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“Resonant and rapturous, the band finds a way to channel their thoughts on the world around them through precision indie rock songwriting that builds into swelling, cathartic choruses” – KEXP

In Waiting. Waiting for futures to be carved out, for missions to be complete, for communities to be solidified, for the security denied to a generation to return. Waiting for the empathic revolution. Waiting for the end of capitalism, and the start of something real and fair. Waiting for spin to die and authenticity to be valued. Waiting for lost loves to return and fumbled relationships to form, for small cracks in families to heal and bigger cracks in inequitable systems to break.

You’re in waiting a long time. And then you just have to do it yourself.


In Waiting is Pillow Queens’ debut album, the result of four years of brotherly love in a sisterly unit from Ireland’s most urgent, yearning, rock band. Crafted from our lives, and honed in a studio in rural Donegal in the northwest of Ireland, this is a record by queens in waiting and kings in the making.

It’s an album about love; self-love, queer love, the anxiety-inducing faultlines of romantic love, and the love for a city and a country that simultaneously has your back and is on your back. It’s an album about the in-between; the transitionary period of an adulthood that never seems to arrive, while you wait for that lightbulb moment when everything makes sense, even though part of you knows deep down it will never come.

It’s an album about the purgatorial aspect of late-stage capitalism, where the systems conspire to burden and punish; job insecurity, housing crises, income inequality, and social inequity. It’s an album about family; chosen, given, received and earned. It’s an album about spirituality; from the engrained confines of religion, to the expanding borders of spirituality, and the iconography and ritual that populates the emotional interior of anyone who grows up in Ireland.

It’s about resilience of the politics of the self and belief in the power of art. The wounded deers leap highest. 

released September 25th, 2020

All songs written and performed by Pillow Queens.

PILLOW QUEENS – ” In Waiting “

Posted: October 6, 2020 in MUSIC

Irish indie rock has new champions in the form of thrilling rising band Pillow Queens. Daringly different but with tremendous mainstream appeal, they have just launched debut album ‘In Waiting’ ahead of a proposed UK tour!

Band members include vocalist Sarah Corcoran, lead guitarist Pamela Connolly, guitarist\bassist Pamela Connolly and drummer Rachel Lyons.

“We’re a four-piece from Ireland, half of us from Dublin, half from the outside of Dublin. We make music that’s been described, rather delicately by Blindboy, as a mix between Sonic Youth and Dolores O’Riordan” – Sarah Corcoran

Forming just four years ago, Pillow Queens music has seen them already amass a strong fanbase with their sound that embraces scuzzy guitars, bright melodies and embracing their distinct accents. Choosing to embrace politics, they address social issues as we as their own queer identity which made early EPs ‘Calm Girls’ and ‘State Of The State’ essential listening.

“It might grate on some people, which is inevitable, but feck them. It is what it is. Even if we didn’t use our accents, we’d still annoy someone.” – Sarah Corcoran

When it came time to record their first album, the band retreated to a studio nestled in the rural northwest of Ireland at Donegal. Something about the grander of the widescreen landscape poured into the music as debut LP ‘In Waiting’ expands on their sound and elevates it to even greater thrilling heights.

Released at the end of last month, ‘In Waiting’ includes the energetic single ‘Handsome Wife’ which describes the longing for home whilst living on the road. Tinged with nostalgia and romance, it’s the queer anthem that is breaking through into the straight world celebrating the LGBTQ+ enclaves that can be found in every community. Tender and euphoric, it’s a joyous listen with a warm rallying cry which is a highlight of their live sets.

“It’s funny. The song was inspired by coming home from tour and looking at the world in a very romanticised way. It kind of became a little bit of an anthem in championing a way of life which may not be this cookie cutter image of what your life should be.” – Pamela Connolly

It’s been a long time since Pillow Queens have been able to take to the stage and so excitement is riding high for the band and their followers alike. Catch them when they tour their first album ‘In Waiting’ in Spring ’21 plus the make an appearance at exciting new Sheffield festival Get Together too

Events currently taking place throughout the world only serve to stoke a fire under the likes of a band like Pillow Queens, who find themselves continually inspired by a Dublin that is no stranger to fighting social injustice. Street artists, fashion designers, musicians, film makers and more comprise a scene which routinely champions queerness and marginalized groups, and engages with and activates young people in response to the likes of the city’s ongoing housing and mental health crises. Pillow Queens’ songs of togetherness and unity ring out louder than ever before.

