted from the highly anticipated debut EP of the same, that is set for release next year. ‘Manifesto’ is the post-punk band’s best single to date as they’ve refined the more industrial elements of their sound and head into a more tense yet exhilarating chapter.

‘Manifesto’ is the latest single to be released from the rapidly growing Dublin 4 piece, and further cements their place as one of Ireland’s most exciting new acts. Sonically, Sprints sound like an arena-slaying band who could bring their darkly theatrical performances to the biggest stages. Daniel Fox of Girl Band has been working with them since their inception in early 2020 and is credited as producer for each track on this beautifully crafted EP. The full track listing for the EP is as follows: 1. Manifesto 2. Drones
3. Swimming 4. Ashley

The band manifested their relationship with Daniel Fox after being fans of the noise, garage and punk scene in Dublin for years, before edging their way in with brilliant song writing.

Karla Chubb, lead singer and songwriter, started bedroom singing and song writing in her late teens. By her early 20’s Karla had met current bandmates Colm O’Reilly (guitar) and Jack Callan (drums) and they had a short-lived indie project together. In 2018, Colm and Jack’s childhood friend – Sam McCann (bass); prolific on the fuzz pedal – joined them to bring that maelstrom that would edge them into the hallowed Dublin scene (think Silverbacks, Fontaines DC), and Sprints was born.

Sprints’ clarity in what they wanted to achieve stems also from needing to orchestrate a sound that would be a fit for Karla’s emotive lyrics, which tackle some brutal issues fearlessly and articulately.

Release Date: 26th March 2020