In their short lifespan as a band they’ve released two demo EPs, performed on a successful string of UK & Irish dates & festival appearances, had playlisting from BBC 6 Music, and found themselves opening for the likes of American Football and Pussy Riot, as well as stadium performances opening for IDLES and Future Islands.

With all this under their belt, the band began working with Mercury Prize nominated producer Tommy McLaughlin for their single ‘Gay Girls’ – which received a nomination for the RTE Choice Music Prize song of the year, as well as International pickup from NPR’s World Cafe and KEXP. The song also found its way into the heart of actor Cillian Murphy and his BBC6 mixtape show.

2019 saw Pillow Queens venture into mainland Europe, as they lit up the Eurosonic festival and completed a string of tour dates opening for Soak. The tour was a messy and joyous affair captured beautifully in the DIY video for the bands summer single ‘How Do I Look’.

In Waiting is Pillow Queens’ debut album, the result of four years of brotherly love in a sisterly unit from Ireland’s most urgent, yearning, rock band. Crafted from our lives, and honed in a studio in rural Donegal in the northwest of Ireland, this is a record by queens in waiting and kings in the making. It’s an album about love; self-love, queer love, the anxiety-inducing fault lines of romantic love, and the love for a city and a country that simultaneously has your back and is on your back.


Pillow Queens are a 4-piece from Dublin, Ireland. Their debut album ‘In Waiting’ will be released on September 25th.

Dublin’s indie-rock band Pillow Queens have released another track from their upcoming album, “In Waiting”. Their new single Holy Show explores feelings of remorse when reflecting on past situations.

On the track, the band share: “‘Holy Show’ is a song that relays the feeling of regret and insecurity about past words spoken and actions taken, even when they’re ultimately meaningless. The song tries to articulate the heavy burden of being the only person who is concerned about the minute details of how you present yourself to the world.”

Pillow Queens continue their collaboration with director Kate Dolan, who previously directed Handsome Wife and Gay Girls. Of the project, Dolan shared: “Myself and the girls are all queer so when they asked me to direct something for ‘Holy Show’ we all felt it was time that we made a video that had some positive queer representation. There are often depictions of queer women in the media that really upset me. We are often observed through a male gaze by male directors. They are often hyper sexualised. We wanted to create something that really captured the joyful intimacy between queer women through a female gaze.”

With their Australian fanbase growing with each release, the bands debut album is set for release worldwide on September 25th. After four years of perfecting their craft and creating music, the album is a representation of the band members lives. The record is set to be an exploration of love, particularly self-love and queer-love. However, to do so, the record will also explore family, spirituality and politics.

The band formed in 2016 and released their debut EP, Calm Girls. The release captured the attention of Steve Lamacq who called the four piece “deceptively infectious, with sharp hooks and sharp nails”. Since then, they released their follow up EP, State of the State, and have played festivals across Europe.

In Waiting is out September 25th.

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Yet another mighty fine discovery from Dublin, Pillow Queens new single Handsome Wife comes from their upcoming debut album In Waiting (due 25th September). Very excited to announce that we’ve signed a deal with Stargazer Records who will co-release our upcoming album, details of which will be released very soon. We’re super excited to work with Stargazer and we can’t wait to share the album with you.

Powerful, emotive indie rock can all too easily stray into the territory of the overwrought and the over melodramatic, and while this is the arena that the four-piece walk in, they tread carefully and confidently imbuing the single with a bruised tenderness and some crunchy grungy guitar lines that steer it well clear of any false steps.

The Band:Cathy, Pam, Rach & Sarah

‘In Waiting’ the debut album from Pillow Queens is out September 25th –

Fresh off the back of a Europe wide tour in support of Soak, Dublin indie-punks Pillow Queens are on a lap of the Irish festival circuit. Blending punk leaning instrumentation and raw vocals with melodic pop chops, Pillow Queens’ catchy anthems are the perfect mosh-along festival fare and their always charismatic and engaging stage presence is a live treat.

With Irish bands having a serious moment, with acts like Soak and Fontaines DC making their mark on the global stage. Pillow Queens are a four piece band – made up of vocalist, guitarist and bassist Sarah Corcoran, from Dublin, fellow vocalist , guitarist and bassist Pamela Connolly, guitarist Cathy McGuinness and drummer Rachel Lyons have been together for two years, but in that short time, have rocketed to become one of the most exciting bands not only on the Irish scene, but the indie scene at large. Taking inspo from US DIY indie and punk, Pillow Queens have a lot of ways of describing themselves. Sarah told us ‘We’re a four-piece from Ireland, half of us from Dublin, half from the outside of Dublin. We make music that’s been described, rather delicately by Blindboy, as a mix between Sonic Youth and Dolores O’Riordan’, with Pamela adding in: ‘We’re serious musicians.’ ‘I was trying to fill out a grant proposal earlier on and I was trying to describe our music, and I wrote, people describe us as lo-fi.’

Gay Girls. Their breakthrough hit, an infectious indie track with a killer chorus, was accompanied by a video showing Irish schoolgirls running riot in their Communion dresses which brought the song to a whole new audience and gained critical acclaim.

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Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Pillow Queens have spent the past year releasing a clutch of scuzzy, guitar-based rock songs that emulate the likes of Weezer and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They’re sharp and funny: the single “Gay Girls” is a joyous anthem for a generation of young women and LGBT people in Ireland slowly feeling the shackles of oppression come loose. Their first ever gig was at a fundraiser for dogs two years ago – we’re convinced they’ll be playing more prestigious venues in 2019. Their DIY, garage-rock-inspired sound is an exhilarating force of positivity, seemingly embracing all manner of alternative aesthetics while maintaining a distinctively Irish sensibility. Colloquial witticisms are sung with a wink in Irish accents, resulting in songs with such charming familiarity that it’s impossible not to become hooked instantly.’

Thanks so much to our amazing director Kate Dolan for making this happen and everyone who worked on it! We’re so lucky to have gotten such talented young actors to be in it and we’re really excited to share it with you all.

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It;s been a triumphant year for the Irish-quartet Pillow Queens ending recently with a sold-out homecoming show at Dublin’s musical-institution, Whelan’s. It was just rewards for what has been an incredible year for the band. It was a year that began rather wonderfully back in March, with the release of their second EP, State Of The State, a record that offers the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer. The poppy riffs and delightfully intertwined vocal harmonies conjure images of those sunny days spent out in countryside retreats. However, dig a little deeper and there is an undertone of pain, anxiety and paranoia.

Following up the delightfully infectious debut ‘Calm Girls’ EP, This Irish all-girl indie collective Pillow Queens continue to tackle the most difficult of subjects with a wry, knowing smile. ‘State of The State’ delves into the frustrations of modern life and trying to battle against the system that has left us that little bit poorer. Those frustrations are bore out through this 4-track EP. On opener ‘Puppets’ vocalist Sarah Corcoran confronts the stress induced through striving to be a success. Working long hours just to make the slightest change to daily life but the constant knockbacks that ultimately chip away at a person’s mental state (“dead on my feet and down on my luck”).

Through the guise of these upbeat melodies and sunny harmonies it allows Pillow Queens to confront these issues in an altogether different manner. ‘Cuckoo’ takes the role of a rowing couple who are struggling to find an answer for “is this worth it anymore?” as Corcoran serenades a chorus to her figurative beau in the eye-rolling “I’m no better than you and I’m a cuckoo”.


Lead single ‘Favourite’ tries to make sense of managing those unmistakable highs while closer ‘Ragin’ offers an ode to simply letting things go and allowing grudges melt away. ‘State of The State’ is a beautifully crafted EP that offers heartfelt realism in every beat. State Of The State is a record of wonderful contrasts, the perfect harmonies and glistening production juxtaposing with the darkness of their lyrical content, as they tackle themes of mental health, sexuality and the ups and downs that life throws at us all. The state of the state was something crossing many people’s minds on both sides of the Irish sea this year, and few people documented their anger better than Pillow Queens.

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Irish quartet Pillow Queens are releasing a new EP via the Bristol-based Specialist Subject in March, and its new single ‘Favourite’ 

It was in the inimitable “Indietracks” festival in Derbyshire that we first stumbled across the music of this Irish, indie-types, Pillow Queens. Now signed to Specialist Subject, the band are set to release their new EP, “State Of The State”, in March and have this week shared new single, “Favourite”.

Described by the band as, “a maniacal composition about self-delusion”Favourite is a fine example of the Pillow Queens sound, comprising of stunning over-lapping vocal lines, fizzing hook laden guitar lines and quietly complex rhythmic ideas. The product of a year spent touring and crafting their sound, State Of The States looks like it’s going to be a giant step-forward for Pillow Queens; a band discovering their sound and learning that with their music, there truly is no limit to what can be achieved.


Pillow Queens is Cathy, Pam, Rach & Sarah, 

State Of The State is out March 16th via Specialist Subject Records.